Take A Good Look At Metal Gear Solid V’s Multiplayer

Take A Good Look At Metal Gear Solid V’s Multiplayer

Konami’s finally giving the world a look at the multplayer component of the next Metal Gear Solid this week. First unveiled at Gamescom last week, The Phantom Pain‘s online portion will have players invading each others’ bases.

This video from IGN starts off with the previously shown chunk of the singleplayer campaign; seven minutes of multiplayer start at 16:55.

The preview gives a look rewards from the singleplayer campaign can be used to trick out individual bases, making them trickier to infiltrate. You can also use the Fulton balloon to yank stuff back to your own ops centre, including enemy soldiers that you can convince to work for your version of Snake.


    • Metal Gear Online (the one that came with MGS4) was so much fun. I seriously dumped hundreds of hours into it.

      • And I believe MGOnline had a large following in Japan. Not so much here unfportunately. I remember trying to play it not too long after launch and lag made it unplayable.

  • everything needs multiplayer these days, how else do you think games will sell. Long gone of the days of come to my house and play multiplayer on split screen……Sigh

    • All the Assassins Creed games coming out this year don’t have any competitive multiplayer modes.

      So, when one of the years biggest franchises ditches it, kind of goes against that industry standard.

    • Not everything NEEDS multiplayer these days. Not all multiplayer is bad. The multiplayer in this game looks somewhat interesting, definitely different than anything else out there. It’s not necessary, but it’s a fun little distraction.

  • How does one concentrate on the video when it’s surrounded by looping low quality gifs? Can we just stop with the gifs please.

  • It’s a very creative version of multiplayer. Its actually not bad. I don’t play multiplayer usually but i’ll totally get into this I think.

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