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    Yay for another week closer to Destiny

      Oh. So you didn't see the news overnight about Destiny being delayed until early 2015?

      It wasn't. #MondayMorningHeartstart

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        Well, even though that would suck, the statement would still technically be correct ha

        (the best kind of correct)

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    Morning all :)
    How are you all?

    My weekend was good.
    Housewarming, Exhaustion, and Helping friends with relationship troubles.
    I Cooked a Pull-apart for the first time!

    And I started the new Wolfenstein. yes I have screamed a few times

      EDIT: Sorry Ginger, was meant to post new comment.

      EDIT 2: BTW, was it lamb pull-apart? How'd it turn out?

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        it was a leek and mushroom pull apart. was amazing. except for those who didnt like leek

          Oh I've never actually heard of that term before...I thought you meant slow cooked lamb that pulls apart easily. Sounds delicious though.

    I've really been having a lot of bad luck with my 2DS. Just found out last night that when I bought Zelda: A Link Between Worlds they gave me the Ocarina of Time cartridge. Another trip back to the store...

    I'm also getting really pissed off with my co-worker as of late. Well, I've always been, but he's getting worse over the last few months.

    I'm also getting pissed off at my Warmachine league players, again. Bunch of lazy asses who care more about winning than actually playing and if they're not already determined as the winner at the start if the league they don't bother playing at all. The winners are obviously going to be the players who live over an hour away. Again.

      Well Warmachine Tactics is nearly out, you can always try an electronic version with people who aren't dicks.

      It's shaping up pretty well so far, the controls are a bit clunky but its rather fun from the bit I've played so far.

        Yeah, I paid for the Journeyman League models and recieved them a couple of months ago (Giving Tristan the keyes to the Judicator pays off immensely) which means I've already paid for the game. But there's a certain charm you miss when playing the videogame version. It's great seeing a table full of painted models charging down the field. You lose that when all you're doing is choosing models to use. There's no real sense of ownership or personality to your army.

          Yeah I do get that, no matter how good a 40K game is, they're not MY marines that I've used through countless fights. It's not MY tactical marine that got that incredibly lucky shot bolter and destroyed my mate's dreadnought at exactly the right time and saved a battle and subsequently got battle honours painted on his pauldron. It's just graphics. The game is the same but the emotion isn't invested in it.

            That's not to say the games can't have charm or their own personality. I've never really had the time to fully get into the 40k games but when I did I always got a smile whenever I attack with a unit and they scream, "Space Marines, ATTACK!". It's just the way they said it.
            If anything that was the problem with the "Space Marine" game. There was no real charm or humour (aside from Orks) and everybody was taking it way too seriously.

            The videogame will most likely be great, but at the same time videogames are also limited by their rules and programming. You can't try any twists or go for lucky tactics.

            I don't think I'll be seeing a match where I move a model B2B with the enemy high-DEF Warcaster,
            Have my Exemplar Knight Seneschal charge my own model and kill it,
            Have Harbinger take d3 damage to keep it alive,
            Attack it again and take d3 damage to keep it alive,
            Trigger Smite and smash my own model into the Warcaster and letting it die but also knocking down the Warcaster to have a base DEF of 5,
            Dog pile it with range and heavy hitters.

    Morning errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was alright but kinda indoorsy as it was pretty cold. Friday night we went out to celebrate my dads birthday at a nice new thai restaurant which was delicious! Had massaman curry, red curry, a dish similar to mongolian lamb and a grilled chicken like dish, all in all 9/10 would eat again.

    Saturday was spent at the shops all morning buying stuff for the kitchen, got a pots and pans set and some washing baskets and the like, then had Schnitz for lunch. Later on we spent 3 hours at officeworks getting 500 photos printed because the machine carked itself mid way through and had to be redone.

    Sunday was a lazy day of doing literally nothing just lounging around watching the inbetweeners and brickleberry, that night we went out to Captain Americas Heavenly Burger Joint to celebrate Cathryn finishing her course and me passing my Agents Rep course.

    All in all a good weekend

    A question do you play horror games? What do you prefer being able to hide or being able to fight back?

