Revamped Version Of Sleeping Dogs Coming In October

Turns out those rumours were partially true: a revamped version of Sleeping Dogs is coming to next-gen consoles and PC this October, Square Enix just confirmed.

  • It's called Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, and here are a few key details that the publisher clarified from the various rumours that have been swirling around:
  • It includes all 24 DLC packs from the original game released back in 2012.
  • It's coming out on October 10th. 14th in North America.
  • It will run at 1080p. Square Enix didn't specify if the resolution will vary from console to console.

Thank goodness, 1080p! I was worried there for a minute.


    Well if it is coming to PC then the PS4 version is not just the high res texture patch from the PC release. So I wonder what they actually have changed for the PC version even. I hope alot. The game is fantastic but having played it again a month ago it suddenly looked dated despite looking fantastic at release.

    I hope they do a upgrade for Steam like Deus Es did do my old copy comes up to spec for $10 or something. Don't really want to buy literally the same game again....

      Sounds like literally the same game, but in 1080p.

      I was hoping we would see something about the sequel by now...

        It was already in 1080p60 on pc plus there was also additional hd pack. I finished it couple of weeks ago. These re releases for next gen is getting ridiculous now.

          Yeah if they consider the PC with the HD pack to be next gen enough then doing a re-release with all the DLC unlocked is just garbage. The Steam sales have meant that you could get the game and all the DLC for a few bucks so a complete edition would make no sense.

    24 DLC? Must be all the clothing/cars/money envelopes etc. that they threwin as near-pointless microtransactions.

      Yeah there is only the Nightmare Zombie dlc and the Chinese New Year (Year Snake?) that are story DLC. All the rest is junk as you said.

        Yeah, I already bought and played those on 360. There's also a martial arts tournament on an island completely seperate from the main game which beautifully invoked 70s HK action flicks. A lot of fun but...

    I have all the DLC...soooooo not sure what the point of this is.

    Unless it's running on a new engine?

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