Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster

Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster

And it’s coming to the PlayStation 3, the PS4, the Xbox 360, the Xbox One and PC in glorious high definition. According to Famitsu, this is an HD remastering of the 2002 remake, with the goal of keeping the game’s sheer terror. Capcom assures that it isn’t making any unnecessary changes to the game that will compromise the experience.

Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster
Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster

Besides enhanced sound, the HD remaster polished and reworked the graphics so they look better — you know, remastered.

Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster

The game features both widescreen support and 4:3, and players can switch between the two while playing in real time. In widescreen, players can also use a scroll function, as sometimes background elements will be cut off in widescreen.

The remake comes with a dual control scheme as well — there’s the classic controls, as well as a newer control scheme, in which the character moves in the same direction as the analogue stick.

Resident Evil HD Remaster will be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 27 in Japan. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions are slated for early 2015. No word yet about a Western release.

Update: In an official release, Capcom announced the game for all the same platforms for an early 2015 release.

Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster
Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster
Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster
Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster
Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster
Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster
Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster
Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster
Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster
Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster
Resident Evil Is Getting An HD Remaster

初代『バイオハザード』のリメイク版が、HD化して帰ってくる! [Famitsu]


  • Well when its become obvious that making a new Resident Evil any good is impossible I suppose beautifying an old game that is good is all thats left………

    • Dammit i was looking forward to a sequel to this in the same style. I finished this a month ago on my pc with gamecube emulator and was able to use a lot of tweaking including 2500p resolution character models fxaa etc etc at 60fps too. I wish they could make a game about what happened after the mansion.

  • Which version is this that they are “remastering” it looks like RE1 from the PS1 but already remastered? why have I not played this?

    • REmake. Gamecube remake. Changed everything from the ground up including some of the fighting mechanics. It added a whole new sub story with new areas, reworked the rest of the areas and tweaked a few things to make it fit better with Resident Evil Zero.
      It even had a new zombie type. If you killed a zombie without popping the head, it would stay dead for a set amount of time, and then get up and come back as a super zombie that had big claws and could run. You either had to burn the bodies using (very limited) kerosene, or just run when you had to go to that room.
      It was also super tough on ammo for the first few hours, really encouraging you to dodge zombies and run away instead of clearing rooms methodically.
      Get it. It’s possibly the best RE ever.

      • You forget the fact that it also made doors “breakable” in some sections so even running to another room didn’t guarantee safety against the “Crimson Heads” 😀

        • Yeah! That was awesome!

          Can’t wait for this on PC. My only regret is that there’s no more Jill Sandwich.

  • with the new controls can you actually do stuff while running other than going in a straight line? Why I never played much of the original game was down to the absolutely horrible controls

  • 2015 HD port of a 2002 Gamecube remake of a 1996 PSX game.

    Day one. How many copies do I need to buy to get REmake 2 CAPCPOM?

  • So the big Nintendo exclusive is being released on everything except the Nintendo console? Ouch.

      • Resident Evil 1 Remake was a Gamecube (and later Wii) exclusive up until this announcement.

        RE1 originally came out on every system known to man, including the Sega Saturn.

          • The remake and Ground Zero’s were Nintendo Exclusive. The PSX version does not count because 1. This was a ground up REMAKE and not a REMASTER of the PSX version and 2. Nintendo paid for an exclusivity deal for the two games.
            Fun fact – They intended to same treatment to Resident Evil 2 but slow sales stopped that and we just got a HD upgrade of Resi 2 on GameCube instead.

          • From memory, the gameboy version was going to be different and was called RE: Gaiden.

            Pretty sure they cancelled it at the beta stage because it was a bit shit.

          • There was actually a GameBoy Color Resident Evil game called Resident Evil Gaiden, and it wasn’t a remake of RE1. It featured Leon and Barry working with a group trying to take down Umbrella, and the game took place on a cruise ship. It was also a bit shit.

          • I’ve owned it on Saturn, Playstation, DS, and REmake on Gamecube. Now I will own it a fifth time… a remaster of the remake on PC. I’m pretty sure my Resident Evil and Streetfighter habits keep Capcom in ivory back scratchers.

      • REmake and Resident Evil 4 were originally supposed to be GameCube exclusives. But with how poorly they sold, Capcom decided to port RE4 to PS2, and then Wii U and PC later on, and now we’re getting a HD update of REmake on everything else. Of course, the original Resident Evil 1 came out on a bunch of consoles, but I’m pretty confident that @Irvyne was referring to REmake.

  • Awesome! I never did get around to finishing it. Hope they give us HD REmastrers of the REst and RElease them as a complete collection.

  • This remake that was on the Game Cube was also part of a plan to remake Resident Evil 2 (and Nemesis) to the same complete level of overhaul but due to the slow sales of the Game Cube and slower sales of Resi 1 and Resi Zero it didn’t happen and instead Game Cube got a HD upscale of Resi 2 instead.
    Imagine if we got this treatment for Resi 2. That would be very cool.

  • That gamecube remake was f*cking brutal, and beautiful. It’s a huge disappointment to know it didn’t get the audience it so truly deserved at the time.

  • I bought a gamecube to play this game when it came out. Its a huge upgrade from the original on ps1. Lots of new areas and monsters. I cant wait for this.

    • Technically, both playable games in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX have had multiple remasterings now. The version of Kingdom Hearts on there is based upon the Japanese-exclusive Final Mix (which was an updated version of the original game), but which is now been upscaled to 1080p, is now in widescreen and features a bunch of rerecorded music, replaced models from newer KH games and some button changes (so the game has had 2 remasterings). The package also features Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, which was originally a 3D remake of a 2D KH game on the Gameboy Advance, and also features changes in this version (so having a remake and a remastering of that remake).

      Guacamelee technically has had 3 versions as well (the original, Gold Edition, and Super Turbo Championship Edition), although that might be using the term a bit loosely. There’s a few games out there who’ve had a number of remasterings, if you think about it.

  • So long as they include all those full motion video cutscenes as unlockables or something lol.

  • On my small monitor, the screenshots look the same as the gamecube ones! Interesting to see how shiny it is on PS4

  • Still the best resident evil game to date, Finished it on PS1 multiple times (original and directors cut), then on GC multiple times, then emulated multiple times…

    Will also finish on PS4 multiple times 😀

      • I can find many people who would disagree with that opinion too, and say that Resident Evil 4 was the best to date.

  • I’m not sure about that alternate control scheme. Yeah, the original scheme was clunky (to say the least) but it was that way because of the fixed nature of the camera angles. You couldn’t have a more traditional control scheme because every time the scene changed your character would change direction.
    Of course, they could go with the Devil May Cry scheme where you had a moment to adjust your analog stick to reflect the new perspective – but DMC also had a dynamic camera. From the sounds of things they’re sticking with the fixed perspectives of the original (as it should be) and so I think a new control scheme wouldn’t necessarily work without a LOT of tweaking. You just don’t see pre-rendered backgrounds any more.
    But I’m interested in what they come up with.

    • Indeed.. as clunky as the controls where once you got used to them it was a natural fit for the game itself. As it allowed you to keep running through multiple angles on different rooms w/ just pressing “forward”. The analog controls would be a bit fiddly w/ the sudden angle changes if your running.

  • Awesome! Now all Capcom needs to do is remake Resident Evil 2 in the same style, like we thought back in the GC days. The engine is done. Wouldn’t take that much for a professional developer to do. Chop chop :/

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