Remember This?

Well done to bookiegnu who managed to guess Friday's Remember This. It was indeed Knight Lore.

I have a feeling today's effort is a little too easy. Have at it regardless!


    Kings Quest V

    By the looks of it, it seems to be a PS1 game, stab in the dark is it Colin McRae Rally?

    Return to Zork.... first screen as you start the game...was just googling this on the weekend :) Want some Rye, of course you do.

      The Road to the South is impassable. Absolutely... impossible to pass! Impassable

        This was the only game we ever had on our classroom computer in year 5. But it always crashed just before the wizard guy appears on the crystal ball in the opening part of the game. Being 10 years old and stupid, most of us didnt understand the concept of crashing, and we'd sit and stare at the frozen image thinking something was going to happen soon.

        Then one day the game worked! We were so excited. We got as far as the lighthouse and that guy telling us about the impassable road to the south, when the game crashed again.

        That was the only time the game worked. We never did get to that lighthouse again....

          Was my very first CD-ROM game my family got with our $650 2x speed Creative CD ROM drive when I was a kid, back in the days when CD-ROM drives needed their own controller card. Spent ages playing this game when I was a kid, getting nowhere.

      Damn, the one screen I got straight away :S

      Who's like us? Dayum few! ...And they're Aaaaall dead! Want some rye? 'Course you do!

    Shadow of the Beast - Amiga 500

    I'm going to say the Dig even though it's already been said.

    Beneath a steel sky? First thing that popped into my head for some reason.

    terminal velocity/fury 3 I'm probably wrong but that fog reminds me of it hard. dammit

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