Shadow Of Mordor Is Looking Pretty Epic

A Lord of The Rings game needs to feel epic. Like, gigantic armies and hordes of spiky armour-encrusted villains a dudes fighting on top of towers-level epic. Of all the trailers for Shadow of Mordor I’ve seen so far, this new one Sony dropped during its Gamescom presser hit the best note in this regard.

Just look at Sauron! I can’t wait to try and take that guy down a peg. He probably deserves it.


  • never been a diehard fan of the lord of the rings, but i do remember having some great fun playing co-op on one of the older games on ps2. this looks like it has the potential to be pretty damn awesome.

  • the literary purist in me is disgusted with what these butchers is doing to Tolkien he’d be spinning in his grave, but the gamer in me is pretty keen on this

  • Hoooooooly shit… As much as I’ve wanted this game since seeing the trailers, I sort of just assumed it was going to be like the first Assassins Creed (checklist of targets, scouting/sabotage of said targets before tracking and killing them) but this trailer makes it looks just so much more epic than I thought.

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