See Some Of The Order: 1886's Guns In Action

Last time we saw The Order: 1886, we described it by saying it's like "shooting through an old movie". Sony just dropped a new trailer for the stylish third-person shooter during its Gamescom press conference that gives us all a new glimpse at some of its Tesla-inspired shooting devices, and they look pretty awesome.

My favourite is the grenade-launcher type doohickey at the 1:40 mark. Also, what is that one rifle that seems like it has electric shocks coming off of it?


    This will be why I'll buy a PS4

      This, and Uncharted 4. And maybe BloodBorne, never played a Souls game but it looks really interesting.

    I think it actually looks pretty cool tbh....

    Well I'll just wait till this and Rise of the Tomb Raider get re-released for PC sadly....I can't justify buying $1,000 of consoles for the only two games that I actually want...

      Tomb Raider might get a PC release, being a 3rd party published game. But no way will you see a first party Sony game like The Order on PC.

        Ah, yes, probably should've paid more attention as to who made the game...

    This looks better than what I've seen of it previously. Last time I saw it (E3,I think) the guns looked kind of piddly and unsatisfying to use. These look a lot punchier than they did back then.

    As a big Tesla fan, I am very excited about this (but the timeline does irk me, just because of facts, but I am very willing to overlook that).

    It seems Sony has discovered the massive boner we on the internet have for Nikola Tesla.

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