Remember This?

Congrats to xBoNe AU who managed to correctly guess yesterday's Remember This. Once again you all continue to surprise me with your ridiculous knowledge of the smallest details of very specific games.

So yesterday's Remember This totally was Rolling Thunder. Unreal that xBoNe AU managed to guess this correctly from that tiny screenshot...

Anyway, good luck with today's effort!


    Ultima 4.

    I've seen all of Spoony's reviews on the franchise multiple times to recognise the patterns.

    Last edited 14/08/14 12:17 pm

      I think this is Ultima 3 actually, 4 had slightly better graphics.

        Yeah looks like Ultima 3 more than 4

          And more like Ultima 2 than 3. And if I'm not mistaken, more like Ultima 1 than 2.

          To make that less confusing, I'm guessing the original Ultima.

          Last edited 14/08/14 6:08 pm

      Didn't look quite like the Ultima IV I remembered, but that's probably because it's the Apple II version (if the internet is to be believed).

      I finished that one (20ish years later), though Ultima V is still in my shameful backlog.

    I know it is probably an Ultima, but I am going to say Questron just because of my undying love of Questron.

    DAMN IT I FINALLY WORK ONE OUT AND I'M TOO LATE. Ultima 4 for the win!

    Last edited 14/08/14 2:22 pm

    I'm gonna say Deathlord on C64 - same graphical setup.

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