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    Uh, hi guys. How are we all?

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      How about morning?

        Oh man, I edited my comment as you posted yours andnowitlookslikeyoupostedafterIedited becauseitwasonthesameminute

        Uh, sorry about that. The edit.

    Hawx 1 > ace combat that horizing one.
    Titanfall is still alright, sux it only attrition is still being played.

    Also terror resonance is awesome. Aldnoah zero not so much. Looking forward to that other one, forgot what it's called. Ugh it's too early.

      Aldnoah might pay off in the end, but yeah, it's not exactly easy watching.

        It's a bit of a might not as well. 2 clever characters. 1 is too smart for how he was set up to be at ep 1 and the other is constantly being treated like crap, but makes more sense than any other character. Terror in resonance on the other hand I can't wait to see more

      It's an amazingly strong indictment on how bad Assault Horizon was that you can honestly say that HAWX was a better game. :(

        Hey, appache barrel rolls to dodge rockets is where I said nah screw this and bought Hawx for 10 bux. Hawx is awesome with expert controls and assistance off mode.

    I got off work early to spend time with my sister since it's her birthday. Dunno, go out, watch a movie, get dinner?

    "I'm tired and lazy and cold, can you just buy food for me?"

    And so I'm just playing MGS4 on Playstation now.

      She sounds awesome.
      You should marry her!

        If I wanted to marry someone who is obsessed with food, lazy, and is devastatingly attractive, obviously you'd be on top on the list.

          Back off i saw him first.

            We can share, there's enough of him to go around. Literally? metaphorically? you decide.

    So it just dawned to me that I'm having my Citizenship test tomorrow... It'll probably be really easy, SO WHY THE HELL AM I FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT...
    Oh hai TAY, you look nice, did you do something to your hair?

      Because nerves are a bitch?

        Having one of those moments where I'm sitting at work twiddling my thumbs, not achieving anything because i can't focus XD... I always terrible at test due to performance anxiety... Ah well, SO VIDYA GAEMS, THEY'RE PRETTY GREAT

          They are definetly a thing im pretty sure possibly

      Whooo you'll be fine! I did mine last week and the test takes about 3-4minutes but you'll have to wait for about 20 min for your turn to have your original documents checked!

        Nice! Did you find it easy enough? I have done the practice tests and kinda feel like unless you've lived under a rock, it's common sense...

          Yeah it was really easy! I think I got one question wrong which was "How many languages are spoken in Australia?" and I chose about 100 >.<

          I had about 4-5 questions come out of the parliament section but if you read up on the booklet relating to the test you should be fine! I did my studying for it a day before the test while at work =P

            Yeah, I've watched the youtube clips and stuff over the weekend, but still that seems like a bit of a dick question XD

            The only one I got wrong was something regarding dual citizenship and membership of a political party. I can't remember the specifics but I remember seeing that I got it wrong afterwards and then reading through the book over and over again and finding that no, I wasn't going crazy, it wasn't covered by the reading material.

            Stupid book.

            But yeah, @pixel_the_ferret_viking, you'll do great! Relax, don't stress about it, and just go in knowing that afterwards you'll be one short ceremony away from citizenship. Best feeling.

            Edit: My favourite question, no joke.
            "What are Australia's national colours?"
            A) Red and Green
            B) Green and Gold
            C) Red and Blue

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        Well done man, didn't even know you'd done it. Congrats.

      You'll be fine mang.

      Here I'll give you the answers

      Aussie Aussie Aussie
      Steve Irwin
      Ya bloody Galah

      There sorted.

        I'm pretty sure you could answer everything with "Well I WOULD know the answer, but those damned boat people took it from me".

        EDIT: And now I can't stop picturing half-people-half-boat creatures. THANKS ABBOT.

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          Centaurs but the bottom half is shaped like a Trat Tang Mo? :P
          Edit - FYI that was a piss poor segway into JC2MP should happen again some time soon!

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        Don't forget The Don, and Mateship. An community and caring for others, unless they arrive by boat.

