Remember This?

Well done to modeski for guessing yesterday's Remember This. It was a tough one. No quarter given. It was Atic Atac on the ZX Spectrum.

Today's a toughie. Which means that it'll probably be solved in like two minutes. My judgement on these things is not to be trusted.


    The Angry Video Game Nerd: After Dark. It's the right colour for his antics.

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    Reminds me of Rambo 3.. but I think the colours are slightly different.

    Looks like an extreme close up of a door from one of the SSI Gold Box RPG's.
    Pool of Radiance?

    It's familiar, but I can't place it. Looks like either a floor or wall texture.
    Is it Norm Abram's Wonderful Adventure in Wooden Flooring and Walls?

    My underpants after a hard night out. Quite a popular game even today just not sure what format this would be on maybe this was the dos version.

    (if so, it would be one of the later levels; a screenshot of part of the background)

    At first I thought it Conker's Pocket Tails on gameboy colo[u]r, but the floorboards run horizontal in that...

    Man that was such a shit game! lol [I played the crap out of it though because it was the first game I got on my GBC]

    Hm. Maybe early Sierra adventure game? Kings Quest perhaps

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