Siri Also Doubles As A Pokedex

Siri and I are not friends. She doesn't even make an effort to understand a single word I say. But for those of you who are less Scottish a world of majesty awaits: today Gizmodo Australia Editor Luke Hopewell showed me something that blew my mind. Siri can pretty much be used as a Pokedex.

Please see the video above for details. If you ask nicely Siri will totally drag out information on all of the original 151 Pokemon. I think that is awesome.

It worked really well for Luke. So I thought I'd have a try. Maybe things have gotten a little better over time? Maybe Siri will be able to understand my accent.

Here are the results.

Screw you Siri.


    You can change Siri to the UK version. It doesn't help at all, but, you know, you can do it...

      Man, maybe I'll try it. But I also enjoy the hilarity of being misunderstood.

    This is slightly late but it is indeed an awesome find :)

    You can even strategise cause you can get data like the most used Pokemon in competitive modes... Till you realize they're just getting the information from another Pokemon db... (I think it's either Serebii or Bulbapedia... cant recall)

      It is serebii, but have you forgotten smogon uni

    To be fair...
    But setting to UK does make it a wee bit better

    I just imagine this is @markserrels every time single time he tries to use his phone

    You're speaking to Siri wrong.

    Not sure I could sound a bigger nerd in that video. Goddamn.

    Made me LOL, as a funny accent Sydneysider I find Siri difficult to use when in a hurry. I need to test this on my iPhone :)

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