Remember This?

Mega congrats go to xBoNe AU — yes he spells it like that — who miraculously managed to guess yesterday's Remember This. It was indeed Megamania on the Atari 2600/5200. Nice job man.

Goodluck with today's effort!


    It's making my brain scream Star Fox.

    I keep yelling at it to shut up though.

    Castlvania? I remember there being bats... and on the NES there's a solid chance they were probably red...

      Ah, yes, beat me. The bat shape even looks familiar.

      Man, Bub is the best.

        It's actually the profile image that goes through on all of my work emails too. Professionalism!

    Drakkar on the ZX Spectrum?

    Wait... wait... I want to take a second guess... Jack bros. on the Virtual Boy... I haven't managed to find a screenshot of it with a bat but I've just spent ages looking a Virtual Boy screens and my head hurts now... so, yeah... was my pain worth it? Probably not.

    Batman something or other on some console. Otherwise Battle toads.

    Ghouls n Ghosts.

      Damn that takes me back. Just watched the completion video, turns out I could never beat level 1 or 2.

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