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    Hooray for new TAY!
    I have a job interview tomorrow! /me is freaking out!

      Nice! What's the position for?

        Some sort of IT support, but not sure if it's for the company itself internally, or if it's for the software and systems they make for their clients. Have to wait til the interview to find out more specifics. Not sure how I'll go as they asked for people with skills in certain areas, and while I have a lot in some, I have only a little in others, so I'm actually surprised they even got me in for the interview. Hopefully they think it'll be easy enough to learn the areas I'm not 100% sure about.

      I believe in you, friend! *nods sagely*

      Yay. You'll be fine man.

        I should indeed be fine. I just always freak out before interviews. Especially for corporate stuff.

          I know the feeling well, about interviews I mean, not the corporate stuff.

      Hooray! What shiny thing are you planning to buy with your first pay?

        no idea. not even gonna think about that til I actually have a job. ;)
        Having said that, the sooner I get a job, the more I can splurge, as I still have a rather large chunk of redundancy pay left!

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          Think positive, plan a shiny thing today!

          That way you can get all your disappointment over with in one big block if you don't get the job; you're unemployed, you don't get the shiny thing and you're probably going bald or maybe getting a bit too fat or you smell funny or some third thing because you always need a third thing to complete the triumvirate of depression.

          What? I'm HELPING!

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            hahah me going bald?! nooooo way! I've probably got enough hair for 3 people! ;)

              That's what I thought until this year, then my frankly insane hair production finally started slowing down and there's space between my hairs now.

              I still have enough for 3 people, just that there's a bit of visible space between the hairs

    That's it, I finally broke Australia! Had to scrape ice off the car this morning... Hot country my arse!...
    also morning TAY, How are we all?

      It's to ease your transition into citizenship! :D

      Top men used a snow machine to do that to your car. Top men. You're welcome!

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        Funny because i had to use a staff with a medallion to defrost the car... BUT I FORGOT TO TAKE AWAY 1 KADAN TO HONOR THE HEBREW GODS *facepalm*

          Dammit, Pixel. You dishonour both the Hebrew God (singular *cough*) and archaeologists everywhere. For shame.

          Redeem yourself.
          Only the penitent man may pass.

      Yeah I know it's friggin' freezing, -3.5c here.

        I can't believe it. It's apparently 11.1 here. Unfortunately it's only getting up to 13, but at least it's not cold.

        I'm in Queensland, currently wearing T-shirt and shorts.

      I had to do that a few weeks ago in Brisbane! Never before in my 32-33 yrs of living here have I ever seen ice on my windshield.

        Yeah it's pretty unreal, haven't seen that since i moved here! Crazy stuff... Credit card still works wonders though :P

      Dont worry I did the same, just poured water all over the windscreen and drove with the window down so I could actually use the side mirror

        Should do the whole boiling water thing*
        I've heard it works great!

        *Don't do the whole boiling water thing

          Thats my boiling water an you'll have none of it my friend..would you like a cuppa but?

      There's cane, bush & grassfires up my way, you're welcome to come enjoy them..

    Morning TAYbies, how were your weekends?

    Mine was pretty average, went Tenpin Bowling, assembled the rest of the Kitchen Cabinets, and I even got some game time in. This is the last day of my 3 day weekend, and it's gonna be my favouritist day of all, because I get to watch Guardians Of The Galaxy tonight \o/

    Also, I'll be $10 richer tonight, made a bet with one of the other staff members last week that the extra scene at the end of GotG will be about Avengers 2, he doesn't see how it would tie-in to that, but it's the next big movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, how could it not be that.

      My weekend was pretty good except for the fact that I fell over while walking into town on Saturday and hurt my wrist. I bought Turn Blue by The Black Keys and watched Guardians of the Galaxy at the cinema and Pacific Rim on Foxtel at home.

