Sony Has Sold 10 Million PlayStation 4s

Sony Has Sold 10 Million PlayStation 4s

Briefly: Announced today at Gamescom: Sony has sold — sold, not shipped — 10 million PlayStation 4s to gamers around the world. Nice round number. Looks nice on the page. 10 million.


    That's a pretty large lead over Xbox they're maintaining.

    Is this good or bad? What were sales for Ps2 & Ps3 at one year into their life?

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      Supposedly they are about 3mth in front of both the PS2 and PS3 (PS2 was a slow start and the PS3 wasn't terrible considering the price). However, they might be just behind the pace of the Wii though, but not by much.

      Leading into the Holiday season on the back of Destiny, Driveclub, LittleBigPlanet and even the GTA up-port, they can easy continue to maintain a steady.

    Good news. Hopefully it just makes MS work harder for my money.

    what are the xbox one numbers at currently?

      The Last official statement was 5mil shipped to retailers I think.

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      According to vgchartz it's exactly on 5m. I think that's sold rather than shipped, but I'm not sure how accurate the numbers are. They've got PS4 on 9.3 million, so if they're understating that then they may be understating XBone, too.

    10,000,000 Playstation 4 units. No games.

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