      Good Morning
      I find if I'm able to fight back I'm not nearly as scared and usually you get more and more powerful so the threat gets less scary as you progress. I still haven't beaten Outlast because you can't attack and I was surprisingly scared by it. I also played P.T on the weekend and it made me squeal like a little girl. Not sure which I prefer but not being able to fight gets more of an emotional response from me.
      Edit: That's why I've got high hopes for Alien Isolation, I'm hoping it'll be terrifying

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        PT made me freak as well that shit be scary in parts, havent beaten outlast since the first and only time I played it I screamed like a little girl

          did you manage to finish it? my sister & I tried for ages, that last puzzle seems inconsistent.

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            I got past the red infinite running room but couldnt find all the pictures of the face so I gave up

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              yeah I'm up to the last puzzle, I used a guide to find the picture pieces after searching for ages with no luck. Really tricky and people who claim to have beaten it have all done it slightly differently to eachother.

                Ill give it another shot next weekend and see if I can finish it, really looking forward to silent hills noe

        I generally don't find things like Outlast or Amnesia all that scary. Generous checkpoints usually mean being caught is a minor inconvenience and it doesn't take long to realise they're a whole game of forced stealth section with window dressing.

        Being able to fight but in a limited capacity lends a bit of an edge to it all. A worry about not just everything going on but about your decisions. Do I stand and fight? Will it cripple me for later on?

        That said P.T was brilliant. But that was more a puzzle game.

          Horror games just freak me regardless but usually I hype up and say "bring it ya *expletive*" and then I cant fight and I cry like a little girl haha.

          PT had some scary parts that really got me but I agree it was more about puzzles in a scary enviroment then actually being under pressure

      I prefer horror games where you have the chance to fight back but they up the ante over time. It's why I really enjoy the Resident Evil remake for Gamecube because the monsters get progressively harder and harder to kill.

      For instance (spoilers incoming),

      The giant snake section was scary because HOLY CRAP IT'S A GIANT SNAKE. Same thing for the giant sharks as well.

      Lisa Trevor was pretty horrifying too if only because you quickly realised that her backstory was pretty darn sad. Also when the Hunters showed up they inverted one of the things that you had come to rely on and could destroy doors and chase you. It's the same thing they did in Resident Evil 3 with Nemesis and it works so well.

      Massman curry and mongolian lamb would have to be two of my favourite dishes. So good.

      ...dammit, early morning hunger.

        I reckon! The meat just disintergrates the moment it touched your mouth hole my only downside was the potatos were hard and there was only 2 pieces of potato in it it was primarily sauce

          I hate it when the potatoes aren't cooked enough like that. Also hate when carrots are still hard, that's why I don't usually bother eating them any more. Well that and they generally taste awful, kind of metallic. My Nonno used to get awesome carrots, I miss those. They were delicious.

            Yeah that was the one downside of the dinner but the red curry I swear carried the night it was stupidely delicious I was tempted to order a second it was that good

        Massaman with 24 hour slow cooked beef chunks...


          Massaman is at its peak with a fatty cut of leg lamb that's been cooked for a long time. Lamb shanks are amazing done up as a Massaman curry.

      I find I enjoy both, but how much is really down to how well they utilise the choice. I finished Outlast and Whistleblower without much of an issue, but Amnesia scares the crap out of me because the mechanics counter themselves - stay too long in the dark, you go mad; stay too long in the light, you attract the "monster" - so nowhere was "safe". Played PT over the weekend, and while the atmosphere creeped me out enough to get nervous walking down the corridor to my apartment later that night, I also got infuriated by the abstract logic it uses for its puzzles (I doubt I'll finish it, because I've yet to hear a consistent method for doing so), and the lack of controls (not having a run button seems odd, to say the least).

      That said, after getting my neck snapped for turning around at the wrong time, the radio's warnings ("Look behind you!") continued to scare the shit out of me long after I got over the corridor-nerves. As in, the following night, I was still nervous about looking over my shoulder.

      Being able to fight back can be good when it slows them down, but not when it outright eliminates the monster - the regenerating necromorph in Dead Space is a great example, and I'm sure the earlier RE and SH games have good examples.