      Ehhh, I dunno, it's sort of tenuous.
      From what I understand, Howard the Duck is some sort of Marvel in-joke.
      The scenes show that The Collector is still alive, which I suppose is the important part because they're building up to the Infinity Stones thing, and he has the Aether.
      I think it's just a bit of fun, really. And that's okay too.

        Clicked on the spoiler, got halfway through, and thought, hang on, why the hell am I reading this when I haven't seen the movie yet.

          Holy jebus, I somehow skipped the part where you said you were seeing it tonight.
          But, for the sake of you being $10 richer, feel free to refer to said spoiler at a later point in time.
          Again, sorry.

            That's alright man, I forgive you. It's my own stupid fault for clicking on the spoiler to begin with.

            At least you had the decency and respect to spoiler it.

      You build cabinets, I built LEGO. Cabinets are more frustrating. :P

        Ha, that's pretty funny that you say that, my Sister in-law came around yesterday and brought a late birthday present for my son, it just so happened to be Lego. It took him and his mum longer to build a smallish Lego set than it took me to assemble the Kitchen Cabinets.

          Ha, good job! If all is working fine, kitchen stuffs is pretty fun actually.

      Well, since my usual coop partner was down with some kind of ear infection thing I didn't get in any coop so I played through some single player stuff I've been looking at for ages but never gotten around to.

      Went through all of The Wolf Among Us which was pretty damned cool, I think I went about as well as I could, I managed to save pretty much everyone, there were 3 deaths and I think only one was avoidable
      The stats suggest you can save prince Lawrence, I guess you have to go to his place before toad's place. Can you stop either Georgie or Vivian dying in the last ep?

      I played through all of The Swapper which was fantastic although it hurt the brain at times. Often it was with the facepalming when the solution to the puzzle turned out to be so fucking simple and it was me overcomplicating things that was the problem. Trying to turn off both the blue and red lights when I only needed to do one at a time then spending 10 minutes being increasingly frustrated that the puzzle was impossible because I didn't have enough clones when I really just needed to do the damned thing in halves and as soon as I realised that it was simple.
      I'm definitely replaying it just to see what happens when you swap at the end rather than choose to stay, I really like how you can't just reload a checkpoint and see the other ending right away

      Then I started replaying X-Com for the third time in the last month because it's X-Com... I just got lasers and the xenos just got floaters but that didn't help the fuckers terrorise Sydney did it?? Excellent in all 3 categories! Savescumming to get assaults was definitely worth the irritation, no way I'd have managed that if I had the endless stream of heavies and snipers the game is obsessed with giving me, I could literally field a full fireteam of each and still have backups and the game is STILL giving me more, I have 3 assaults & supports now and that's after 25 minutes of savescumming to get a non-sniper/heavy roll.

    I won my Warmachine/Hordese tournament over the weekend by one point. There's another tournament in Melbourne this Saturday, was thinking of going.

    Also, I've owned my 2DS for 2 weeks and the friggen battery/adapter has already died.

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    Guten morgen, TAY. Hope you all had good weekends.

    Saturday Catan was great, lots of yummy food. Related: Olives and cheese plates are fantastic. Didn't get around to getting 7 Wonders, so that'll have to wait for next time. 7 Wonders was replaced with gin and whisky. I approve of this replacement.

    Sunday was lazy. Coffee @ Ltd. Then actually sat down and had a couple dedicated hours video gaming. WHO KNEW. And given the amount of people playing Last of Us on PS4 it's probably about time I actually booted up the copy I own for PS3. LAST OF GENERATION. \o/

    Thoughts: It's ok so far... I dunno. I need to keep playing it to figure out how I feel. I think it's going to be one of those things I can't decide if I like or not until I've finished it.

    Ok guys Destiny's out in a month, so I really want to try and make a dent in my backlog, looking for recommendations of what to do first. My choices are

    Wolfenstein: The New Order
    Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (completed on 360)
    Watch Dogs
    Dead Rising 3 and
    Ryse Son Of Rome (start Legendary playthrough)

    These are all games I've started, but left at some point for whatever reason and moved on to something else.

