Revamped Version Of Sleeping Dogs Coming In October

Turns out those rumours were partially true: a revamped version of Sleeping Dogs is coming to next-gen consoles and PC this October, Square Enix just confirmed.

  • It’s called Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, and here are a few key details that the publisher clarified from the various rumours that have been swirling around:
  • It includes all 24 DLC packs from the original game released back in 2012.
  • It’s coming out on October 10th. 14th in North America.
  • It will run at 1080p. Square Enix didn’t specify if the resolution will vary from console to console.

Thank goodness, 1080p! I was worried there for a minute.


  • Well if it is coming to PC then the PS4 version is not just the high res texture patch from the PC release. So I wonder what they actually have changed for the PC version even. I hope alot. The game is fantastic but having played it again a month ago it suddenly looked dated despite looking fantastic at release.

    I hope they do a upgrade for Steam like Deus Es did do my old copy comes up to spec for $10 or something. Don’t really want to buy literally the same game again….

    • Sounds like literally the same game, but in 1080p.

      I was hoping we would see something about the sequel by now…

      • It was already in 1080p60 on pc plus there was also additional hd pack. I finished it couple of weeks ago. These re releases for next gen is getting ridiculous now.

        • Yeah if they consider the PC with the HD pack to be next gen enough then doing a re-release with all the DLC unlocked is just garbage. The Steam sales have meant that you could get the game and all the DLC for a few bucks so a complete edition would make no sense.

  • 24 DLC? Must be all the clothing/cars/money envelopes etc. that they threwin as near-pointless microtransactions.

    • Yeah there is only the Nightmare Zombie dlc and the Chinese New Year (Year Snake?) that are story DLC. All the rest is junk as you said.

      • Yeah, I already bought and played those on 360. There’s also a martial arts tournament on an island completely seperate from the main game which beautifully invoked 70s HK action flicks. A lot of fun but…

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