Remember This?

Congrats to Zar who managed to guess yesterday's Remember This correctly. It was Doki Doki Panic! Nice job Zar.

Good luck with today's effort. YOU'RE GONNA NEED IT.


    For me, this daily article is called "Futile Google Image Search"...

      I googled 'isometric Sinclair games' (because Serrels is somewhat predictable).
      Knight Lore!

    Box Kite Adventures 4: The Green Kite Attacks

    One of the old 1980s isometric games, it looks like. Probably not one of Ultimate's, considering there are no extra details or graphics around the green block. Beyond that I have no idea, so I will guess at Ant Attack. (That was one of the isometric games, right?)

    Solstice on NES?

    Knight Lore on the Speccy.

      Goddamnit, I'm too slow again.

      I think I was one of only three owners of the ZX Spectrum in this country, so I enjoy Serrel's bias.
      However it probably comes down to an image search for the other 99.9% of the Australian public.
      The ZX sold like hotcakes in the UK, but I am pretty sure I was the only kid in my town with one.

        I recall reading CVG in my youth and thinking "WTF??" when I saw all the Spectrum content.

    Ok, I'm going Knightlore on the BBC!! Damn the Speccy and it's extra 16kb!!!
    Poita - try having a BBC!! I reckon I know of one other person in Oz that has one!

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