    Also, please nobody suggest Dark Souls II, I know I restarted the other day, but I'm just not feeling it. I just feel like I can't be bothered with it, because it's gonna take me forever to get back to where I was, let alone how long it will take me to finish the game.

      I would play Wolfenstein! (Tomb Raider would be my pick if you hadn't played it before!)

      Wolf! Haven't played it but I'd pick it first!

      Yeah Wolfenstein would be my pick after Tomb Raider, then maybe Dead Rising 3.

      Looks like I'll be getting back into Wolfenstein then. Thanks for your input guys.

      If you finished Tomb Raider on the 360, why was it under consideration when there's games you haven't finished? Surely the definitive edition can't have changed that much, I thought it was mostly just graphical updates

        Because, where I left off was I think about 60% of the way through. I enjoyed it the first time around, and also double the achievements \o/

      I'm hearing good things about Wolfenstein and Tomb Raider, without having played either. I can vouch for Thief being a lot better than the fan-rage suggests; keeps plenty of the spirit of the original, to my mind, and the atmosphere is GORGEOUS. Ryse seems very much like a popcorn fun game. And for me, Watch Dogs will probably be similar, albeit less popcorn and more 'by numbers'.
      Oh. I mean... Dark Souls 2. Obviously.

      Definitely Wolfenstein.

      I got maybe a third of the way through new Thief, and about the same through Watch Dogs. Both are becoming a bit of a slog.
      Can't remember how far I got into DR3 (not overly far), but I'm dreading a 13Gb update to play again (despite the fact that it's not that much of a dent in my quota, and I can download it super quick anyways).

      But yeah, Wolfenstein.

    Heyooo! Weekend was ai'ight. We build some awesome LEGO stuffs (police boats, planes, VROOM VROOM) and I went on a couple laps of the local mtb track. Ended up doing 20km which is pretty neat.

    Feeling tired this Monday, had a poopy sleep. :(

      Check out these beastly criminals and our saviours the po-po's.

    Oh hey a stats screen for Elite. >1500 minutes logged since Tuesday.

    I don't know how many of those nearly-26 hours were logged on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, but I'm pretty sure at least 20 of them were on Friday and Saturday nights.

    Really wish I got to work on Shredder sooner though, it was just one of those things where it felt like too much effort to get started but was great once I actually did. Hand-stitched the velcro on the shoulders last night, and started brewing ideas on fixing the other shortcomings. Thinking more velcro needs to go on the back of the neck hole on the cape so it can be attached to the same part on the tunic and that should help hold the whole thing up (capes have a surprising amount of pull/weight), and the new shoulderpad mounts do a great job of holding the sides down, so I just need to figure out what to do to make the front of it sit properly.

    Hardest part will be figuring out how to secure the helmet to my head. It's kind of too wide, so I'm currently putting a $5 copy of Wii Fit Plus to use and having it squash the thing sideways by balancing on a uDraw tablet box :P The decorative piece on it got a few scratches on the last outing, so it'll need a new coat of paint. It needs a little reshaping and to be mounted properly too. I'm fast running out of sticky velcro dots, so I need to make sure I keep the shifting to a minimum. Which is a problem since the forearm and shin armour were hastily attached last time and need a fair bit of adjusting. Most of the blades are fine though, it's just the hand ones that need replacing.

    Oh and then there's the face mask too, could do with another attempt at making that. Got enough material for two more, but only just.

      Can't you just use some sort of foam inserts in the helm to keep it steady?

      Have they said anything about distribution for Elite yet? Any idea if they're going to do steam keys for backers? I've not been keeping up with the newsletters since it's mostly been beta related stuff and it's just been annoying me since I can't play it

        Maybe could foam, at least to help fill some of the space. The main thing is I'm concerned about sweat, I don't want it to soak into the cardboard which probably means sealing it somehow, but then that also makes for a slippery surface. Ideally I don't want sweat dripping down my face either :P

        As for Steam, I'm not sure I've heard anything like that. Far as I know they're just going for their own distribution like it is now. I hope they don't make Steam a requirement down the track, otherwise I gotta get all indignant and demand money back and such.

