Scientist Explains The Hulk And Captain America

Scientist Explains The Hulk And Captain America

Most superheroes aren't scientifically accurate. That said, that doesn't mean that we can't let a biologist try to speculate how they might work in the real world.

Watch as Stanford biologist Sebastian Alvarado tries to unravel the biological secrets behind two of Marvel's top heroes — Captain America and the Hulk. Again, this is just a thought experiment, but it's one that helps you understand concepts like Chromothripsis, Epigenetic Modification, and Biliverdin!

Unfortunately, science still can't explain the Hulk's pants.

Stanford via The Creator's Project


    *remembers some info he read on tvtropes regarding a character that the website says has the COMBINED POWERS OF THE AVENGERS* so basically these 2 videos also explain how a certain ancient civilisation did this to a certain little child to become a certain feared warrior

    The only science that the marvel movies need is what powers the plotconvenienceum they are using at any given time

      Because it's Joss Whedon , the term you are looking for is Phlebotinum.

        Since little of the "science" has changed from the comics, it doesn't need Joss' name.

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