        I agree I like the idea of being able to do something ANYTHING other than slow walk/run away I mean I get that its meant to make you feel helpless but cmon Im sure if theres a crowbar on the floor your gonna grab it and swing it like a crazy person

          I'd argue that grabbing a crowbar and knowing it won't do squat is even more effective at evoking that sense of powerlessness than restricting the controls. It removes the player's hope of fighting back, when they're given the option of doing so in the knowledge that it won't have any real effect. Siren: Blood Curse did it really well - you could beat the monsters down, but they'd just get back up again and continue to hunt you after five seconds or so, meaning you basically gained nothing, but also revealed your location.

    Well I just got my work jacket washed over the weekend, while I was on the way into work today I realised my jacket reeked of cigarette smoke after I was asked by the person sitting next to me "Do you smoke?".. Thanks for continuing to smoke in the house mum and step dad... -_-

    Also my recent ex chatted to me on facebook.. wasn't the most positive conversation, we're both in a horrible situation. Still a really uncertain future while looking for jobs online where I'm either not qualified enough or it's too far away. I really feel like shit today :(

      Hey, that's my job situation as well, it sucks the big one. Feel for ya on that.

      Time heals all my friend theres no rush and we here if you need us

      Even years later, if I didn't part on good terms with an ex, bumping into them is a tad bittersweet at best, outright depressing at worst.

        This was more "I didn't want to part at all", I still love her so darn much it's killing me. I guess she thought it best for me to move on or something with all the crap going wrong in her life, hence why she did what she did. Unfortunately it looks like we both just got more depressed than ever before.
        I've stopped caring about what I eat now and lost all motivation about moving out when the apartment is done, I guess the only reason I'd move out would be my family would no longer be poisoning me with their indoor habit, but then I'd just end up living alone.

          Get a roommate? Or a pet they are good is your apartment 1 or 2 bed?

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            Two bedrooms, but my plan was the other bedroom to be our PC gaming "command center". I might get a pet, not sure if they're allowed, plus I work full time, isn't that bad for the pet's well being that I'm gone for that long each weekday?

              That is a good plan specially for lans if the size allows it. As long as they have toys and are trained they are usually fine and will smother you the moment you get home which is always nice

    Yesterday I downloaded Pinball FX2 on my Xbone, not having previously played it at all and it was the best decision I've ever made in life ever. I'm a pinball convert now and I'm going to look to join some pinball leagues and become the pinball king/wizard. Seriously though, I've never really spent enough time on a pinball game to figure out how all the missions and things work, but having the table guides for each table and unlimited credit has been a god send.

    Does anyone have any tables that they'd recommend? I've only unlocked 8 so far and I think my favourite is the Amazing Spiderman table.

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      Really! I didn't know that was out yet.

        Yup and it's glorious. There's a new Guardians of the Galaxy table as well.

          Yeah, I've got that table on the 360 version, so that'll transfer to the Xbone version,

          Couldn't see it in the store, had to do a search for it, downloading now.

            Ugh the store is still such a mess. Do you have a fav. table?

              Not really, the Star Wars ones and Marvel ones are pretty good though.

      Pinball FX2 is awesome, I have a fairly large number of tables for it now
      - Epic quest is fun and has on going loot system that is kinda cool
      - PvZ is good but confusing to play
      - I really like the Ms sploshion man table. So very very pink though
      - I enjoy the Rome, biolab, and most of the Marvel Pinball Original Pack
      - Get The Infinity Gauntlet, the special effects in that do your head in (reverse flippers or reverse action of flippers, release to flip. As well as gravity changes or turning the entire table upside down)

        Awesome, thanks! I did a bit of research and also found a load of people highly recommend Fear Itself as well. I've already spent $35 bucks on tables, I'll probably end up getting them all it is so fun.

        I didn't see a PvZ table though? All I can acccess on it is Star Wars, Marvel and Pinball Original ones.

          PvZ was a stand-alone table on PC, maybe not ported across yet
          I have all the star wars tables but haven't played them enough to recommend them yet, although I do recommend star wars starfighter, that is a lot of fun.
          I generally wait until a sale and then use the remains of my steam wallet to grab a few more tables.
          I'm not a huge fan of fear itself, it's a really hard table and I'm not that good at pinball

    Made some new progress on a media project for school, coming together rather nicely.

    @welbot I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'm enjoying Risen 3 more than I thought I would. It could just be a massive nostalgia trip but I'm having a lot of fun with it even though I'm yet to get into the meat of the game itself.