    Morning all,

    How was everyones weekend?

    I had a great weekend, my best mate drove up to Brisbane to hang out for the day, fixed the brushless RC car and we played with that for a bit, went into Southbank for some Grill'd and watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It was a really great flick, amazing animation, it made you feel for the apes. Andy Serkis is the best in the biz. It felt like a long move, i think that was because of the slow pace at times. Overall i'd give it an 8 out of 10.

    Hung out with the wife on Sunday, went to the hyperdome and picked up a Skylanders Wii U bundle and Mario Kart 8 for $258 in total. We've been having a blast playing that. Mario Kart is awesome, it is already exceeding my expectations, i love the detailed graphics and all the cool effects like the skid and drift marks, exhaust flames etc. Amazing track design, with mind bending wall driving, multiple pathways and twisting track pieces. Love the customisation, and the different options it gives you.
    It feels like it's a bit more challenging than MK Wii so far, maybe that's just becase it's new. Tried out some Nintendo Land mini games as well, they are a good bit of fun, and seem to have some clever gameplay ideas using the gamepad screen. Yet to try Skylanders, what's the consensus guys, is it good? Is there fun co-op?


      Brisbane? Mario Kart? Monkeys?

      You're gonna fit in here just fine.

        As in Three Monkeys cafe? I love that place. I have been posting occasionally, but perhaps not early enough or often enough to be noticed.

      Hello person I've never seen before! :D

      Do I need to see the other Apes movies before watching Dawn? I hear good things about it but I'm not sure if I need to watch in order.

      Mario Kart is indeed awesome. :D You should join us! TAY kart is usually held on Monday's or whenever someone chimes up here/Twitter. Details on us here.

      I like SKylanders. Played maybe 1-2 hours of #1, and 3+ of #3 and I'm liking it so far. Pretty fun, chill game to play.

        See Rise of the Planet of the Apes first, but then again this new one stands on its own even without seeing that. (But see it any ways, it's great. :D)

          I'm just going to say they use a lot of the same themes in the two movies so be prepared for two very similar feeling movies. They're still great movies though.

        You don't need to see Rise of the Planet of Apes first. I was actually thinking about it yesterday, you could watch them in reverse order and Rise of the Planet of Apes would act like a complete origins story in a really cool way. TAY kart sounds awesome, does MK8 support chat headsets, and if so do many TAYbies use them? Cheers for the info.

      Hope you'll be joining in on TAYKart shenanigans at some point.

      Also, Skylanders is great fun, just be warned that the figure collecting is very addictive.

        I might join TAYKart tonight, my wife and i have no plans for the evening. I don't think i have the space nor the room for the figure collecting. Haha

      You went to the Hyperdome? Do you live nearby? I'm in Underwood!

        Yeah i'm pretty close, just in Kingston.

          Cool! We should meet up for lunch sometime or something!

          @welbot is good people, a lunchmeat sounds like a good time. Good intro to the whole 'meeting internet strangers' thing. (Well. Meating internet strangers. We call 'meets', 'meats'.)

            Awww shucks! You're not too shabby yourself!! :)

            Sounds great, I work in Mansfield Mon-Fri. but i'm usually free at some point on a weekend. I'm 22 btw, how are old are you guys if you don't mind me asking? I'm a pretty avid gamer especially on PC, i own a PS3, X360, Wii, Wii U (Wahooo!) and a 3DS. Also btw i work in IT support at a large Christian college. What do you guys do?

