Take A Look At What's Changing In Assassin's Creed Unity

Take a Look At What's Changing in Assassin's Creed Unity

More freedom. Missions that change as you play. Improved stealth. This new video shows how Assassin's Creed Unity is trying to deliver on these big promises.

The Gamescom demo above takes us through the bustling 18th Century Paris and into the Notre Dame cathedral, highlighting how Unity is trying to be the next big jump in Ubisoft's big money-making franchise. The game hits this October.


    One of the biggest problems with AC for me is that doing things the stealthy way is often hard and frustrating while going in like Rambo is painfully easy.

    I usually be stealthy purely because I'm role playing but in the back of my mind I always know I could finish a mission so quickly if I dispatch the guards and it ruins the mood.

    There's next to no incentive to do things in a smart and crafty way. And there's usually no punishment for doing things like a soldier. I wish they'd dole out huge rewards for being stealthy, or make going up against large groups of guards suicidal.

      That's how it to be in the first four, before they revamped it. Any more than a certain amount of guards and you were probably dead, especially with the heavy guards. In the new one, it's more about memorising which action to use on the more advanced enemies, with no variation, which detracts from the overall experience.

        I agree, sometimes it was easier to juist turn around and face all of your opponents rather than trying to loose them but apparently the combat is revamped to make encounters with more than 4 people to be very difficult

        I think it's because they tried to emulate the Arkham combat system, which they failed at epically.

          The best analogy I've heard is that it is the definition of pushing buttons to make rainbows.

      I had this problem with the latest deus ex, I spent ages trying to quietly infiltrate the police station, but then the guys I knocked out started waking up... In the end I just head shot every thing in there. No consequences at all.

      I feel that's true for most stealth games. For me, being as stealthy as a ghost's fart is its own reward.

        That's ore or less how I feel. It's more fun being stealthy. I just wish they'd make the combat shit tonnes harder in AC so that way it could be rewarding to be a stealthy badass, and just as rewarding to wade through 15 guards without being hit.

    I bet it's gonna play the same as AC2 with a couple new things. It'll be the same stale AC junk, like running over rooftops and chasing people. It'l get an 8/10 at the least (because which publisher would pass up dem $$$) but the general opinion was that it was mediocre shit we've played before and wheres mah pirate ships and booty.

    Yes, I am a pessimistic bastard. At times.

      I hate that their is no ship combat in this one, but the last gen game is focused around it.
      It seems like a ploy to make people who want the ship combat to buy the older game, but also buy the shiny new next gen version. I am sure Rogue will eventually come to PS4 its just a tad annoying after the change of pace from Black Flag, which was awesome and got me excited about the series again.

        I disagree, there is maybe maximum 30 minutes of the 15hr game that you're forced to use a ship.

        And that's why it was so damn successful (like you say!). Because no one gives a shit about being a stupid AC assassin any more. They wanna be an assassin who has the freedom to sail around for hours and doing whatever you want.

        Literally Ubisoft themselves admitted they were surprised everyone was so fond of the sailing. They promised to incorporate it in the next game - which is not Unity or Rogue, since that was already in development.

        If you wanna see a true customer-focused follow-up to Black Flag (which was almost unviersally praised), you gotta wait until after Unity/Rogue.

    I still can't fathom why British voice actors are used as the default for assassin's creed games. Why not use accents from the region in which you play. For an immersive style game this annoys me to no end. Ezio was pretty much the only voice actor who suited his background

    Will they be able to correctly simulate the smell of revolutionary Paris?...

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