Remember This?

Yesterday's image was a tough 'un. No-one managed to guess it correctly. Looks like you all need a second image!

And just for reference, here's yesterday's picture:

Good luck everyone.


    Mickey Mouse: Land of Illusion

      My first thought was Castle of Illusion, but I remember the chocolate looking more chocolatey on the level I'm thinking of

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        It just reminded me of the classic Disney games, and the graphics looked too crappy to be Megadrive so I guessed the Master System version.

        But it's wrong either way.

    Kinda looks like Glider, in the art style. I don't think it is, though.

    Doki Doki Panic!

      Did you right-click > Search Google with this image like I did?

      Nailed it.

    It's Super Mario 2 for us westerners or Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic in Japan.

    I'll hazard a guess - Little Computer People??

    So it looks like light coming in through a window at the top, shining on a guy standing at the bottom...

    I spent so long on this yesterday as it just seemed so familiar.. Love that this article does that.

    I throw a challenge at you mark to try and get through 3 days of a game that is 10 or less years old, for the people who were not around for the atari / commodore days.

    Not calling anyone old or anything.. -_-"

    Either way, thank you for bringing this game back as it makes me log in and check it out each morning when I get to work.

      I agree with something more recent; the N64 was my first console!

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