      I need to book mine in at some point. Having gone through the practice tests online I'm hoping it's not like maths tests where the practice shit was easy as and then the exam in ten times as hard (fortunately I maths well so that wasn't a problem).

      You'll be fine though :) tell me the answers though after you take it. Waltzing Matilda the national anthem right?

        Yep, and the Commonwealth coat of arms is a can of VB with crossed crickebats and the slogan "Bloody Oath" written underneath in a lazy clipart

          The Australian coat of arms has an Emu and a Kangaroo on it. Why? Because they're both fucking delicious.

      Just remember Don Bradman is the key to all the answers.

        The idea is to use it like a Matt Damon (team America) style mantra during the interview :P

          This guy gets it. How you don't have your citizenship already baffles me! :P

    Morning errbody, hows every little thing?
    My weekend was slow but pretty relaxing aswell! On Saturday I hung roubd the house watching tv shows and movies, then that night went to the pub for dinner with missus family then went to see Deliver Us From Evil thoughts below
    it was good but it took quite a while to get into and it opens things that it never really explains. I feel it would of been better as a psychological thriller more than a supernatural horror.

    Then on Sunday we went to the shops and brought a new cutlery set for when we move out in a few months and we also picked up the Invader Zim box set.

    A Monday question because its a nice day outside if your local area that you live is used in a video game what style of game would you like it in? I personally would love to see it in a sort of apocalypse/zombie survival game.

      I think mine would be Earthbound-like. Still haven't played it, but I may when I get a Wii U.

      Pretty much the same as you, I'd love to see where i grew up in a post apocalyptic setting, my school in particular lends itself to a horror type game, full of long underground corridors... We actually shot a horror movie in them for a project, scary shit! :P... Side note, ever looked at your local DFO's map? Would make an excellent Mario Kart circuit!

      Maybe some sort of Alan Wake like horror game.

        I need to play that some day. I already have it installed and I've already run it to see whether it works, but I can't convince myself to start playing.

      Invader Zim is great. I should really re-watch it ...

      Not where I live, but whenever I go over to the Homeland and visit the areas we used to go holidaying a lot (the area around Central Otago) I think about how rad a period game would be in that area, around the 1860s Gold Rush. It's nice and remote with lots of open wilderness with lots of small towns scattered around, heaps of stunning scenery and everything. The ideal thing would probably be a Red Dead style game but it's not like the place was crawling with bandits and stuff so the western tropes might not work that well, so maybe an adventure game or something.

        Gold digger redemption. Your a man who lost his family and decided the only thing left to do was go out and search for gold

    Morning all. Finished playing The Wolf Among Us last night. Really loved it. The music especially was awesome. Spoilers for the final episode:
    That Bigby vs Mary fight was great. I loved Mary as a character, and I loved that Bigby had another form beyond that wolfman one we'd already seen previously. The ending with Narissa was deliciously vague. I love those sorts of endings to stories; with most everything being wrapped up nicely but then a small tidbit that keeps you wondering.

    I also played the fourth episode of the second season of The Walking Dead a few days ago. Haven't shared my thoughts about it on TAY yet, so here it goes (spoilers for The Walking Dead game, season 2, episode 4):
    I can't remember what all the relevant choices were, but I saved Sarah (and slapped her), robbed that guy and shot whats her face at the end.
    I think the episode was pretty good. Even though I saved Sarah and had Clem be her friend, I'm glad they killed her off as I just found her really annoying. It sucks that Jane left. Hopefully she'll be back for the final episode.

    Speaking of The Walking Dead, it seems season 3 was just announced. I expected that, but it's good to have a confirmation.

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      I can't wait to dig into both of those games. I just don't get episodic games until they're finished. If I didn't already live by that rule, Ep 4 in season 1 would have taught me that one.

      I have started Fables. One episode in so far. Really looking forward to where it goes. The only problem is avoiding spoilers, but I've done really well at that so far. It helps that this community doesn't suck and actually uses the spoiler tags.

