Sega Is ‘Improving’ Its PC Dreamcast Catalogue On Steam

Sega Is ‘Improving’ Its PC Dreamcast Catalogue On Steam

The Dreamcast is fondly remembered not just by Sega enthusiasts, but all gamers. Even if you missed out on enjoying its delicious fruits, including Shenmue, Virtua Tennis and Soulcalibur, you’ll recognise the titles, or even played the sequels they spawned. While Sega got out of the hardware business with the console’s demise, it certainly hasn’t deserted its back catalogue, with its most recent efforts focused on adding achievements and other enhancements to its Dreamcast PC ports.

Reddit user “Gyossaits” noticed the announcement, which was originally posted at the start of August on the Steam forums for Sonic Adventure DX. It’s gone largely unnoticed by the gaming world and while not earth-shattering news, it’s definitely noteworthy.

Here’s the relevant portion of the update:

You may have noticed some new things crop up in our existing Dreamcast collection on Steam, such as achievements. Currently this content isn’t accessible but it’s part of an initiative from SEGA over the next few months which is going to improve the player experience for these titles. We don’t have an exact date for these improvements just yet but please bear with us, we’ll keep you posted with more information just as soon as we’re able to.

What’s interesting is that the company hasn’t made a lot of noise — well, any noise — about this “initiative”. Considering the loyal following behind the console and its games, you’d think Sega would have spread the news far and wide. At any rate, we can all agree it’s a very good thing.

luftholen [Steam, via Reddit]

Image: / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0


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