Stand-Alone Xbox One Kinect Coming In October

Stand-Alone Xbox One Kinect Will Cost $US150

In June, Microsoft started selling the Xbox One without Kinect. In October, you'll be able to buy the Kinect on its own — but it will cost $US150 in the US. We're waiting on Australian pricing and availability. Update: Australians will pay $169.95.

Standalone versions of the Xbox One's Kinect will go on sale October 7, Microsoft said today. The motion-sensing accessory will come with a digital copy of Harmonix's Dance Central Spotlight.


    Cool, I want to upgrade my 3D scanning app to have better resolution and have been waiting for this. It has already made the Windows version drop in price by 50%, so I'm now good to go!

    It might not be much good for gaming, but it is great for other projects.

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      3D scanning then printing?

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    Good thing I already have one then....

    I'm gonna go get in line now and beat the rush.

    expecting like a $300 tag here in au. even tho it only reduced the price of the console bu $50

    It's a uphill battle to sell a Kinect to somebody with an XBOne for $100. There is no software that makes me want the thing, nobody is developing anything cool for that I know of. I was already going to buy a XBOne, but the Kinect free version. (My friends and I like the exclusives)

    It's an uphill battle to sell a XBOne at the moment, the PS4 gives you a lot more for that extra $50.

    I don't like dance games, I'm a fat cynical jerk besides a few voice commands that aren't worth the extra cash I don't see the purpose of owning one. I admit this isn't stand alone it's packed with a game and priced based on that but it's just beyond me how they are going to sell it.

      Apart from slightly better graphics what more does the Ps4 offer over the xbone?

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        Originally I had left out the word exclusives by accident.

        It's an uphill battle to sell a XBOne at the moment, the PS4 gives you a lot more exclusives for that extra $50.

        Having spent that day fixing a PS4 I'm going to say nothing. Sony are complete idiots. They put the wrong update file on their own website which doesn't work. Finally I found the correct version and managed to unbrick the machine. Of course it did need to wipe all the data on the HDD for some reason.

        I guess that will teach my friend to put a game in the drive and try to play it. EA Sports UFC for the record.

          Not good, I just got my ps4 in the weekend, I like it but if I had to choose between the 2 I would still go with the xbone, at the moment there is far more exclusives, ps4 seems very indie orientated which doesn't interest me, the DLNA support, the apps, the kinect (even though everyone hates it voice commands are handy), the ability to change region and get games at US prices, the controller on the ps4 is leagues ahead of the DS3 but the battery life and short charge cable are pretty annoying, the free mic with ps4 is pretty bad compared to the xbones, it runs very loud and hot compared to my silent xbone. I guess it depends what you want out of it, As pure games machine and nothing else the ps4 is better but I wouldnt say it gives you allot more value, I think you will be pleasantly suprised if/when you get your xbone, its come along way since launch.

            Straight up, I want to play Halo 5, so it's an XBOne for me. My friends are all getting the XBOne so another point in it's favour. I already have XBox Live so once again another point the XBOne column, The fact that it runs cooler and quieter isn't helping Sony's case nor was the issues I had with it. But yet all I hear is the PS4 is flying off the shelves and the XBOne just sits around.

            I know I'm going to save myself $100 and get it without Kinect but.

            the ability to change region and get games at US prices

            You can do that on PS4 (and PS3 for that matter) - they're both region free. Just create a US PSN account, create a new user on your PS4 and associate that user with your US PSN account. Signing into your PS4 under that user and going to the store will take you to the US store.

            Or if you prefer physical media you can order those from the US and they'll work fine - again, region free.

              Interesting, I did not know that, still not as easy as pressing a button and restarting, but i'll definately look into it. Does PS+ share for all accounts on the console? So should i have my US account as my main one or purely for downloading?

              It wont accept my credit card, and when I tried to use paypal it took the funds and then cancelled it saying there was no billing address?? $60 down and nothing to show for it, awesome!

                When I've bought stuff off the USstore I have just bought US store credit online... I forget where from... Might have been play asia otherwise Haven't actually tried the PayPal option because I don't trust PayPal.

                In terms of online play, you only need one account on the console to have PS+ and all of them can play online. But obviously you only get the free games and discounts for the account that has PS+. So if your Australian account has PS+ you can't get the freebies from the US store. That's not really an issue these days since they seem to be pretty much the same in both regions. In the past the games on offer were quite different between regions. Although in a refreshing change, our PS+ content tended to be a lot better than the US.

                  Ok I sorted it, ended up signing up for free US address and then buying a digital code off amazon, got Last of Us usually $100NZD in NZ store it cost me $61NZ from US code.

    1) Person A buys Xbox with Kinnect
    2) Person A sells Kinnect to Person B for $100 or a profit of less than $50
    3) Person B saves $50! (less what Person A makes in profit)

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