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    Edit: TAYget!
    how are you all enjoying Monday work?

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      (MOM I DID IT) *frails arms wildly*

      eugh dont be the first guy. Nobody wants to be THAT guy.
      Also good morning hope you had a lovely weekend.

      We don't say FIRST, around here we call it a TAYget.

      Edit: Oh, and I'm not at work, I've got the day off \o/

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      Work is great today - I have a day off (cuz the kids have a public holiday) then I have my own public holiday on Wednesday! Ahh the magic of Brisbane council boundaries at Ekka time

    Happy Monday TAY!
    Went and checked out the Bushido exhibit at the NGV this weekend
    Small exhibit but awesome!!!
    Highly recommend it
    Oh, and I highly recommend Guardians of the Galaxy too :o)

      Did you stay for the extra scene at the end?

        Normally I would but the credits these days are almost as long as the actual movie

          The credits weren't actually too long for GotG.

          Bonus acting credit goes to Fred for a stand out performance.

          That's why I always go in and ask everyone if they would like me to skip through the credits so they don't have to sit there waiting. Funnily enough they always say yes.

          There was an audible "woah" in the theatre when the credits came to the special effects part. There are a lot of names there.
          And credit where credit is due, they did an amazing job.

            I agree
            The overall production was awesome!
            The music in particular, it actually complimented the scenes, rather than take the focus away from what was actually happening

    I'm wondering whether TAY might be easier to keep track of if we actually had real forums to post on. TAY is great, but due to how the Kotaku commenting system works it can get very messy very quickly and it becomes difficult to know who is replying to who especially when it reaches the indent limit on replies.

    Has this been an option that's been considered?

      I have been here 4 years, we have considered most things. In short i hate change dont make me please please dont make me :P

        We haven't considered sandals with socks.
        Because that is an atrocity that should never have been conceptually imagined in the first place.

          i wore thongs with socks the other day because i didnt want to get my socks wet walking on the grass to my car where my shoes were.

            Did you not consider just taking your socks off to wear your thongs?

      It's been considered multiple times and each time shot down

        To expand on scree's point, it's been deemed that this loose commenting system is just how we, in this community, interact on this site.
        Yeah, it gets a bit messy sometimes, but this is how we were raised in TAY, and this consistent flow of these new, irrelevant comments that prevent us from lingering on the one subject is kind of integral to how this works.
        There's nothing wrong, per se, with having forums, but we just go forwards, not backwards. Upwards, not forwards. And always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom.

          Thanks for expanding that. I was busy sending a strongly worded letter to the Herald sun.

            They get so many complaints against Andrew Bolt already surely they do! The guy was so sour about the backout of the Racial Discrimination Act changes :P

              he's just a terrible person all round

            You know what im gonna write a letter! Why are you writing a letter?

              The DVD promotion. We couldn't get them. Turns out a newsagency only ever gets 20 dvds. It's stupid.

      It gets brought up every now and then.
      Usually gets dismissed due to:
      1) Effort required
      2) Fear of change
      3) Losing that 'stream of consciousness' rambling nature of a long-running conversation that doesn't have any neatly-defined boundaries, lending a very casual, 'drop-in' vibe that a lot of folks actually quite like.

      If it helps when the max-indent on replies is reached, people usually reply to the latest-possible-to-reply-to post (or an earlier one, if it's one of their own, to avoid sending reply notifications to someone who's not directly being addressed), then @tag interested parties.
      Con: Difficult to get too in-depth.
      Pro: Difficult to get too in-depth. Keeps things moving.

      Usually it's brought up by people new to the community, or who don't post much. And then they jump right in and forget they ever wanted a forum in the first place.
      Part of what makes this place special is that it isn't a "real forum".

    I came 10th in a tournament of 33 players.

      That was Warmachine IIRC? How was the waking up at an abominably early hour?

        I woke up at 6, then woke up at 7 to rush through leaving at 7:30. Managed to get there at 9.

      Still got pretty far in that competition, congrats sir!

      Thats awesome man congrats does that mean you win something or just the smug feeling of being better than 23 other people

        Well I won a $25 dollar gift certificate for having the best painted huge-based models for the Combat Company website (although, I was one of few who brought huge based models and mine were the only ones painted).

          If you didn't chant "De-fault" repeatedly after winning, I'll be very disappointed in you.