              Oh, I totally missed this one. If you wanna chill with @welbot, but reply to someone else, you can always tag him and he'll also be notified by an icon or email. :)

              Me, I'm 32. Pushing paper for the Qld government. PC gamer 4 LYFE (MASTAH RAAAAACE!). (*may also possibly own a PS3 & 360, cannot confirm or deny)

              Also, if you Steam, chuck a friend invite to my username Transientmind. Pretty sure I'm the only one.

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              I'm 35 and do IT stuff too. Done all kinds of stuff from making games, to rollouts for the govt.
              I have the same consoles etc as you, with the exception of 3ds. I have a dsi xl.
              I loves what I do, and I do what I loves. Just be nice if I could catch a break once in a while ;)

      I think it's about time we exchanged Nintendo Network ID's on Kotaku to beef up our Wii U friends lists. What say you?

        I say yay! Should we create a Google doc for them?

        Actually they're already on TAYNAMES doc.

          What's the link? I mean, I seem to have found the doc here: but I can't actually edit it to add my details...

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      Another Ben!
      The Secret Army is growing!

      Shit. Wasn't supposed to mention the Secret Army.
      Everyone who isn't a Ben, forget everything!


    Guardians of the Galaxy: The best.
    The Last of Us Remastered: Still the worst, now in super HD.

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      Never understood why people keep treating it like it's a new, somehow different game.

        I genuinely have no idea why I bought it. I knew I still wasn't going to like it yet I still bought it.

          Probably speaks to the current state of the PS4's library.

            I'd say that would be the main reason. I'm just desperate for games at the moment.

            *runs out*

              I only own one retail game for my PS4 right now. I might make it to 3 by the end of the year.

            PC Master Race: No awkward new gen teething issues. I kid.

              *master race high-5!* Doin' it right!

              (*Please ignore a comment history indicating filthy console peasant tendencies such as 'owning consoles', 'playing console games', 'liking console games', and other breaches of Master Race code. All praise Gaben.)

                I'll just leave this here:


                (*Please ignore the fact that i own all 3 last gen consoles and just bought a current gen console, and have also been tainted by a portable, namely: Nintendo 3DS.) #CODEBREACHER

        Yeah, I don't understand why someone who didn't like it would buy it again. I bought it again specifically because I loved it so much. :D

          Because I have poor impulse control, okay? Jeez!

            Like a chimp with a frog.

              I just googled that =S

                Someone linked me a similar video except it was a guy and his friend at the beach. And instead of a frog, it was a fish.

                I was so put out by what I saw it took me a full day to come back and make the obvious joke.

    I...didn't do much at all over the weekend. Thought about exercising, realised this is Australia so probably shouldn't chance snakes, spiders and crocodiles by exercising outside so stayed sat at my computer. I think I made the right choice there.

    Started the transition with my group from D&D rules to GURPS. Seems to be a lot more freedom and imagination which is awesome. Whenever I play though I get the hankering to start Skyrim over again but not until I've finished my New Vegas save. Slowly but surely going through it and just discovered the BoS quests which I'd never done before. Still finding new (for me) stuff in years old games :)

    Also managed to get 'queef' into a Scrabble game. We're not strict about sticking to the Oxford Dictionary :D anyway, I'm from Cambridge so screw Oxford

      I've read a fair bit about GURPS but I've never taken the plunge because the sheer amount of books and material is a bit intimidating. Also the gang of players that I hang with are pretty solidly into Pathfinder/d20 games so it would be a pretty big shift over.

        our group is fairly new to these games other than our GM and he plays GURPS in his other groups so that's what he knows. It is a lot to take in, but I can see the advantages of using the system over D&D rules already. It'll hopefully just be a case of picking everything up as we go. At the moment I'd liken it to having a proper job system compared to characters who can almost do everything apart from a few class/race specific skills. That's my first impression though. We also only used first edition D&D rules so not sure if later editions expanded more on skills and what have you

        Last edited 04/08/14 10:32 am

          Oh wow old school D&D is pretty intense at times. I think swapping over from that to GURPS would be much easier than the later editions as D&D started building more rules into the core game. From what I've seen GURPS is really open and customisable so I hope your group has fun with it.

