Rime Is Still The Most Beautiful Game On PS4

Rime Is Still The Most Beautiful Game On PS4

Here is yet another look at Rime, the Wind Waker-esque action/adventure game that was announced for PS4 last year.

Goddamn, I say. Goddamn. Forget Uncharted and The Order: this is the prettiest game on the PlayStation 4. BY FAR.


    This is what games need to focus on, this game knows that art style can do so much more to immerse the player than life-like graphics. Damn this looks phenomenal. I'm so glad I had a PS3 for Journey, I can definately buy a PS4 for this. Hopefully longer than Journey though!

      Journey had amazing style and was a surprisingly effective minimalist (in some ways) game.

      The short length of Journey is a double edged sword - all this makes me remember that I can finish it in one session tonight.

        I actually found that to be a plus for Journey - it's the kind of game that really works best when you go through it in one sitting. Having it interrupted by playing through it in bits and pieces would detract from the experience, I think.

        I must have played through it 8 or 10 times (and I'll give it a few more on PS4), so the fact it was only 2 hours didn't bother me - I still got plenty of hours out of it.

    Just seeing the kid with his cape, climbing and looking up at the tower reminds me of ICO. I love it.

    I think I see that title like a buzzillion times on Kotaku.... Or is it deja vu?

    X is still the most beautiful on Y?

    Looks rad, will buy.

    Certainly looks like WW, I'm also getting an Ico vibe.

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