Surprise! That Mysterious New Dragon Ball Character Is You

Surprise! That Mysterious New Dragon Ball Character Is You

What a dirty trick to play, Bandai Namco. Introducing a never-before-seen character for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, leaving fans to wildly speculate for months before revealing it as the first Dragon Ball game that allows players to inject their own creations into the series’ greatest battles. So sneaky. So good.

For the first time in any Dragon Ball game, fans will be able to create their own character and use them to participate in some of the biggest battles in franchise history. (As readers have pointed out, Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi’s Hero Mode allowed for limited character customisation, but did not involve screwing about with canon.)

Customise an Earthling, Majin or Namekian (just the three listed so far) to your liking, and then be summoned to the in-game hub of Toki Toki City to be guided through Dragon Ball history by one Mr. Trunks.

Surprise! That Mysterious New Dragon Ball Character Is You

What an intriguing idea, re-writing the history of the Dragon Ball universe with your own personal avatar. Having covered the same stories time and time again in countless games, we’ve got a chance to mix things up. My excitement for this title just climbed several notches, and not solely due to my odd attraction to female Majin.

Surprise! That Mysterious New Dragon Ball Character Is You

There’ll be more Dragon Ball Xenoverse news in the coming weeks, including something about an upcoming closed beta. Until then, look at all of these blue-haired boys. Just look at them.

Surprise! That Mysterious New Dragon Ball Character Is You


  • Called it. Stoked that they’re taking this further. DB:UT was fun but… bland as well. If this has what they’re saying/poking at, we -could- have a Tenkaichi/Raging Blast game with the character creation of DB:UT.

    That’d be neat.

    • So long as its not like that pitiful one they released a few years back where the entire game became a QTE and you only had like one finishing move

  • This is the first I’ve heard of this game, and…I’m kinda keen for it. Be good if it came to PC.

  • I actually has to stop and think “Wait… there was never a female majin in the series”
    And now i wish there was cause that’s totally badass!

      • That doesn’t really make a lot of sense though. Goku and Vegeta didn’t stop being Saiyans when planet Vegeta/Plant was wiped out (which wasn’t the Saiyan race’s original planet anyway), and their children born after the fact were also classified as Saiyans. Even using Dragon Ball Online’s story as an example, the Namekians were still called Namekians after New Namek is destroyed and they take up residence on Earth.

      • It would be weird if they pushed that logic since there’s already no real logic? “Majins” are very definitely not a race under any logic, for example.

    • If Xenoverse takes the same path storyline-wise as Dragon Ball Online (it seems to be borrowing heavily from it for everything else, including Time Patrol Trunks and the races available for your custom character), humans eventually cross-bred with Saiyans via Goku and Vegeta’s descendents, which gives them the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan due to their part-Saiyan blood. They’re technically both human and Saiyan, but the game just used the term ‘human’ for simplicity (and probably as an attempt to get people to play other classes other than ‘Saiyan’).

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