    I'm missing a lot of the references to the previous games which is kinda funny but I'm not too lost in what is happening. I like the levelling system and stuff but I'm finding I need a tonne more gold in general because I keep hording my loot on the off chance I need it to craft stuff.

    Out of curiosity, where did you go first after the tutorial section?

    I went to Ticaragua first and now I'm on Kina so I'm pretty separate from any of the main faction stuff.

      I went to Tacarigua first as well. Sorted out Jack and all the missions I could tend to while I was there. I have yet to leave there, but was just about to do so when I quit last.
      Next for me is likely to be going to find Patty I guess.
      I know what you mean about the gold. I always used to start out like that, hoarding stuff, then kept a list of useless items I could sell without fear of not being able to do something, but it's... different this time! It appears that the sort of stuff you could do nothing with except to sell it, can actually be used in crafting things this time round, so my hoarding is much worse this time!
      I know you need them cos I got a recipe for crafting an item, and it requires a silver platter! I have a couple, so I'm not too worried, but it sucks not knowing how many recipes exist out there, and what requirements they have. I'm sure I have a metric fuck tonne of things in my pack that I can sell, but I dunno which I should yet!
      As for the references to the previous games, while they are linked in many ways, and it's supposed to be a continuation of the story, you don't really need to know anything from the previous games.
      It is pretty cool that Parts of the game are still the same visually though! Like Tacarigua, the little town where all the guards are and such, is still exactly the same as it was in the second one (layout and people etc.) The rest of the island is a little different, but the lighthouse was there too! Can't wait to explore more lands!
      I always wait to complete as many side quests as possible before I join one of the factions. If you choose a faction too early, you may lock yourself out of some missions. I'm likely to go with the Guardians when I do decide (The mages,) as that's always been my favourite!
      A tip in case you're not sure, but at the lighthouse when you speak to that dick who stole Jack's stuff and put it in the chest under the lighthouse. You should be able to get in there and finish off the mission already. When I first went in there, there was a dragon looking kind of creature that started hurling around fireballs and stuff, but he wasn't anywhere near as deadly as he appeared to be! There's some termites and a cave spider in there too, but you shouldn't have too much trouble with them. The termites are the most difficult, but try to get Bones to do a lot of the work, as he can cop some serious beatings without dying!
      Feel free to hit me up on steam if you wanna talk more without spoilerising everything :)

        Ah, all good. I'll probably hit you up for some advice further down the track if I get stuck.

        Yeah I managed to beat the dragon thing by scum-rolling and pistol shooting as much as I could (I've optimised my cunning while my sword fighting is pretty crap). I tried to explore certain parts of the island but I kept getting destroyed by some of the tougher creatures so I'll need to come back at some point.

          only thing that shits me off about it at all so far, is the inability to disable douple tap dodging (was the same in previous games :\) and there needs to be a more persistent way of notifying you when you level up. I'm sure in previous games there was an indicator on the UI, or a glow effect on something.. gothic had the same sort of thing too. This just brings up writing on the side for a few seconds, and if you're in battle at the time, you don't end up reading it.

            I don't mind the double tap dodging. It's been in a few games so far and I've kinda gotten used to it.

            The only thing that stuck out for me was the sometimes hilariously bad voice acting of the main character and the sometimes nonchalant way some of the characters swear. Hearing people regularly swear in a video game is still a bit of a novelty for me.

      Oh god, I do this in EVERY. GAME. EVER. Hoard crap in case it's used for crafting. Or some random guy wants it for a quest. Games really, really need to label shit as junk or make crafting recipes have ingredient lists if I don't want to utterly fucking debilitate myself with hoarding behaviour.

        They make it harder in Risen 3 as they jumble a whole bunch of stuff together as "loot", including quest items, crafting recipe items, and just general junk. Thankfully you can't sell the quest specific items as it removes it from your sellable list whenever you go to a shop but it can be kinda frustrating to keep track of everything.

        my house in Skyrim looked like someone from one of those hoarders shows lived there, I had so much shit in that game, some of my chests would lag for like 20 seconds before loading the items because I'd hoarded so much stuff. I just started Dragon's Dogma on the weekend and am sick of seeing "overencumbered". Stop putting so much stuff everywhere for me to pick up, I can't just leave it there.

