Steam Update Saves Precious Mouse-Clicks During Installation

Steam Update Saves Precious Mouse-Clicks During Installation

Because so few people ever read all of the notes in a Steam changelog, here's a neat new feature a lot of people missed in a recent update: you can now opt to install multiple games at once.

So next time you binge during a sale, or just want to reinstall a bunch of old games from your library all at once, you can have at it. Note that while you're saving time on mouse-clicks, you're not saving installation time, as Steam just queues everything up (see below).

But whatever, that's Steam's business. For you, this is fire-and-forget game installation.

Steam Update Saves Precious Mouse-Clicks During Installation

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    they used to allow multiple simultaneous downloads, now its one at a time, and is really annoying

      Was that actually any faster? If you are downloading from a single mirror I wouldn't expect much of a difference (if anything, it could be a bit slower). The transfers are fairly large, so I wouldn't expect startup latency to make multiple connections worth while like they are in web browser.

      Doing the transfers sequentially also means that you should have the first download ready to play sooner, rather than having to wait while they all download slowly.

      I've always opted to download one thing at a time , whether it be a game or downloading multiple stuff from the internet. For me it just seems quicker. Doing all at once would be fine if you weren't on the pc waiting for it to finish, but one at a time feels like progress is being made at a faster rate. Makes me feel like I have quick internet XD

    Good stuff. Was just searching for how to do this 2 weeks ago after buying a bundle. Or does it not help with activating products on steam?

      I'd assume this is just for downloads, not activations yes.

      If you bought the bundle from HumbleBundle they have single-click activation once you link your Steam account.

    They recently added a whole new colour to the interface. That was pretty sweet.

    Now if only I had the quota to install multiple games at once.

    A mouse only has a finite number of clicks and I pace my hardware upgrades on things like this. Now everything is thrown out and I have to recalculate. Looks like I'll have to buy a calculator sooner than expected too.

    Still waiting for the ability to add multiple keys at once :(

    Don't forget a shiny new themed tray icon! Or has it been that long since I've loaded steam (damn uni)

    Don't forget to enable the "allow downloading while playing".
    This should be ticked by default anyway.

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