Sony Online President’s Flight Diverted After Hacker Bomb Threat

Sony Online President’s Flight Diverted After Hacker Bomb Threat

American Airlines has diverted a flight carrying the president of Sony Online Entertainment following what may have been a bomb threat by a group of alleged hackers — the same group that has claimed responsibility for a series of outages across the PlayStation Network and other gaming services this weekend.

The FBI is currently investigating the incident, an SOE representative told Kotaku today.

This afternoon at around 1:30pm Eastern, the group Lizard Squad tweeted at American Airlines to say that a flight carrying John Smedley, president of SOE, the developer behind EverQuest Next among other games, had “explosives on-board.”

Sony Online President’s Flight Diverted After Hacker Bomb Threat

At around 3:00pm Eastern, Smedley tweeted that American Airlines had changed his flight’s destination.

Sony Online President’s Flight Diverted After Hacker Bomb Threat

“Something about security and our cargo,” Smedley added.

American Airlines did not immediately respond to requests for comment, but their website’s flight tracker confirms that the airline diverted flight #362 this afternoon. Representatives for SOE also did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

UPDATE (5:06pm): An SOE rep declined to comment but confirmed that the FBI is investigating the incident.

This incident follows a prolonged PlayStation Network outage that Sony has blamed on a DDOS attack. “Like other major networks around the world, the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network have been impacted by an attempt to overwhelm our network with artificially high traffic,” Sony’s Sid Shuman wrote on the PlayStation Blog today. “Although this has impacted your ability to access our network and enjoy our services, no personal information has been accessed.”

The Lizard Squad group has also claimed responsibility for this PSN outage.

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  • Pathetic kids with booters. Soon as they have attention from there skript kiddie tools they go and say retarded things like this.

    • Good chance of that.
      FamedGod (claims to be the real ddoser) just tweeted lizzard quads IPs for taking his credit.
      No idea if its legit or not.

      • You know what the best thing is? Though people want to wax lyrical to the contrary, there really is no honour among thieves. So happy this will end up happening 🙂

  • I look forward to the moment they’re discovered and deal with the harsh realities of their actions. It’s all funny and enjoyable being a ‘haxor’ until you ruin your life.

  • I couldn’t get any stable WoW time in this weekend due to these tossers. Hope whichever law enforcement agencies are looking for them find them and introduce them to the law

  • Does anyone know why they want to attack SOE????? Seems like a strange target to me compared to the usual govt agencies etc…

    • Why would IS want to take down PSN and The simple of it is that they wouldn’t.

      Honestly, what advantages would they gain from doing this? The ire of nerds everywhere?

      These are just some kids (or kid-like adults) who think that they can hide behind the ‘issue-of-the-day’ and brag about how they took down these services,

      • Nope akuma07 doubt it, sony are notoriously known for having second rate infrastructure and security… Psn is constantly getting targeted

  • hahahaha so now they’re upgraded from hacking (10 years in prison) to terrorism. Good job idiots, you’ve just climbed up the FBI list.

  • It was a very carefully worded tweet. They don’t actually make any bomb threats, they could probably argue they were being concerned citizens. After all they were just alerting the airline of reports of explosives.

    • They’ll find out that arguing semantics rarely end well with homeland security in the US…

      It can also be argued that tweeting it into social media as opposed to reporting it directly to the relevant authorities constitutes reckless behaviour at the least and potentially criminally reckless. It can also be inciting panic.

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