          That's one thing I've always loved about Risen. No overencumberance! If that's what you can call it! You can carry as much stuff as you want in your inventory, and it never has any impact on your stats at all!

          I, too, suffered from this problem.
          Here's how I solved it:

          Make sure you and your pawn take enough levels in the starting fighter class to get the perk which dramatically increases your carry limit, then both of you switch to the ranged (I think Strider, even?) one which lets you move at one encumbrance speed lower than your current weight.

          Additionally, feel free to overencumber your pawns as much as you like, it doesn't really seem to affect their movement and they'll hardly ever use up consumables (which is sometimes more curse than blessing), so you don't have to worry about losing them. Oh, and there are multiple locations which will let you dump everything in storage. Dump everything in storage. All the time. Whenever possible.

          Some people might argue that the problem was not actually solved. Those people don't have as much Stuff as I do.

            Yep, my main pawn has the perk to carry more weight, I should get it for my main character. I just use the pawns as pack mules & I've unloaded shitloads into storage. Really enjoying it so far, a little confusing at first because they don't hold your hand much but I really like the freedom they give you. Loving the monsters so brutal and cool looking.

    WoW People!
    Where are you all in WoW? i.e. servers, I would prefer to be on a server where I know people I'm possibly porting my 62 Shaman over. I dunno yet.
    Thoughts and suggestions?

      From memory, a lot of people have characters on Khaz'Goroth.
      I know there's a tab in the TAYNAMES doc, which is probably at or something like that.

      I don't think enough people of TAY play wow often enough to warrant a server transfer, and with CRZ servers being integrated more often to low-high pop servers it's almost pointless.

      If you plan to do some endgame and live in the SEA region transferring to Horde-Barthilas or Alliance-Frostmourne is always a good choice.

      I am in 'Account Frozen', and I intend to stay there :P

    Is there anything more irritating than ringing somewhere at 930 and just repeatedly getting a message about business hours being 830 - 530 and to call back between then?

      When someone tries to ring you repeatedly literally minutes ago and you try to call them back only for it to ring timeout to voicemail.

        The service boss does this literally all the fucking time and i wanna punch him.

    Mr. Strange is in Sydney all week and we're all sick. Yay?
    Thankfully myself and my son are almost better, we just have to make sure we don't catch it again from my daughter. :P

    I don't sleep well at night when Mr. Strange is away so I'm looking forward to catching up with TV shows and gaming every night if I can pry myself away from The Beast (my new sewing machine). It might be time to start up adventuring in the Wasteland again with Boone. I miss Boone.

      In my mind The Beast has an appearance befitting its title. Make it so! :P

        I just spent $2000 on it, not really ready to mess with it like that just yet. :P

          Wowthatsalottamoney. What kind of magic does that buy you?

          I suddenly feel a whole lot better about sinking $400 on a machine I don't even use :P

            It buys me quilting magic. And it's also worth $3500, it was on special. And it's also the cheapest made-for-quilting machine available. And it's also the most expensive thing I've ever owned. Eep!
            I was stressed about spending that much money, but quilting is so much easier on this Beast, you have no idea. It was like the difference between cutting a roast with a butter knife and cutting it with a razor sharp carving knife.

              If you want to get technical, though it comes with a crapton of feet (including a quilting foot with three different bases, a 1/4" piecing foot and a walking/dual feed foot(the most expensive foot, if you have to buy it separately), it enables me to change the pressure of the foot, as well as changing how close to the quilt my quilting foot is, it has a knee lift so I don't need to take my hands off the quilt to lift my needle, it has 11 inches of space between my needle and the right side of the machine so I can more easily bunch a quilt up in there, and it has a way more powerful motor, built for the stresses constant quilting puts on the machine. Quilting takes a lot more out of your machine than just sewing does.

              Next time I upgrade it will be to a mid-arm, with around 16 inches space, and they usually come already built into a table so you have a giant flat area for your quilt. But they're all at least $7000 to $10000 so I'll need to sell a lot of quilts to afford one. :P

                Haha, expensive things are scary. But hey, sounds like a good bargain! And like a lot of magic too.

                11 inches of space sounds luxurious. I'm jealous :P

                  There's a joke to be made somewhere about 11 inches and your porn star doppelganger but I'm not equipped to make it. :P

                These posts are putting into perspective the amount of money my mother's spent on her quilting habit.

