PSN Back Online, Maintenance Rescheduled After Major Online Attack

PSN Back Online, Maintenance Rescheduled After Major Online Attack

Rejoice! Sony says the PlayStation Network is back online following a DDOS attack that had left online PlayStation services — among other game networks — crippled for the past two days.

Given the incident, Sony is rescheduling the PSN maintenance that was originally scheduled for today:

UPDATE: The PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network are back online and people can now enjoy the services on their PlayStation devices. The networks were taken offline due to a distributed denial of service attack. We have seen no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorised access to users' personal information.

In light of today's issue, the networks will not undergo the regularly scheduled maintenance, which was planned for Monday, August 25. We will provide an update shortly for when the maintenance will be rescheduled.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused by this issue. Thanks for your patience and support.

Yesterday, the group that claimed responsibility for the DDOS attack against the PlayStation Network also tweeted a bomb threat to American Airlines, diverting a plane that was carrying Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley.


    As jc denton would say: "A BOMB!"

    Last edited 26/08/14 10:59 am

    This did nothing but hurt us consumers.

    Edit: @trogue12 not sure why the downvote. To clarify, acts like this are only bad for consumers as a ddos attack sais nothing about server security and only hinders others usage of the network. Also, as noted on eurogamer the group also attacked xboxlive and origin. So if I was downvoted because of people thinking its Sony's 'poor security' that was at fault, well its not because it has nothing to do with that. If it was a misunderstanding or other wise, fair enough.

    I was not referring to the bomb threat, that's just fkt up. I was only referring to the hacking. Anyways. Moving on.

    Last edited 26/08/14 7:18 pm

      Exactly but then a false bomb threat on a commercial airliner. The stress for the passengers and airline staff over a friggin PlayStation service.
      Morons, self involved irrational idiocy.

    This did nothing but make us gamers hate these fuckers even more so.
    I mean,if they think they're so bloody smart,then hack the FBI or CIA ffs.

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