Remember This?

Well, someone got it! Well done to Luke who correctly guessed I Have No Mouth and i Must Scream. My favourite part of Friday were all the people who thought they had worked it out using reverse image search. And the people who were totally fooled by my trolling ways. I called the file 'Elder' as a glorious, glorious piece of misdirection. I AM A GENIUS.

Good luck with today's effort!


    Battle toads.... Otherwise Slightly orange looking thing is the new black.

    Although we all now know it is Daisy Raindrop Wonderland

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    I know, it's the infamous game "Helloguys"! on the Sega master system.

    Going to guess Metroid even though I've been beaten to it.

    Tintin goes to the moon

    I Have No Mouth and i Must Scream?
    There's a game based on that??!

      Yep -

    Holy crap, i actually guessed one.

      I saw your guess there and I thought "why on earth would Serrels post about such an obscure game?" and completely ignored it. Turns out you had the last laugh there, because everyone else was thrown completely off!

    Looks like Metroid on the NES.

    *EDIT* blah just realised i was beaten to it lets hope its wrong.

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    This is no longer remember this it is it?

    Now it's more like Google the Pixels!

    Image too... simple... but must... guess...

    Breakout? Pinball NES? Dragon Ball NES?

    I wonder how many other games have orange balls in them...

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