State Of Decay Coming To Xbox One Next Year

State Of Decay Coming To Xbox One Next Year

State of Decay, Microsoft's entrant into the ever-growing field of open-world zombie games, is coming to the Xbox One next year, the company just announced. The game is already available for the Xbox 360 and PC. But the Xbox Wire post assures zombie-curious gamers that the new version is the definitive edition of the game.

The State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition will include the original State of Decay, now running in glorious 1080p, previously released Add-on packs Breakdown and Lifeline, as well as some entirely new content. Undead Labs will reveal more on the new content closer to release, and you'll read about it here when they do.

Gotta love that "glorious 1080p". Killing zombies just wouldn't be the same without it.


    I wish it'd have co-op, as was originally intended (it even has emotes). I just don't have the stones to face zombies alone.

      I wouldn't be surprised if at least a "drop-in/drop-out" multiplayer isn't implemented in this as they ramp up development on their much discussed "true online multiplayer" they've been working on for the sequel, which I'm guessing still has the working title of Class 3.. (I think that was it).

      Either way, I'd have thought the true sequel may still be a ways off - especially with the competition arising in the "online zombie survival MMO" stakes. And I've been keen to find an excuse to sink another week or two into SOD.

      I'd planned on buying that more recent DLC that I didn't have (I've already got the first expansion, but still haven't mucked around with it) since it's %50 off on 360 this week, but now I think I'll just wait for this "definitive edition", and throw a bit more money towards the development of the sequel. Enthusiastically. It's a fan fecking tastic game, despite its various rough edges. And most everything I wanted in a post-zombie apocalypse open world survival/resource management action game. Which I didn't even know I wanted until I played it.

      I just hope ratings classification review/processing in Australia goes a little smoother this time!

    This is truly great news :) loved state of decay,
    here is hoping for Co-op... would make the game 100 times better!!!

    They haven't said anything about adding co-op but they have said there isn't thus far.

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