        Yeah, I didn't grab the first season of The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us until they were fully released. Not really a fan of these staggered releases, but I guess that's just Telltale's way of doing things. I only grabbed season 2 right away because as much as I can trust TAY not to spoil things, the rest of the internet isn't nearly so trustworthy.

          You're absolutely right. TAY is fine, but the rest of the web receives a lot more scrutiny before I click on anything the just might contain info.

    The guy i sit next to is having a bad day, i think he split up with his wife on the weekend.
    I asked him how his weekend was and he responded
    "who the fuck cares, sit down and finish that shit you started on friday"
    I dont want to snap at him or get yelled at so im just being as nice as possible because he is probably having one of the worst moments of his life.

      That's probably the best idea. If you yell, he'll get madder, and who knows what might happen if he does. Stay positive.
      You should keep an eye on him though. He's probably going through so much shit he might feel like he has nothing to lose. And people can act irrationally when they feel like that.

      That's pretty harsh. As sad as that situation may be, the guy sounds like a grade a douche bag. If he treated his wife the same, I'm not surprised they split. When LittleJJ and I split, I didn't get nasty at anyone asking about me or what happened. It's not their fault, or their business unless I decide to say something, but just cos you're hating on one person, doesn't give you the right to act aggressively towards others.
      Sounds to me like you're doing the right thing Rocket. Just give him some space and try not to take any harsh comments to heart. Hopefully he'll calm down and your day will get better! *hugs*

        I agree. Either the man isn't handling the breakup well or it was not a pleasant relationship at all. Regardless of what it was, you're doing the proper thing by keeping calm. The guy clearly has issues and may get aggressive if you yell, which would be bad for everyone in that situation, especially you.

        If you feel like you're going to snap, distance yourself from him. Take a breather. It's better than staying around a volatile man such as him.

        Im okay, people sometimes have shit days and dont mean what they say. He usually is a jackass but i dont want people feeling worse because i say something stupid. So ill just give him some space.

        Depends very much whether it was a case of "split up with" or "got screwed over by", the former could create sadness but the latter could realistically create that level of anger @rocketman mentioned. Still not nice to lash out at other people but more understandable if something that bad happened and he still had to go to work and act like shit was normal when he really didn't care and his life was falling apart

      Man, that sucks. You might just have to toughen up the exterior and take whatever shit he wants to fire off today. Just put the head down and avoid eye-contact

      Hopefully he's not being a wanker over something trivial though

      Are you freaking serious? Just cause you're going through shit doesn't give you the right to speak to other people like that! UGH I hate people like that [email protected] Having a shit day? Just keep to your damn self and stop letting your shit fall out on people who have nothing to do with it.

      (Sorry I've just had bad experiences with people who can't compartmentalize their work and personal life)

      Maybe try to appeal to him with: "Fucking bitches, amirite?"

      /s or no /s, I don't know.

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    So I downloaded the Destiny beta on 360 and was amazed at the graphics, art style and lighting effects they managed to get working on that console.
    That being said, playing the game left me bored out of my skull.

    Also, I really don't like the thumbs system on Kotaku. It's really easy for people to abuse when you say something they don't like.

    "I liked Man of Steel", downvote bombed into guest status. Although I think that if you edit your message your comment will become posted, so it's easy to bypass. Someone should look into that (even though I hate it).

    Last edited 28/07/14 9:20 am

      I'm being ironic. Weeeee!
      (I agree with you. Voting systems tend to stifle active debate about topics and cause conversations to be incredibly boring with no real differences of opinion.)

      I only remembered about the open beta on Sunday night, by then it was toooo late. :(

      You play the moon?

      Game looks good on 360, but so does GTA5. You can tell it's restricted though: textures, pop-in, everything blurry. Still look awesome and I wouldn't really be ashamed to buy on 360/PS3 to play it.

        I actually didn't notice any problems with textures or pop-ins. Even though it was a beta, I didn't notice any problems with the game or engine. It ran surprisingly smoothly and looked great on 360.

        Although, some people would complain that pre-gen is holding it back from looking as great as it could be on next-gen. At the moment I can't see it,

      I enjoyed it. The shooting was a lot funner than I thought it would be. My main concern was with the story. It felt a bit lacklustre. I'm hoping it'll pick up at higher levels.

