"Stunning New Pokemon Project" To Be Announced

There's a new Pokemon project in the works. More details will be revealed in a "big announcement" next week.

So yes, this is an announcement of an announcement, with the teaser site saying, "This summer, details of a stunning new project from Pokemon will be announced." The teaser site specifically states, "shougeki no shin purojekuto" (衝撃の新プロジェクト) with "shougeki" ( 衝撃) meaning "shocking" or "stunning" and "shin" () referring to "new."

The NicoNico broadcast page also calls this a "big announcement." Of course, this could simply be hype, but let's hope it's more than just that.

Pokemon Company honcho Tsunekazu Ishihara is set to appear as are voice actors Nobuhiko Okamoto and Aoi Yuki. There will also be yet unnamed guests appearing. Fashion model Ayana Tsubaki and Famitsu's Bunbun Maru will host the August 26 broadcast on NicoNico.

衝撃の新プロジェクト [Official Site]

Photo: TV Tokyo

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      Coincidentally, that would be the day that the internet implodes into itself.

      I'd be happy if this was just a 3D remake of Pokemon Red/Blue.

        Yeah, we really need another remake.

      That is all nintendo need to do to get back on top, god I want a Pokemon game for my WiiU so bad.

        Yeah right, im sure gamers everywhere would rather play a 3d pokemon over MGS5, Uncharted 4, Farcry 4, Destiny, Arkham Knight, Silent Hills and Ass Creed Unity.

          They don't need everyone you mongoloid! Just the already existing fanbase as a Pokemon Wii U game would bolster there sales figures the same way MK8 did and Zelda and SSB will it is silly to think otherwise.
          Personally there are only 3 games in the list you mentioned I am interested in, and a new Pokémon game on WiiU with online capabilities would outrank even those three!

          Out of all the games you listed? ...Yeah.

          I'd probably get more time/enjoyment out of a full 3D Pokémon than any of those, and I'm a major fan of 5/7 of those titles.

    Genetic engineering experiments a success! Real Life Pikachu in Q3 2015!

    Mega Pikachu evolution to debut in the new series of pokemon/new movie is my guess.

    Pokemon rarely gives us what we want. Ideally I'd want that pokemon fighting game.

    It'll be something related to the anime/movies unfortunately. That's why the voice actors will be there.

      I'm calling that it'll be an animated series reboot. To tie in with the 3D rerelease game out this year.

      I choose you Pikachu 2014 if you will. I'm excited!

    Calling it here and now, Pikachu golf.

    Real life Super Smash Brothers tournament to be held in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics - predominantly featuring athletes in Pokemon costumes.

    A new Pokemon Snap on Wii U!

      Won't be a mmo, that isn't how Nintendo rolls. Gonna go with snap on wii u.

    Beyond Good & Evil 2 ft. Pokemon! Got to snap them all!

    Dear nintendo, STOP TEASING US & JUST TAKE ALL OUR MONEY, thank you

    Could you imagine a Pokemon MMO? Nintendo wouldn't even be able to keep up with demand for Wii U consoles. I know it's very unlikely but man it'd be crazy! I'd just be happy with Red/Blue being released in the eshop!

    Considering I've been replaying the original - Pokemon Conquest 2!!

    It has to be that new mobile pokemon game with in app purchases that surfaced around the web a few weeks back.

    With the people mentioned it will likely be about the anime.

    If it is anime related, i hope they are making a full season for pokemon origins, that was the pokemon anime the older fans wanted :(

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