Remember This?

Yeah take that! That's two days in a row you couldn't guess Remember This. Consider this revenge! Day 3. Another clue. I think I'll make this one a little easier for y'all.

(I say 'y'all' now)

Here are the two previous clues for reference...

Good luck! I think it might be too easy now.


    Theme Hospital?

      Yep. I like this guess. I don't like you beat me to it. :p

        Nah, it is Attack of the Saucermen on the playstation:

          So it is. Does look very similar to the opening movie style of Theme Hospital.

          I was gonna say, that screenshot screams Theme Hospital to me but someone said that yesterday!


    Attack of the Saucermen

      Beat me to it. Whatever happened to Psygnosis? I used to love their games.

      Last edited 29/08/14 12:42 pm

        Lemmings 2: the Tribes consumed much of my childhood...

        They were purchased by Sony and became SCE Liverpool, mainly working on the Wipeout games. Closed down in 2012.

      Nice one. I've never even heard of this game, but it looks kind of fun. A bit like "Destroy all Humans".

      Have you played it? Is it worth trying out?

        Yah, I one of my friends had it back in the day. I remember having fun with it when I was younger, I loved the soundtrack and the character voices which were kinda like Qbert. It would be a fun distraction for an afternoon, but I think the present me my get bored after a little while.

        Im gonna see if i someone's youtubed it now...

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