        The shooting mechanics functioned perfectly. I decided to spend my time avoiding ADS and was able to land most shots when pacing and moving quickly.

        My problem is how limited the game is. You have very little ammo for your secondary and heavy weapon, meaning you spend most of your time aiming down the sights of your rifle. Your abilities cooldown take way too long. Even though I looked forward and saw abilities that allow you to reduce the cooldown, that was still many levels away.

      ALL THE DOWNVOTES!!!! \o/

        CC @rimmy

        Actually, don't do that. Downvotes will cause his 'score' to go to shit and he may get his messages held for moderation if he gets a couple more.

          ALL THE UPVOTES!!!! \o/

          i must have really pissed someone off at Gizmodo, every comment i make needs to go under moderation... its been 2 years! :)

          that what you get for sharing an opinion i guess!

      Upvoted to stop your comments going into moderation. Totally agree with you on that, you should be able to downvote a comment that you disagree with without sending them into moderation. Comments should only go into moderation if the comment has been reported.

      Actually, that could work to our advantage


        Yeah reporting is the only thing that should cause moderation and it should really be a case of 2 reports is enough. Massed downvotes means you're being an arsehole and people don't like it, that shouldn't be enough to restrict posting. Maybe a better system would be to do something akin to what a lot of places do where complaints about posts cause them to be automatically hidden and users can choose to view them if they want so arseholishness can still happen for a single event but not overly restrict posting for other things. It'd allow for arguments on controversial things without downvote wars messing things up and causing moderation backlogs.

    Morning everyone! Happy New TAY!
    My weekend was both good and bad. Good cos my mum's home from hospital again! This time not because she was impatient and checked herself out, but the doctors actually let her go!
    Also good cos I sat around the house doing not much except playing the occasional game of Marvel Puzzle Quest, and watching tv!
    Bad cos my Grandpa died on Sunday morning. I'm ok though. I haven't spoken to him in a long time due to his latest wife being a retarded troll, so we haven't been really close since I was a teenager. Even my mum took it really well (it was her dad.) We all knew it would come someday. He was one month shy of 93yrs old, so he had a really good run, and I'm glad mum is of the same opinion. If she had also been as close as we all were years ago, I think it would have been a bit different, and the sadness might have impacted on her healing process, so in some ways it's good that we had that distance I guess. My mum and sister are flying to Sydney for the funeral sometime this week. I have the time to go, but due to the short notice, flights are going to be a bit out of my price range, which sucks, cos I'd love to go down and meet some TAYbies while I'm there. Alas it's not meant to be.
    This may or may not impact on my going bowling with @beardymcmuttonchops on Saturday, as I'm not sure what day the funeral is, and while they go, I might have to look after my sisters kids. Apologies in advance Beardy if I can't make it due to that. I will try to find out more info and keep you posted though.

      That really is good and bad news. Glad to hear your mum's ok, but losing a family member, even an estranged one can still be a kick in the nuts

      Also, bowling. I love bowling but haven't really had the chance to go since moving over here (assuming ten pin is being talked about and not the lawn variety :P) Whereabouts do you go? My bowling ball is getting restless

        yeah ten-pin. I think he's got this one planned for the bowling alley at Chermside Shopping Centre.
        I usually bowl at Logan Tenpin on Wembley Rd in Woodridge. When I say usually, I don't mean it's a regular thing so much, but that's where I go cos it's close to me and cheap on Saturday nights. I went there with some TAY peeps last year or the year before I think. It was good fun! I haven't been bowling anywhere near as much as I used to since LittleJJ left though. Used to go with her and or with other friends at least once or twice a month back in the day.
        If you're keen to try it one Saturday night, let me know! They do 3 hours of unlimited games from 9pm-12am for like $15 or $17. They usually have contests and stuff to give away prizes and stuff too!

          Chermside is definitely closer to me (Alderley) than Woodridge. I've been to Woodridge once since being here while I was doing door to door for Optus. At lunchtime I witnessed a lot of arguing and pushing outside the bottle shop next to the station, turns out it was a mother and daughter having a full on slagging match at each other before hugging it out. Good times.