            No, I should have done that during my fifth game where my opponents Wargame app crashed and he lost all data, meaning he was forced to forfiet (although he assures me I had the game anyways).

    Hola neighbourinos and fellow TAYers, how were your weekends?

    Pretty average for me again, plenty of work, managed to squeeze in a few hours of Forza 5 though.

    What about you guys.

    Also, my weekend was okay, but overnight my Dad was admitted to hospital. He's been fighting cancer already, and he's contracted an infection of some kind that's done a lot of harm and made him cough up blood. Not good. Hopefully he's able to make a recovery from this, but then there's still the problem of the cancer, which is refusing to go away.

    Last edited 11/08/14 8:55 am

      Shit dude, that sucks, hope your Dad pulls through man.

      Sorry to hear that bud. I went through the whole cancer thing with my dad and I'll just say I wouldn't wish anybody to have to go through that

      Damn that sucks. If I were you I'd march right up to your dad's cancer and punch it repeatedly until it fucks off!

      That said, my sister did die from her cancer so perhaps my medical advice may not be the best to follow...

      Coughing up blood is definitely 'go to the hospital' time. Sorry to hear it. Hope he gets better.

      That's not cool. :(
      My Nan is currently getting Chemo for her cancer but she's 80-something and feels like it's just making her last days not worth living and would rather just go with the cancer.
      Hope everything works out for your Dad though.

      The infection should be dealt with, but at the same time, don't become too complacent about it. It should be okay and unless the hospital staff tell you otherwise, try not to worry.

      As for the cancer, they are making a lot of progress all the time. If one treatment doesn't work, they'll try another.

    Hey TAY, hope everyone's having an okay monday while once again the Melbourne weather report is bogus where "isolated showers" meant "it's going to pour this morning". I may be going a little mod crazy for Torchlight 2 and I'm going to test out a collection of packs in one shot tonight. So I may or may not have tried adding almost a dozen new classes along with Synergies and other things to go on top of it :P. I may have sentenced myself to death by Torchlight 2 mods.

    So how is everyone?

      Be careful you might accidentally mod yourself into that game techy. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

        I could think of many worse ways to go certainly. :P If I had modding skills I'd try to make my own class the Tech Knight (Real original I know).

        Also I'm getting close to Silver 1 promos in LoL, 1-2 more wins needed. Highlight of my last ranked match was saving our jungle Amumu from death (And First Blood I think) by ignite with a Command: Protect as Orianna, it was glorious.

          Jungle ammumu and Orianna is a sick combo of ulti's.

            Indeed that was the idea, he and I were duoing and he made the suggestion especially against a ziggs I thought, why not? Haven't played Orianna in SR in a while but I got the gist of it quite quickly. My personal favourite ult combo with Ori has to be Fiddlesticks though, did that in an ARAM recently where I timed my ult perfectly with Fid's ult blink and caught three immediately killing them all in under a second. Fid looked like a gravity grenade

              If you have good timing, try Ori+yasuo combo. the execution timeslot is small but the dmg is crazy

                Well yeah, but I'd never be the Yasuo, so that's his problem ;). But I see that champ banned often anyway

          did you get FB though? :D
          also, Ori's op

            Sadly our enemy top laner got it, Riven took out our Nasus (I think with Vi's help can't remember). He finished 1/3/1 against her, wasn't great. We had a rough start but we caught up sharply at around 11 minutes with great engages killing two at a time, getting first dragon and first turret.

    I had big tonka toys in my yard over the weekend. Retaining walls are sucky to build, but awesome to tear out! :D

    Also, Mario Kart tonight TAYsters!

    I started another new game of Dragon Age Origins!

      I really should try to be an Elven Rogue again now that I know a more optimal direction to go without getting my arse kicked :P.
      What character are you running?

        I'm a male Elven Mage.

        I just wanted to be male to romance Morrigan so I can
        Follow her into the portal at the end of Witch Hunt

        Also, I'm in spelly mood for whatever reason.
        Had a lot of fun as a Mage in DAII.

        Rogue, city Elf was my first game. I play on easy though cos I'm lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

          Yeah I was Elven Mage on my last playthrough, I play on easy too cuz to hell with friendly fire, I want to blow everything up! >:D

            With friendly fire you get more options to do comb spells bouncing stuff of your own characters though. Can be pretty fun.

