Perisher Has A Massive DualShock 4 Controller Made Out Of Ice

As part of a fairly lengthy partnership between popular Australian Ski Resort Perisher and Sony, a team of folks have built a massive DualShock 4 controller out of ice and snow.

I doubt I'll be making it to the snow this year — last time I went I got a fairly heavy concussion — but if you're heading down to Perisher this year, you have to check it out.

The image above? That's Olympic skier Russ Henshaw making a daring leap over the enormous sculpture. I could totally do that if I wanted to.

The controller can be found in Perisher’s PlayStation® Terrain Park. Sony has been sponsoring the park for a fair amount of time now.

"We’ve been told the success of a sponsorship on the mountain can be measured by how much signage is taken by snow lovers each season," said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia. "Needless to say, we have replaced a great deal of PlayStation banners over our 18 years at Perisher which is a great sign that boarders and skiers make up for a solid part of our PlayStation gaming community."

Seriously, if I went down that park I could see myself slamming headfirst into that controller. I'm the worst.


    I want to go again, but damn son is it expensive.

      As a local, thanks for staying away.

      There's nothing worse than snow tourist traffic.

        Yeah I bet it'd be a hassle, if you don't own a business related to it. :(

        As a snow tourist, your local area would be nothing like it is now without us.

    Like over a decade I'm pretty sure Mark! It's a very long partnership, and it was still called the playstation park the first time I went to the snow :P They'll have to make that controller out of bounds though. I'm already thinking of the shit you could do on it, 5-0 press on the handle, tail tapping the sticks, handplant off any of it, hand dragging underflips over the touch bad. There's a lot that could be done *dreams*

    It looks like something from Little Big Planet :D

    I can't watch the video, but do they say how they make the snow black? :S

    Also lol @ PS AU not uploading video correctly.

      Works for me. It's just a normal YouTube video.

        Yes but they uploaded it as 4:3 bordered, then YouTube added it's own borders to make it 16:9. So they didn't follow upload advice and now it's surrounded by borders.

        Why the hell would you downvote me and then say it works fine? If it didn't work fine for me (which isn't the case), is that a valid reason to downvote? :\

          It's a 14 second video. It's not providing exposition essential to a plot; it's not providing details on how to build a complicated project. It's just a quick video giving viewers a gist of what is there.

          So it completed its goal successfully. It worked on the greater objective level even if it was not perfect technically. Also, simply put, the video played. Also, I didn't say it worked "fine" - it just works.

            Dude your downvoting is both incessant, incorrect, and quite frankly trolling.

            All I said was "lol @ them not uploading correctly". Which is a factual statement It's also funny, especially because it's official Playstation Australia channel.

    I'm going to the snow TOMORROW - and I'll spend a day at Perisher for no other reason than to set up a photo where I'm appearing to play it at scale - like those idiots who hold up the Leaning Tower of Piza with their nose.
    Of course, it's not idiotic when a giant snow DS4 is involved. No, not at all.

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