          That can be a lot of games though. People I convince to come along usually have one or two games in them tops.

            Yeah if you play pretty full on you can fit in 4-5 games, depending on how many people you have. There have been times where I've been and played 2 games and left as it satisfied the urge, and even then it still works out cheaper than paying for 2 games under normal circumstances!
            Woodridge certainly is a bit of a shady place in general, but thankfully I've never had a bad experience at the bowling alley! Totally expected the place to be swarming with Bogans the first time we went, but thankfully the ones who give Woodridge a bad name, don't seem to bowl very much! ;)

      Glad to hear your Mum's better mang, sorry to hear about your Grandpa.


      Dude don't even apologise. In situations like this, you have to be there for your family in whatever way they need you. I wish I could help more.


    Kind of, nothing really substantial but stuff nonetheless.


      Also, anyone who ever bad mouthed the Mako is a liar, hates fun, and probably kicks puppies.

        I was surprised when I learned how many people hated it. I always found it a lot of fun.

          I mostly enjoyed it, just the dick move of being able to be one shotted by thresher maws from beneath that annoyed me.

        The only reason the Mako wasn't in 2 or 3 is they wanted us to fall in love with the other members of the team, like Garrus and Tali. We all know that if the Mako had stayed in the game everybody would have had some sweet Shep n Mako loving.

        ...just me then?

          I fell in love with Tali even with the Mako in #1, it was a slow burn but well worth the wait until #3...

        As someone who has never played a Mass Effect game, I shall assume you are referring to Mako Mankanshoku from Kill la Kill. Yes anyone who ever bad mouthed the Mako is a liar, hates fun, and probably kicks puppies.

        Upvoted for the truth.

        The Mako was rad and I loved exploring uncharted worlds. Finding random stuff on random planets and everything, it made the galaxy seem huge and interesting and inhabited and I was really sad when they cut it out of 2 & 3.

      I do like the Mako being back. It added a sense of exploration despite being clunky as hell. Co-operative gameplay seems good too, as it won't make the servers die out from lack of interest.
      However, BioWare have let me down quite a lot recently. I'll wait and see how this turns out.

      I was hoping for a first contact ME game. Now that I think about it, how cool would a Battlefield like game set during the first contact war would be. Basically the ME3 multiplayer but in a full game format.

        I was hoping for a post-reaper game myself, something about rebuilding and re-exploring the mass relay network and having a different enemy.

    Morning all, how was your weekend.

    Mine started off pretty shit. Friday I had to go and drop some stuff off at another cinema 3 hours away, didn't even get 10 K's down the road and the temp gauge was on red, so I pulled over, turned it off and waited for it to cool down, got the bottle of water out of the boot that I keep for just such an emergency, start the car and top the radiator up, put the cap back on but only turned it halfway. Went back to the car and the temp gauge was up to halfway, so going against my instincts I go back to the radiator and take the cap off to see if it needed more water, turns out it was too hot and exploded in my face. Was pretty pissed off after that so I waited till it cooled down and then flogged the crap out of the car all the way back, stupid thing didn't heat up at all, so I thought I'd turn around and try again. It played up a little bit on the way there and not at all on the way back


    Was in a better mood when I got back, because the car didn't play up at all on the way back, and because I stopped at Target and completed my set of Disney Infinity figures (Anna, Elsa, Phineas, Agent P, Rapunzel, Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey and Woody). Made it back in time for my sons birthday tea, so that was good.

    The next day we arrive at Maccas for his birthday party and I get a call from work informing me that the projectionist hadn't turned up yet, so I headed in to work and got everything ready, about 15 minutes after I get the last movie on he waltzes in (not literally) and says "sorry, I only just got up", was not happy, but at least I made it back in time for the end of the party.

    Sorry for the wall of text.

      Dude your radiator might be clogged. I had the same problem a while ago and go stranded 8 hours from home. The repair bill wasnt ridiculous either, I would seriously get it checked out.