          I went with a dwarf warrior who totally hooked up with Morrigan in what can only be described as the most awkward sex I've ever witnessed, which given my previous performances is really saying something.

            I made an old looking human noble warrior with white hair and beard who layed with Zevran. That was pretty great. :D

            The oldness made it better!

      I really should play this. Have to wait until i've finished Divinity: OS, can't be playing two time sink RPG's at once. Otherwise i feel like i'm not progressing very far in either one of them.

        How is Divinity? A mate and I are eyeing it for possible future coop

          It's really fun. Co-op is great, we were using Skype for good quality voice chat, which definitely livens the shared experience. I love the style of the game, love the music, dislike the constantly looping loud NPC chatter in the city. Gameplay is very tough, but forces you to learn and think about what you're doing, using combinations of the elements is a must. My mate just moved, so won't be playing for a week or two until he gets his internet. Oh well, plenty of other things to play in the meantime.

        Yeah, it's my fave game of the 360/PS3 gen.

        Played it through a few times now.

    A bit of a repost from yesterday's TAY but Greenmangaming are running a 50 games you must play before you die sale, they're adding 10 games every 3 days and discounts are 66-80% off so it's definitely worth checking out. X-Com is 10 bucks so if you don't own it you really have to.

    Last edited 11/08/14 9:33 am

      Cheers for the heads up man, but ain't got no money. How long does the sale go for?

        According to the blog post, their #1 pick will be revealed on August 23rd and they do say that the list will be expanding so that implies that it's all on sale until at least then. Given the way GMG sales tend to go I'm guessing #1 will be on sale for a minimum of 48 hours and it'll be the 23rd UK time so I'd say you'll probably have enough time to plan and pull a bank job. Just be sure not to put the mask on too early since they seem to have glue on the inside.

    Morning, TAY! My weekend was super eventful for once.

    Helped out with Doc's movie filming on the Saturday, which was fun on a bun. You'll all see my film debut later this year as Thug #2, Gang Member #3, Innocent Bystander #5 and various other high-profile roles.

    Also saw Guardians of the Galaxy that same night with a bunch of TAYbes. It was really good. I enjoyed it, but... It's made me more worried about Jurassic World, not less :P Chris Pratt is a decent actor and all, but I still can't see him playing a mostly-serious character. So it kinda makes me think that the script is a lot more comedic than I want it to be. (I'll probably still see it five times anyway)

    On Sunday I baked cookies as a trial-run for the Can'd Meat. I put too much batter on the tray so it all kind morphed into one enormous cookie. Still tasted good though. Take two this coming weekend!

    Last edited 11/08/14 9:32 am

      I keep trying to work out what I'm going to make for the Can'd Meat. There are far too many choices, and I'm too mediocre a cook / too much of a cheapskate for a lot of things. The good news is that I'll have to trial stuff, so at least I'll be able to feed myself in the leadup.

        Pizza? Yeast, flour, water, and ask them what they want and dump it on?

          You're a goddamn genius!

          But that has too much personalisation. I want everyone to remember that they're just a soulless husk in the machine of life.

            Just put whatever toppings you want them to have, and skip the asking part. Pineapple for everyone! \o/

        Tacos? Cook up a big pot of mince and/or beans (slow cooker even?) and then just have lots of bowls of toppings.

    OMG! Only 4 and a bit days til Risen 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I wouldn't mind picking it up, still haven't started 1 and 2 yet, they're all standalone games with no story continuation though, correct?

      Also, $80 is a bit much for a last-gen game, if I were you I'd get it from Ozgameshop, they seem to be the cheapest at $55.

        Risen 3 is $49.99 on steam pre-order atm. Risen 2 is only $19.99.
        Story for 3 is not a straight continuation, but it's set in the same world, and has many elements from the first 2, as well as some throwbacks to the likes of the original Gothic series!
        Risen 1 and 2 were more linked than 3 is to the rest of them, but even without playing the first one, the second one is still kickass, and you wont really feel like you're missing anything.