                As an aside, remember how when you first started quilting, you were like "ergh, I don't even really like quilting, I'm just doing this for a family member"? Funny how things change.

                  I feel like all my life this is what I've been looking for but I didn't know it. I've always been drawn to fabric, and I aways had an addiction to buying doona covers, and I even used to do this thing in high school where instead of taking notes I'd just draw a continuous pattern on the page, without letting my pen stop touching the paper.
                  If I'd known quilting wasn't just all traditional muted tones and appliques of cats before, if I'd known about the Modern quilt movement before, my life would have been extremely different. And I'd probably have that $10000 mid-arm machine by now. :P

              To be honest, for that amount of money you'll get a lot more joy out of the beast than, say, a Thermomix.

                Man, don't even get me started on how much of a waste of money I think those things are!

                But yes, the Beast is an investment. It will end up paying for itself. Do not think that could be said about a Thermomix. :P


      Hey, Jimu.
      Are you better yet, or still sick?

        Back at work, but not 100%

          *hugasaurus* Hope you get back up to 100 soon!

      Hey Jimmy, we always have old page TAY chats, so WAZZZUPPP!!!!!

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    Hola Tayberinos

    Had a quiet weekend- was supposed to give blood Saturday, but felt a) cold and b) unwell so I cancelled it and played Skyrim all day instead. Sunday, went up to my parent's house, got dragged into helping my father clear some dead trees. Introduced my parents to Love Letter and the film Gravity.

    A Monday Morning Question: Given I spent all Sunday in the presence of a chainsaw, fvourite video game power tool? The hand chainsaws in Dead Rising 2 were great fun.

      I'm a fan of the Shishkabob / Gehenna from Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas.

      Last edited 18/08/14 9:57 am

      How about the Cerebral Bore from the Turok games?

    Good morning!

    My weekend was miserable from a first world problem point of view. NO INTERNET! Apparently there's been a full ADSL outage in my area since Saturday morning. Supposed to be fixed by 7pm tonight... Fingers crossed.

    In happier news, I made Maple, Chocolate and Bacon cookies! (pics on Twitter if you want to salivate) They're pretty yum. Not enough bacon though! I think for the actual big bake before the Canberra Meat, I'll add more bacon and more maple syrup. The dairy-free chocolate that I'm using actually tastes fairly indistinguishable from the real thing too once baked (tastes like cheapo Advent-Calendar chocolate when it's "fresh" :P)

    Also went and saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Was pretty cool.

      YOUR FACE is pretty co...

      Whoa, you nearly caught me there!

    Morning all!

    I didn't have much of an exciting weekend. Spent a bit of it helping my parents move unbelievably heavy furniture and playing Risen 2 which has made me ask something.

    Why hasn't there been a game released that combines AssPirates naval combat with a deep/rich RPG game?

      Seriously, the developer doesn't even need to think of the story. They can make a game and say "You're a pirate, have fun!".

      I saw you playing 2 a bit on the weekend! What are your thoughts so far? I loved it!

        It's pretty good, I think it captured the whole "you're a pirate" thing pretty well. Also, I just found out that muskets are ridiculously powerful.

        EDIT: How is Risen 3? Is it worth picking up?

        Last edited 18/08/14 10:06 am

          I've only (ha yeah.. only) played 12 hours so far, but I'm gonna call it a definitive YES!
          If you're loving 2, you'll sure as hell love 3!!!

          Nothing quite as satisfying as shooting monkeys in the face with a musket.

            Don't shoot em all though! You can train monkeys! I've seen several spots in Risen 3 already, where you would need to control a monkey to get in to!

              I had the option to spend gold to get the monkey training skill. I decided against it for gunsmithing so that I can shoot more monkeys. >:D

    New TAY!

    I've been sick with a cold or something since Friday, still feeling under the weather today but I'm back at work anyway.

    Been purchasing busted PS3s on the cheap and trying to repair them - something to do that keeps me in the house - though only two out of the four I have brought back to life from the dreaded YLOD. Unfortunately other hardware issues such as drive failures and no video output prevent them from being in perfect working order. So I really only have one fully capable PS3. For now.