        Cheers man, I've been thinking about getting a new radiator for a while, but after all the trouble this car's given me I'm seriously thinking about just getting rid of the damn thing.

          It could just be the temperature regulator valve thingy, can't remember what it is called. They sometimes jam shut instead of open, they are only about $50.

          Never take the cap off when it was hot. I was in hospital for 3 months with 2nd and 3rd degree burns and looked like Freddy Kruger. Count yourself lucky you got away with it.

            Thermostat is the word you're after. If it won't open, the thermo fan (assuming it's a thermo fan and not a fan driven off the engine belt) won't kick in when it's meant to and thus resulting in overheating.

            You mean the Thermostat? Pretty sure I replaced that when I did the water pump a while ago.

            Yeah, it really was a stupid thing to do, I went against all my instincts when I decided to do that.

        Yeah this.

        I remember my mates Alpha when he had that, was over heating every x amount of time, we thought at first it was the fan not kicking in, which was a culprit. Turned out radiator was clogged as well.

          It's not an Alpha if there's not a creeping sense of dreadful anticipation whenever you drive it that increases for every kilometer traveled without it crapping out on you.

            Man that thing was a true P.O.S imo the trouble he had with it :P Even though it was in good condition, it just sucked. What happens when you buy an 80's Euro car :P

              Every Alpha is an unreliable shitbox with wheels. That's the only way they know how to make them.

      I'm picturing Basil Fawlty-esque flogging of car.

      Make sure the projectionist knows he owes you a lot

        Lol, that totally went through my mind, after I spat the coolant out of my mouth.


        Nothing like a child's birthday to work a guilt trip!

      Oh shit dude, never turn engine off if it's overheating! Better to let it idle and have the fan/rad running, otherwise it can overheat even more when totally off.!

      lol @ rage

    I've gotta interact with people in the real world today. D=

    Got an electrician coming over and installing a couple of fans, sensor lights and check a couple of power points.

    Last edited 28/07/14 9:13 am

      Make sure he he knows whats watt.

        Well, you've got to be a bright spark to get your electrician qualifications

          As someone who went to TAFE with electricians, no you dont.

            well, I guess they do get conFUSEd easily...that was terrible

          You need to amp up the quality of your jokes if you want to really get upvolted. There's a lot of resistance.

            I'm shocked at how some people are either positive or negative about upvoting. Sometimes you look at that number and it's just static

        Terrible, just terrible


    Hearthstone: Maexxna on Hardcore mode is impossible i don't care what anyone says I'm not listening lalalalalalalalalalala

    Worst god damn night of sleep ever. If you can even call it that.

    Went o bed around 11:30, but woke up again at about 1:30. Then again at 3:30. Then couldn't get back to sleep again til around an hour later. Then woke again at 6. Then fell asleep straight after my alarm went off 3/4hr later. Though at least I woke again only ten minutes later.

    Expecting I'll suddenly pass out at any moment today without notice.

      red bul and coffee till the day is through. then collapse

        Ew gross. Red bull is awful and I am never going to ever taste it again, ever.

        Also coffee kills me when I'm tired.

          You've never had a jager bomb have you.....

            Definitely not. While I'm a huge fan of herbal liqueurs, I also think jagermeister is gross :P

              Yeah jagermeister is definitely gross! But a jager bomb.... She's a thing of beauty she is...

                I remember when jagerbombs were a shot of jager in a pint of beer (also called a depth charge). I don't know when it got changed from beer to red bull, but I think it's a worse drink to offer than beer. Mind you, I absolutely detest energy drinks with a passion

      I assume you're currently looking after one of your many children?

      I know the feeling. Baby finally went to sleep at 11, then woke every 20 mins until 1:30, then was awake until 3:30am. Getting molars, lots of fun.
      Her older sister woke up with night terrors at 4:15, set off next door's dog, finally got to sleep at 5:30, prick next door on the other side starts up his Diesel ute and revs and idles it for 15 minutes at 6.00am
      I'm ragged today.