          I miss the Gothic series. I never got around to playing the Risen games and from what I heard Risen 2 is godawful. And that attempted reboot of the Gothic series (Arcania/Arcana/whatever it was called) never seemed to get off the ground either. Dang it I want my hardcore German CRPG. :(

            Yeah Arcana was actually pimped as being Gothic 4, but it was pretty shite. They gimped the whole skill system so bad :\
            Risen 2 on the other hand, felt more like Gothic used to. I really enjoyed it! It took a while for it to gel with me initially, but it was a great game! Apparently Risen 3 is taking all the good aspects from both previous Risen games, and the Gothic series, and mashing them all in to a new game! Sounds sooooooooo awesome!! (There's a 6 part trailer for it where they talk about various aspect of the game, and it got me super hyped!!)

              I'll have to track down these trailers and see if the hype bug gets me too. My main-hype for this year was pinned on Witcher 3 but ever since that was pushed back I've been having some solid RPG cravings that can't be sated on Bioware or Bethesda offerings.

                Looks like IGN has crammed all 6 parts in to one vid!

      I haven't played the previous 2, which is sad because Risen 2 has pirates in it. PIRATES!

        Indeed it does! so worth it! DO EEEEEEEEET!

    I went to Ekka yesterday and I brought toys and showbags and ate lots and lots and had ice cream and candy and we went on so many rides and one of them had a scary clown but another had a ball pit and some went really really fast and I was all like zoom zoom then we saw some monster trucks go brrrooooommnmm and then there were all fireworks go bang bang bang then we went home but we had hungry jacks on the way home and we had lots and lots of fun *bounces up and down*

      Why did mrs Freeze let you eat so much candy???

        She's gonna regret it, he'll probably be bouncing off the walls for weeks.

        Last edited 11/08/14 10:16 am

      And did she forget to give you your tranquilizers???

    I'm going to school today even though I'm still sick. This can only end well.

    Morning TAY,

    I had a reallly good weekend overall. Wife was at a conference on Thu & Fri night, so got some good gaming time into Mario Kart 8 & Divinity: OS. :D Had to take my brother to the hospital early Sat morning for another op (he nearly cut his thumb off last week), helped my best friend move just down the road in the afternoon and stayed late helping unpack and having spontaneous wars with ball pit balls just because. Sunday was pretty lazy other than church.

      Hope your brother's thumb gets fixed up OK. I had to go to hospital for some glass-shard lacerations, and while I was there getting dozens of stitches and feeling all hard-done-by, a fella set in beside me who had just been in an 'industrial accident'. Fingers chopped off. He was sitting there holding the whole mess together, waiting for a specialist surgeon to get out of bed to come do some microsurgery to get him back together. Amazing what they can do, these days. Definitely put my pain into perspective.

        Yeah that is completely insane. Crazy what they can do, they had to reopen the thumb and clean it out, as it had tiny metal fragments and it was going to get infected, now they have to leave it open for 3 days and keep cleaning it everyday before fixing it up. Possibly putting a metal wire next to the bones to hold them together. Makes me glad that i work in such a low risk environment.

        Okay, okay, I'll stop complaining about cutting a small chunk out of my thumb with a serrated knife the other week. I know when I've been beaten...

    Good morning TAY!
    So, it's been a while... How's things?

    Hola Tayberinos

    I had a good weekend- Guardians of the Galaxy on Friday (Enjoyed immensely), a housewarming party for a friend Saturday night, and board games and pub last night. Just what I needed after last week's...unpleasantness

    A Monday Morning Question: Sure, the Guardians of the Galaxy may have been great, but they're hardly the only protector of the universe. Which SF hero needs a movie next?

      Howard the Duck reboot.

        oh hellz yes! Howard the Duck would be super awesome! Not even a reboot.. just anything new howard the duck would be supremely mega awesome!

    Weekend was good. Stayed up all night Friday working on Shredder... incredibly slowly. Way slower than any of the nights of the week where I was actually limited for time. Got everything I wanted done though, even had time to whip up a new face mask for the thing. Had some slight problems starting off the sewing because the material was too soft and I was starting too close to the edge for the teeth to pull it along, had to remove a huge wad of knotted thread several times. But other than that I got it pretty much perfect! All nice and neat, and sat well on my face. Although I had to shave again, left too much time between doing it the first time and having to actually wear it >_>

    After that though, it didn't get pulled off by talking like the last one would, which was good. Because I kind of figured out I could do a half-decent Shredder impersonation. And then proceeded to stay in character for most of the day :P Which was pretty fun, got some good reactions from it. There was one group of guys who walked past, and one of them just goes "Turtles...", to which I responded "WHERE??". Got a good laugh :P Also would randomly start humming the theme tune but then butcher the lyrics, it seemed to provide Wingman with an endless source of amusement. Had loads of people ask for photos which is always nice. Wish I could've taken it to Supanova instead, maybe next year. In the meantime though, really itching to go for Hawlucha, I think that'd go down well if I managed to pull it off. It's even more satisfying building the whole costume from scratch, rather than piecing it together from existing items found at op-shops (not that I don't enjoy that too).