    I guess you can't win them all.

    Instead of playing adventure games I played Binding of Isaac then spent two hours in ACIII collecting the last of the feathers (which just unlocks an outfit) and realised I would have to sink far too much time in the game hunting achievements which isn't a worthwhile investment since I have no intention of getting 100% or playing the multiplayer or DLC, so after I got the Spit Roast achievement (assassinate two enemies at once using a musket) that game is officially shelved.

    Binding of Isaac was slightly more interesting. After 114 hours:

    I beat Isaac's heart for the third time and chose to go to Sheol instead of the Cathedral and defeated Satan, unlocking my 11th ending! Later I went back and decided to take another crack at the Cathedral and defeated Isaac on my first try, having not previously gotten that far, and unlocked ending 12.

    I'm probably only at 80 hours rather than 114 since my friends and wife have played on my account but still, I feel like I'm getting to these endings far slower than others have. :/

    My wife and I also watched a couple of Asian horror/thriller movies. Don't Click was a but boring and pointless but Confessions was pretty great. Not really much of a jump scare thriller or gore fest, it was more of a psychological journey. Really got my attention.

      You've watched Takashi Miike's films already I presume? Amazing horror, and even his other non-horror is mostly amazing.

        He's one I keep meaning to get around to but never have. might grab Ichi the Killer and go from there. He seems to have a ton of titles under his belt, so any standouts I should put on a "must see" list?

          Ichi the Killer is a great place to start. If you're interested in horror specifically Audition and Imprint are two of his best. Non-horror you've got Ace Attorney, Crows Zero, Sukiyaki Western Dargo are amongst my favourites. If you like something a bit more obscure try Visitor Q.

    Mornin' TAY! Hope you had a good weekend. Spent mine working Saturday, then in the dreary rainy city Sunday. Took some photos too! Wasn't happy with a lot of them, but here's some of my favourites.[email protected]/14756660120/[email protected]/14943359815/[email protected]/14756771438/
    WHAT UP!

      Alot of grey im on a roof and it looks like its gonna rain..awesome photography by the way you got a knack for it dude! Im gonna take more beachside photos when I move

      Decent pics, but IMO you haven't pulled off the B&W (brutal opinion, I know). Can you UL the original colours too? I've seen a couple of your colours and I like it.

        Hey dude I'd rather you be honest than not! Can you explain why? I got into the habit of taking black and white, but I'm breaking out of it and making sure I take colour along with B & W. This time unfortunately I don't have the colours. Next time though!

          I saw your link the other day to flickr account and I saw a lot of B&W. IMO you should shoot in colour and selectively edit B&W for photos where it makes sense. Everything in B&W doesn't make much sense in a lot of situations.

          I like the first photo above actually, the tunnel. That one's pretty cool man. The chess one not so much. It's too dark, the faces/people are too dark and don't stand out, there's not enough contrast between objects. Generally, B&W doesn't work on this type of photo because there's just too much action happening.

          Note: I'm no pro. I don't have a fancy camera and I don't really shoot. :P So take my opinion with a grain of salt as it may not be professional. But, I have read a bunch of stuffs on technique and seen a bunch of photos, so I like to think I know a little about it. I just recommend you edit for B&W first. Maybe make all-B&W albums for practise later (and shoot in B&W when familiar) and when you find a suitable target.

            Awesome. Thabks for the feedback dude! Really appreciate it and will take your advice to hand.

      I like these quite a lot. The second and third ones in particular.

    Hey guys! Don't forget, Mario Kart 8 tonight! \o/

      Maybe... I could be lost playing Wolfenstein... Although I have told the Boyfriend he could do with practice...

    Morning everyone!

    First time really participating in TAY.
    is anyone else struggling to play games lately, im going back through Borderlands 2, because there is nothing else and im just waiting for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. I've tried going back to Zelda A Link Between Worlds but i havent played it in that long I dont know where i'm up too or what to do.
    I tried playing Tomb Raider again but im just hanging for the sequel and impatiently waiting for Lara Croft Temple of Osiris.
    I've got a gamers block, nothing is satisfying my gaming needs. dear god, im turning 23 tomorrow :/

    Last edited 18/08/14 10:15 am


      ATM, I'm back in Skyrim, but I'm hanging out for Destiny. Not really mainlining any other games atm, a little bit of a slump.

