Streak About To Be Broken?

Briefly: Nintendo has released a new handheld — or iteration of an existing handheld — in North America in each of the past five years. Nothing announced for this year, which means 2014 might break the streak. Unless... anyone want a 2DS XL to be announced by December? A 3D XL Lite? Game Boy 2?

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    A 2DS XL would be nice. I had a 2DS and loved it but ended up trading for an XL. The screen size was just so, so small, IMHO.

    DS Micro please. I love my Gameboy Micro.

      I like the idea of the Micro more than the Micro itself. It's too damn small to be usable, anything that requires the shoulder buttons (eg Mario Kart) makes me almost drop the thing. Although I guess that could maybe come down to shiny untextured shoulder buttons, but I dunno. Would rather just play them on my DS Phat in comfort :P

        I dunno, I absolutely love my GB Micro and still play it a lot even to this day, but I play it more for RPGs. I found A link to the past got painful after more than an hour or so at the helm!

        The reason I loved the Micro so much was because it could just be in my pocket without really being a bother.

        i struggled to play metroid on my GBA micro, zelda etc is fine. but those boss battles on a micro are so damn difficult

    Nintendo 4DS. It spits on your face when you make a silly move. Blows into your hair when going fast.

      The future is here!
      Maybe this is the next thing Nintendo needs post Wii fad?

      Anyone remember when companies started testing machines that make smells etc as part of the game experience till that idea died in a fire?

    I think they need a newer generation with better CPU Higher Resolution & amazing access to retro titles. I do love the original DS though, Hotel Dusk forever

    A decent price cut would be nice... Then I might actually get myself a 3DS XL.

      I believe the price cut came in the form of the 2DS

        Yeah that didn't really help 3DS XL prices. That was just a cheaper price or cheaper hardware which isn't what I want.

          Yeah, the problem is, they made the 2DS because they can't drop the price much more wile making two seperate screens.

          Tbh you can find an XL for $200-230 pretty easily and that's not a bad price point. It's already competitive, I'm sorry if you don't see it that way. It's a $250 value console, if you aren't ok with that, they offer cheaper versions: the 3ds and the 2DS. The Xl is not the entry level version of the product and is priced accordingly.

          If you aren't ok with paying $250 for a 'premium' version of a device, then maybe the premium version isn't for you.

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    I don't think that they need to make another one, unless they decide to make a 'micro' type version or maybe a version with a better screen. However I don't see them making another version of the 3DS.

    I also think that the 3DS will have a longer life cycle than previous handhelds that Nintendo has made, and I am not too fussed about that either.

    Games like One Piece: Unlimited world red also squeeze some extra graphical capabilities out of the 3DS by disabling 3D all together (since it does not need to render 2 screens), even Pokemon only reserves 3D for the battles. I think that this will be a more common trend in the coming years, especially since the 2DS does not even have the 3D capability, this may cause the life cycle to stretch, and a raise in graphical capability, if only at the end of its days.

    I believe they should put their focus on improving the Wii U tablet - The 3DS/2DS line i'm happy/content with and believe it still has a good couple years before a newer one is released.

    I still use my original 3DS (bought day 1) and its still a very modern gaming device.

    Phew... I thought that headline said STEAK was about to be broken. Was not happy.

    Maybe Nintendo is focused more on the Wii U than it expected they needed to at this stage and that is just using up all management, devs etc time during the work day? I am being serious.
    Think how far the Wii U has come from who cares to wow this thing actually does not suck in the last few months. The 3DS on a hardware front does not need to be spread thinner. They have two 3D skews and a 2D skew. Anymore fragmenting from a general consumer point of view and you will alienate people like they did with the Wii/WiiU confusion.

      Apologies for the pedantry, but the term is "SKU", not "skew." SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit.

        yeah I know. I do not proof read what I type. Same with Their and there - I know the difference just I type faster than I think.

    Or let's gey a next gen 3ds unit out. The name gameboy 2 has poped up. One a bit more powerful and can act as a Wii U gamepad.

    A region free 3DS would be nice...

    A region free 3DS eshop would be nice...

    A region free 3DS eshop that sells digital games cheaper than the retail boxed versions would be nice...

    The idea is so bleedingly obvious it's staring us all in the face - a 3DS with a built in right analogue stick!

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