    The rest of the weekend was spent grinding away in Elite to work my way up to a Lakon 9, which I then used to pretty quickly build up the funds for an Anaconda. It's pretty fun to just barge your way through the station hatches not giving a fuck and destroying anyone in your way (even NPC Lakon 9s), but otherwise they're both pretty cumbersome. Gonna downgrade and play with some of the other ships.

      To avoid that sewing problem in future, there's a couple of things you can do. Start sewing at the middle of your seam, sew to the end, turn it over, start in the middle again and sew to the other end. Or, start a couple centimetres from the top, stitch backwards towards the top before coming back down to complete your seam.

        Couldn't really do the middle thing, since that area was super small and fiddly and I definitely didn't want to be starting there. Though with the other one, wouldn't that have the same problem once I got to the top and had to come back again?

        Oh also I should add that this machine's Reverse is broken, while it doesn't pull the material backward any more it also doesn't pull it forward either. So I just have to kind of manually do one at a time and hop the foot up so I can pull the material back myself :P

    Hey everybody! It's my first comment past 2000. 2001, a comment oddity. Blah blah blah. :P

    Weekend can pretty much be summed up in 2 things: Being at hospital, and playing The Last of Us when not at hospital.

    Things are good in those regards. Partner got discharged from hospital yesterday morning, but is still in large amounts of pain. She commented on how it's funny that you get sent home from hospital not when you're well, but when you're "well enough." She'll need looking after for the next week, so I'm working from home today and maybe tomorrow, and then have got the rest of the week off. Hopefully by next week things will be back to normal. Also, thanks for the messages of support, they're greatly appreciated. She thought I was joking when I said the Kotaku people send their support. :P

    The Last of Us - I finished it last night so I can finally decide whether I liked it or not:
    I liked it. BUT, only after Summer finished. The aptly named Fall was where things really took off for me. Spring felt telegraphed, Summer felt like it was trying too hard. Once things got moving in Fall / Winter though, and then the final act, I was playing as much as possible to get to the end.

    Things I liked: Is it odd if the first thing I mention is the sound design? I was really impressed by how detailed and rich the sound environment was. Maybe it's because I was playing in DTS 5.1, but I just felt pulled in by the sound and it enhanced the experience by a huge degree. I don't think I'd have enjoyed the game as much if not for the sound. Also the graphics, even on PS3, were gorgeous. I can see why a remaster would be so appreciated, and there were many times I found myself stopping to look around. And the ending. The ending the ending the ending. I know I'm about 18 months too late, but I've been able to avoid all spoilers for that long. That's how passionate I am about spoilers. So I'm sure everything I could say about the ending has long been said. I'll just say I sat staring at the credits trying to figure out how I felt. That's the sign of good storytelling. More games like that, please.

    Things I didn't like: Combat. The clickers, for one, just felt cheap. An attack that can't be countered? C'mon, that's just... I dunno. I guess a lot of that is my play style though. I avoided using guns like the plague. But it does lead in to my next point. I never felt like my characters were in danger. It felt like every checkpoint was only 30 seconds away, so any time I died (frequently, at first) I'd just try again. I prefer my games a little more brutal. Make me work for it. Don't let me run screaming in to combat just for the sake of it, knowing that I can reset and lose nothing. However, I did end up with some cool moments out of that, surviving by the skin of my teeth. And finally, the "Toolbox" upgrade system. YAWN. I get that it's to encourage scavenging, but seriously? If you want to limit the power of weapons as the game goes on, I'd prefer ... I dunno. Something different. I liked upgrading weapons, yes. I just hated being limited by whether I'd found some hidden toolbox or not.

    All in all, I enjoyed it. Would perhaps play again if / when I get a PS4. It was a long payoff, but worth the experience.