        ...I hope this is just coincidence and you're not actually going off @rize's post. I don't *actually* have any kids.

        At least, none that have ever made contact with me.

      Sounds like the first six months of parenting!

      join in... as i write this i fell asleep when i scrolled to your comment, woke up a few seconds later, read half of it, fell asleep, woke up 2 mins later, read it from the start, fell asleep again, woke up and type this reply.... the joys of having yoiur own office space...

      I'm not actually THAT laze, under normal circumstances, but i too had a horrible night last night constantly waking up throughout the entire night.

    Hello everybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!)

    Weekend was good. Very full, lots of stuff every day. Too much to detail. Looking forward to the week ahead, with Pathfinder tonight and Yamazaki Whiskey Tasting @ Cobbler tomorrow! (*cough cough* @freezespreston @transientmind) - I'm in a pretty good mood for a Monday, it seems. Who is typing this, and what have they done with the real B-ob?

    Hola TAY! I'm back at Uni, which means I'm back lurking here not doing my uni work \o/

    Anyway Destiny is awesome. I went from not hype to very hype after playing the beta and suddenly feel the need to know about every little facet of the damn game.

    We Mario Kartin' today?


      I might be up for it depending on what time

      I got Pathfinder today so I won't be there.

        Awwwwww yeeaaaaaah.

          I assume we will be dragging @tech_knight's corpse out of that cave tonight. =P

          Last edited 28/07/14 10:19 am

      Mebbe. Not much difference between me racing and a CPU controlled player though.

        I feel like last time we raced you were always in front of me when i got some of the good power ups... So, sorry for wailing on you repeatedly with red/green shells :P

      Would love to, but unfortunately I'm gonna be at work tonight.

    Bought The Crown Of The Sunken King DLC for Dark Souls II yesterday before work, would've bought the season pass if there was one, apparently there is for PC and PS3, but not 360.

    Anyway, I need to get back into the game, because as I mentioned in last weeks TAY I haven't gotten very far in the main game (The Lost Bastille). I feel like I should start again and try a different build. When I first started the game, I did what I always do and chose the class that had the most Health and Strength, and just pumped as many souls into those stats as I could, figuring that I could just wail on everything and progress. Turns out that strategy doesn't work so well, so I'm looking for some advice.

    @shane, @freezespreston.

    Last edited 28/07/14 9:39 am

      Sorry, man. Haven't played it, so I dunno.

      Collecting Lightning Spears and spamming your way through any area is always a viable strategy. So too is a tank strategy, though dodging is more effective than blocking in DS2.

    Good morning all. I hope you are all well/being awesome as I know you all are.

    Weekend RPG funtimes with Popdart5: Pathfinder (with me as a player)

    So chaining leadership feats through cohorts is kinda tricky to deal with as I'm effectively controlling four different characters. My main character has also multiclassed again (now a fighter/cavalier/paladin or a Fivaldin) and I'm in the position where my horse is tankier than me. Dang those low HP rolls when levelling.

    Nothing too out of the ordinary happened. One of our players retired his character, a Dwarf Forgemaster Cleric, and brought in a new one as a Dhampir Oracle (yeah, was a little surprising). Our Wizard keeps intentionally splitting the party by using dimension door and taking the Azer (Fire Dwarf) Ranger/Monk and the Drow Rogue with him, the three squishiest characters in the party. Meanwhile my Fivaldin already had concerns about the Dhampir which increased quite drastically when he started summoning undead. So yeah, the party is a little bit dysfunctional.

    We killed a Drow lord and took his head because we needed information from another Drow lord on the whereabouts of his son who has become a full-fledged Necromancer. Next time we hope to be able to find the little vagabond and put him in a grave (permanently).

    Just found out JB are running a comp for those who pre order Slash's new album to win a meet & greet with him, how can I not enter?!

      I think the best method would be not filling in the form and giving it to the person behind the counter

        Well I have to pre-order online to be able to enter I think, so pre-ordering in store would work :P

    Morning everyone!

    Destiny Beta has me very hype for the full game in September. @thecracks has me excited to play in a Kotaku Destiny clan, I think the game will be much more enjoyable when you're playing with folks.