    Hello TAY hope you all had nice weekends.

    Me and jumpwoman took my bosses (Nissan 370Z) car for a drive up to Gosford yesterday to pick up a kitten.

    He is really fucking cool.

      Who is cool? The kitten or the boss? If he loaned you his 370Z, he's pretty cool!

        Big (the kitten)!

        The boss is a grumpy bastard, but he is very cool for letting me take the car. He let me drive it to Canberra previously (for work.) Opened it up on those roads. It's a really nice car eh, I love how it drives.

          Yeah I bet, nice throaty V6. 370Z was my short-term 'realistic dream car'. Until I sat in it. And I didn't fit. :'(

            Ah yeah you're like 6'7 aren't you? I'm 6'5 and can just fit.

              odd, I'm 6'3.5 (192cm). I cant fit. My thighs don't touch the seat, my knees hit the wheel, and my head hits the roof. :(

                That is weird. The seats in his are almost like bucket seats I think, maybe that had something to do with it. My head just sorta rests on the roof, but it was definitely not the tightest squeeze I've experienced and not uncomfortable in any way.

                  Yeah head rested on roof. Coupled with the other stuff, there's no way I'm shelling out $70K on something so far from confortable. :P

                  Reminds me of a funny thing I saw the other week, this guy was in a Nissan Silvia with the sunroof open and his head was sticking out the top.

                  @evilmonkey Ha! I used to drive my mum's car around in New Zealand with the roof down. It was a very compact Mercedes SLK 230 and it was more comfortable for me to look over the windshield. :P

    Reply Fail.

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      Heyo I have no idea if it does and no one uses them in the rounds I've played, if you cant make Monday's someone is usually playing at any time

    Morinng errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was spent shopping oh so much shopping. On the friday my car was booked in for a service, $390 later and not much is fixed and I have a shopping list of thibgs that need fixing which is gonna cost over $1000. That night the missus and I went shopping with her mum and brought 2 dinner sets for when we move out as well as more stuff for the house. Saturday we were out shopping again and brought more stuff for the house (cutlery, utensils etc) now we just missing pots and pans and major items like a fridge. I played some UFC when we got back home and that was my go to game for the weekend.
    on Sunday we once again went shopping this time however it was for our family friend who needed help looking for a dress for a dress up party.

    overall an expensive weekend but it was fun and it was better than doing nothing all weekend

    I'm never going to be able to keep up with this section, I don't know why I am even trying, but here I am.
    Weekend pretty uneventful, started watching Initial D through again, mostly because my son has a huge car obsession at the moment. I forgot how terrible the dub is. That and some serious DOTA.

      Keeping up with TAY is a full time job! So you have to prioritise between us and your real job... Guess which one lost out for me? :P

        That's alright, my real job at the moment is studying.

      Agreed, that dub is horrendous. Probably worse than Neon Genesis eng dub.

        I grew up on the NGE dub so I don't mind it, and if you're passing Initial D's dub close to it, you mustn't remember Iggy all that well, ugh.

          You might be right, i haven't watched it in a long time.

      Dota! \o/

      We have a group that play semi-regularly. You should join us sometime.

        Sure, my steam ID is Piat420, add away

        I realised I have given you the wrong ID, my Steam ID is just Piat, the one I gave you is my PSN ID (so many IDs)

          Hey mang, there are a few Piats, so my profile is at

            Got ya, such a joke, I'm the original. Though my current nickname is Dr Lexus

      hehe don't feel bad. I'm unemployed and home most of the day now, and I still can't keep up with it! ;)

      The secret to keeping up is to not keep up. Just skip to the last page and join in from there, and next time you have a chance to check, skip to the last page again.

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        I concur! Unless I've been tagged or replied to on a previous page, last page is where it's at!