Phil Spencer Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge

Phil Spencer Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge

Yesterday Markus ‘Notch’ Persson took the Ice Bucket challenge in aid of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. He challenged Phil Spencer from Microsoft among others to follow suit. Today, Phil answered the call.

The Ice Bucket challenge has gone completely viral to the point where I barely need to explain what it is and why people are doing it. At the last count the challenge has helped raise over US$15 million and, perhaps more importantly, really raised awareness of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The internet can be a beautiful thing when harnessed correctly.

Now that the Ice Bucket Challenge has infiltrated the video games scene, I fully expect to see a ton of these in the next day or so. I’m super keen to see Bobby Kotick take the challenge, and Cliff Bleszinski has already claimed he will answer Notch’s challenge.

We are about to see a lot of wet video game people.


  • I’m all for it as long as people are actually donating and not just riding the bandwagon. If only someone had associated planking with a charity…

    • The primary goal is actually to just raise awareness of the disease itself, which, I’d say, is accomplished.

      Widespread social awareness of a cause usually has a follow on increase in donations and, more importantly, government spending on research programs.

      There are a significant number of charities out there which are simply about awareness of a particular disease or cause, and the money they raise does not go directly to scientific research.

    • Glad I’m not the only one who gets irked by this. It’s amyotrophic lateral sclerosis people! If they’re aiming to promote awareness, it would help if they at least used the correct terminology.

      Or maybe I’m just old and have a stick up my butt. *shrug*

  • Anyone major from the southern hemisphere (it’s winter down here) accepted the challenge or only from the warm northern hemisphere?

  • I suspect this is only raising the awareness within the narcissistic knobhead demographic. This fad will fade away and no one who participated will even remember (or give a shit) what ALS is.
    Tired of social media bandwagon twats.

  • Great, now it’s on kotaku, I have avoid Facebook and twitter now because of this. God I hate the ice bucket challenge. I wish it would disappear like neknominations.

  • If Gabe does it there are only two eventualities. 1) He dies from the shock and HL3 never becomes real. Or 2) It starts some crazy wet shirt Gaben cult.

  • Can the next fad be bucket of magma over the head? Or liquid nitrogen. Either should be fun and sure to grab even more headlines.

  • Excuse me, but the Ice Block challenge basically raises awareness for a charity that:

    -Caters for a rare disease
    -That is costly to treat
    -Already has more exposure than other diseases that…
    -Cause more pain/deaths
    -Are cheap to treat
    -Haven’t ever affected two famour American baseballers.

    Also, if you read into the whole thing about ‘popular charities’, sure, it’s great that the new popular issue (that affects very few people) is getting money, it takes money away from issues that many people would normally donate to.

  • There’s actually a whole lot of AFL excutives and players who have done the challenge, mainly because Neale Daniher suffers from the disease, but he refers to it as Motor Neurone Disease.

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