Sony Says It's Looking Into Crippling PS4 Glitch

Sony Says They're Looking Into Crippling PS4 Glitch

Sony tells Kotaku it has "made progress" towards solving a PS4 glitch that has prevented some users from buying or playing games on their new PlayStation consoles. The "CE-33945-4" glitch, which was reported by PS4 owners on NeoGAF and the PlayStation forums, prevents users from playing games or accessing any other services on the PlayStation Network.

Though the exact causes of the glitch are murky, some users determined that it may be triggered by pre-ordering a digital game on the PlayStation Network and then cancelling it through Sony customer support, which leads to some sort of database error.

This one's brutal: people getting CE-33945-4 say they can't play anything.

I reached out to Sony earlier this week to ask about the error. Here's a Sony rep:

"We are aware of this account issue that has affected a very small number of users. We are currently investigating the cause of the issue and have made progress toward a possible solution."

In the meantime, if you do run into this glitch, try rebuilding the database on your PS4, which some users say fixes the problem.


    Wtf is going on, Microsoft now have an issue where new owners doing day one update on current firmware cant use the bluray drive.

    I need some advice.
    Ps4 are going for 399$. Should i get one?
    Any good games coming for ps4 that wont be on pc? Will the price drop even more later?

      Destiny, Bloodborne, Last of Us, Infamous Second Son and Uncharted 3. With how well both consoles are selling I wouldn't expect a price drop for a while man.

        Thank you. I'l shop around and get one.
        Will be my first sony home console, i'v mostly stuck to nintendo for consoles.

        Wow. The sale ended over night. Looks like i missed the boat.
        Dick smith ebay still has them for $399.30

        Last edited 23/08/14 10:38 am

          save that money man, spend it on Your PC :) you will thank me later

        Wait what? Uncharted 3 is on PS4? I don't think so unless its via the PS Now Service and that based on quite a few aussie experiences including my own is not worth it at all.

        As a heads up as well, many expect Destiny to eventually release on PC (and is a multi-plat on X1 as well). If you played last of us on PS3 i wouldn't bother with the remaster unless you were desperate to play something and Infamous is fantastic yet short experience and you may end up disappointed if you buy a PS4 just for it (like i did) and then be finished with it after a few days with nothing new to play.

        Personally if you have a PC, i would wait for a price drop in a couple of years time as the library of games on both the X1 and PS4 to date have been very disappointing in terms of numbers of exclusives.

          Interesting. I tend to agree with you. Sony will for sure lift it's Game, in regards to exclusives, and have some very cool and amazing games. But in my mind the xbox is winning the exclusives race by a long long way at this piont. Oh and second son was an amazing looking but very average game

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