Pokemon's Official Reggae Is Slowpoke Centipede

Pokemon's Official Reggae Is Slowpoke Centipede

Well, everyone's favourite pink and slow Pokemon now has a reggae song. It's totally official too. The music video for it is... just watch it.

The song is title "Donai Yanen Yadon" (どないやねん ヤドン), which loosely translates as, "How You're a Slowpoke After All."

The lyrics are very humorous and say things like, "Your big mouth is always open like a convenience store" and "Is it something to be proud of that you move so slowly that you never blur photos?" Funny stuff!

In Japanese, Slowpoke's name is "Yadon" (ヤドン). Over the years, I've learn to become a big fan of this Pokemon.

Pokemon's Official Reggae Is Slowpoke Centipede

「どないやねん ヤドン」MV [PokemonCoJp]


    Why cant I stop thinking about Five Nights at Freddy's when I see Slowpoke.

    Soooooo..... Watching a few Slowpokes slowturn n look in my direction is creepy as hell

    This is great. But if it's official, where does it come from? Is it used in the show, a movie, game or what?

    Edit: Ok after looking into it a little bit I realise this this must just be a promotional music video. That's still great though.... Now i just need to find where I can download this sound!!

    Last edited 23/08/14 7:33 pm

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