    My birthday weekend was good, had the family over on Friday for dinner and played soccer on Sunday. My team won 7-0 and they wouldn't let me score on my own damn birthday weekend!!

      I was representing this weekend by topping the leaderboards in the Crucible! =P I shall endeavour to make all people who see the [KAU] clan name in a match be struck with fear!

      Got absolutely destroyed in the Mars level though... That said I think I was going up against some pretty full on veterans, my whole team got decimated. Shout out to @piat and @stickman for jumping on Friday night (sorry about the headset static!)

        It was pretty fun! Cheers.

          No worries, was great fun. Annoyed I missed the moon mission but super pumped for the full game

        I didn't get to play over the weekend nearly as much as I would've liked :( missed the moon mission as well, but hey, it'll be there in the full release.

        I'm slowly getting better at the Crucible. I absolutely hate the Moon map although the feeling you get from melee-ing someone out of an interceptor is second to none in the game. I started off struggling to find a weapon I really can use but have since settled on an auto rifle. Sucks I never found a level 8 uncommon one though so I could get it up to 62 damage. Still undecided about the Mars map. The other 3 have their own character and style that you should play but with the Mars one, it seems to be better to be a jack of all trades rather. Either that or everyone was running round like headless chickens in my matches because they didn't know the map that well either

          Yeah half of the Mars map is close quarters combat (Point A) and the other half is a sniping game, makes it really hard to ever dominate more than half the map (good thing imo for balanced matches) but makes it ridiculously annoying when you've just got a few kills in the close quarters part and then head out in the open just to get sniped [email protected]

          Couple of hints for the Moon map that I figured out the hard way. Firstly use a scout OR pulse rifle for this map. If you're on foot (i.e. don't have either of the vehicles) do not run around in the open. Do not use your sparrow to get to points only use it to get from the open area to reach a building (Because riding it around paints a giant target on you while running on foot keeps you harder to spot! Especially if you have grey armor like my Hunter does). Learn the backdoors to each capture point; I believe all 3 have an entrance from out in the open and a backdoor which can be accessed via buildings. You'll be surprised how often people guard the entrance but forget to check the backdoors!

          Final round of tips, if you're caught in a fight outside of a building jump AND strafe. Due to the nature of this map jumping isn't constricted and you'll be surprised how often it lets you land a kill just short of dying. If you have to face off against a vehicle and are caught out in the open DO NOT seek cover, turning your back to a vehicle is the surest way to get killed. Instead I recommend constantly jumping (ideally towards the vehicle if you're too far jump sideways) This gives you the opportunity to get above the vehicles line of fire and at the same time land some direct hits on the pilot as opposed to firing on the vehicles armor!

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    Weekend was too short again, as always. Did some stuffs, like another ride on Saturday (3 days in a row) and felt the burn. Played some moon shit on Destiny, was pretty fun cruising on bikes and blasting people.

    Good morning TAY! I got to go to a Meat! I haven't had any coffee since Saturday and I feel fine! Why am I shouting!?

      Caffeine withdrawals, obviously.

        Actually most of that was on the weekend and I'm still drinking a bit of tea, just no coffee or coke zero. Having a detox week to reset some lazy eating habits.

    Hola Tay

    Busy weekend. Got invited at the last minute on Friday to the "White Album Concert," with Tim Rogers from You Am I, Josh Pyke, Chris Cheney from the Living End and Phil Jameson from Grinspoon performing the entire Beatles' White Album start to finish. Really good, but the show lifted WAY high whenever it was Living End dude.

    Saturday went out to a mate's birthday, had an enjoyable arvo/evening in the pub. Other than that, played the Destiny Beta. Preordered it on Friday, I can see putting a lo of hours into it.

      I played something like 3 hours of the PS3 beta then preordered. Can't wait for it to come out!

      Edit: I should probably clarify I ordered the PS4 version.

      Last edited 28/07/14 10:03 am

        I did the complete opposite, pre-ordered it, then played for about 3 or 4 hours.