      Glad to hear she's doing well enough to be released at least! That's a good sign. Hope her condition continues to improve! :)

      The ending is quite possibly my favourite game ending ever. Just, the sheer ambiguity of it.

      Except maybe the ending of Journey.

        I only got my PS3 a few months ago. Haven't played Journey either. :P

          Really have to get to Journey. Puppeteer is another great one I abandoned for some reason (more than likely because I got something new and shiny), really need to get back to it.

          Glad to hear she's doing better man.

          Jumping on the Journey love train. Even though I've seen a Let's Play of it and sort of knew what was going on, the experience of playing it myself when I finally did a few months ago was something else.

    @redartifice So.... The Strange is a pretty cool book I must say. Some of the background material is really dark and disturbing, particularly the Tales from The Strange short stories. But oh man, I can't wait to run a game of this with a few IRL friends as they'd get an absolute kick out of some of the places they could go to.

    Mad props to the writers for a great book so far. Also some of the enemies are delightfully sinister.

    My favourite:
    Professor Moriarty as a recursion-travelling, evil genius crimelord.

      Wait, that's official in the book?

      Goddammit, I was going to have a group fight the evil Mohri Ak Tee and see if they caught on.

        Oh yeah, one of the supported recursions was 221B Baker Street as a general Sherlock Holmesy setting. But Professor Moriarty has discovered The Strange and has acquired himself an artefact cane and pistol that he can take anywhere.

        Plus they gave him rules that he can instantly translate to any recursion he's been to once per day so even if characters manage to corner him he can get away scot free.

      Who doesn't like The @strange :P

        I try not to tag Strange as I'm sure she's quite over us tagging her when it's not even relevant.

        So in advance, my apologies Strange.

          I don't mind!
          The initial disappointment of "Oh. They're not talking to me." gives way to "YAY! At least they're thinking about me!".

    So last night my wife decided to give ACIII another try, realising she's in a gaming slump and is finding it difficult to commit to another game while it remains outstanding in her pile of shame - also since she wants to continue with the franchise she feels like a missing chapter will always bother her. Plus since she's better at games than I am, I think deep down she figures if I can do it, it can't be that hard.

    I think what threw her off was an early stealth mission where you insta-fail if "discovered", and that annoying chase sequence where you had to shoot powder kegs ahead of you to avoid them blowing up and knocking you off your horse. When I assured her those were the worst two missions in the game (not counting the final chase which is universally abhored) she got through a couple of homestead and story missions before she reluctantly conceded "I'm less mad at this now".


    Also last night we watched an Achievement Hunter "Go!" where Jack mentioned how "obsessed" he was with ACIII, another disturbing similarity between him and me alongside liking the movie Hackers, and some other bizarre thing we both do or like that no one else does that I've forgotten.

    She's asked me kindly to, if I have to be similar to one of the Achievement Hunter guys, to pick literally anyone else. Apparently if I grow a beard we're getting divorced unless I ALSO get a septum piercing to balance it out(?).

    Hey, I know this runs counter to how most of you feel about PAX, but if someone is getting RID of a ticket, let me know, I've got a friend who's kicking herself that she didn't grab a 3 day pass and would snap it up.

      I have a friend who has a 3 day ticket but isnt going. Shall I enquire for you?

        Yeah, if you could, I'll ask her.

          He's saying $160 (to include postage and such)
          The tickets get sent out in late September so He'll post after that point if She's interested :)
          If she's interested let me know and I'll pass his email address on :)

            Cheers, I've put it through to her, will let you know

    Im in a bit of a weird mood though. Im happy my sister is staying with me but she is quite demanding of my time because i see her rarely. AT the same time the lady friend is dealing with the loss of her gran and the terrible family drama that is ensuing. I have a fine line to balance i think. I dont want to abandon my sister but i also feel like im needed in another place. Oh well i guess i just have to deal with the situations as the pop up and hope everyone understands. Thanks for letting me vent.

    Last edited 11/08/14 10:47 am

      "lad friend"

      I leave it to someone smarter than me to make a joke.

      Oh, and my solution would be to lock myself in my room away from everyone, so that they all get an equal share of my time.

    I'm getting mixed messages. I feel like I want to play Journey, but nobody is really passionate about it or thinks it's worth playing. :P


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