Rock Band Creators Are Making A Musical Side-Scrolling Shmup

Briefly: It's called A City Sleeps and will be out on PC and Mac in October. Lots of details on its Steam page and at IGN.


    Rock Band 4 dammit!

    I'll be giving Dancing Central a whirl next week.

    I could stand to see Guitar Hero/Rock Band make a comeback - they were always fun party games, the market just couldn't support the number of them - in 2009 there were 14 games released under the Guitar Hero and Rock Band umbrellas, 9 on consoles. But that was 5 years ago, and we're in a new console generation - let's bring it back for a bit.

    This looks fantastic. Bit the second I see Harmonix involved in anything, I can't help but to think... When's Rock Band 4 happening? I play Rock Bad 3 almost every day, and would kill for a sequel.
    No, seriously. If I found a genie, one of my wishes would be "please make Rock Band 4 a reality..."

    Are Harmonix so hard up for cash that they're just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks?

    How many games have they got for preorder/early access/kickstarter at the moment?

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