      Also, oblig



      b) oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold.

      I had gamers block recently, then I downloaded the new Wolfenstein. It's pretty awesome. Good for screaming.

      Let me tell you something, I used to be like you. I thought being 23 was old. It was the end of the world.

      But now I can safely say that it definitely is. My bones ache. My jaw cracks when I chew. I trip over nothing. And I get out of breath walking three metres.

      Age is terrible, mang.

        its something to look forward to then!

      OLLLLLLLLLLLLL-wait, I'm 24 ... carry on.

      Right now I'm playing Risen 2 and a little bit of Guild Wars 2. I never would have played Risen 2 without this game drought so it's not all bad.

        hmm. interesting might look into that one.

      @redartifice i tried getting into Skyrim, played a good chunk of it but i couldnt be bothered anymore. havent touched it since last year.

      @gingerchris86 i havent played any of the Wolfenstein series. is it worth picking up even if i dont know anything about it.
      And thanks buddy

      23! Oh man, you're soooo old :p

      Seriously though, welcome to TAY, and Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

      Welcome to TAY!

      Yes I think it has to do with the weather I have heaps of games to play and that I tell myself ill play and have yet to play a single one..its gamers block i could be doing anything instead im getting my arse repeatedly handed to me in CS:GO

      My middle brother gets gamer's block every now and then. He solves it by watching shitloads of TV series or playing Warhammer, Magic: The Gathering, or board games (primarily Axis & Allies and similar).

      I find that my gaming is in fits and starts. I go for long periods where I barely game an hour a week and wonder if maybe it's no longer a viable hobby for me, especially I might go and blow a bunch of cash on a handful of games and then not even play them.

      Then I find a game I simply can't put down and sink 40 hours into it in one week and remember that yes, video games are awesome.

      I play games in blocks, that's kind of similar. I went though a block where I played nothing but xcom for about 3 weeks, I now have just shy of 200 hours clocked on it and finished 8 playthroughs.

      Most of the time when I get out of the mood for anything I normally play, I look through my steam list and find something I bought on sale or got in a bundle that I never tried and give that a crack. A few weeks ago my usual weekend coop plans fell through and I hadn't gotten the xcom bug yet, I scanned through my steam list and noticed this indie game called The Swapper that had recently been mentioned on one of the Extra Credits spinoff segments so I thought I'd give a bash. Damn was it bloody fantastic! Incredibly refreshing and challenging puzzles coupled with a weird scifi story and a really nice break from the usual tactical puzzles I tend to favour, still stuff that required careful thought and planning but a totally different style and it made the world of difference.

        couldnt get into XCOM.

        I have a huge list on my steam account even my PS has a large list, but the thing is ive either played most of it or just not in the mood. I usually go for the co-op games, but i find i cant really play with many people because of the way i play. so its harder for me to play games and as of late ive just been replaying games ive already finished.
        I might need some new gamer friends

      Hello, welcome. :)

      I'm struggling with games also. Many things are vying for my time.

    Weekend... was supposed to see Guardians of the Galaxy but had to cancel last minute because it turned out it was at the drive-in, and the rain decided to come along and play. Then had it brought to my attention that I have yet another porn star doppelganger.

    Wasted plenty more time in Elite, most of it going to waste thanks to dumbness and death. Realised I've clocked up 60.5 hours in it since the beta launch. Maybe not much compared to other people but it's a lot for me these days :P Can't even think of the last game I pumped that much time into, excluding SM3DW with the obsessive speedrun attempt the other month.

    Rain continues to be awful, it was absolutely bucketing down this morning. Could barely see the car in front of me sometimes. And had to fill up with petrol which I forgot to do (thanks to not actually going out on the weekend like I was planning to) on top of somehow turning my alarm off in my sleep, so added lateness plus rain slowdown made a ~40min trip turn into over an hour and a half. Urgh.

    A big thumbs up to all the PS4'ers that have added me to their friends list over the last few days. I've finally cracked double figures haha Now I may have more than one time to beat it Trials Fusion.

      What's your PSN id?

        My PSN is Matt_3D (totally awesome yeah? I want to change it to something a little less boring.)

      Add ColdCamV if you havent already I only get on it on weekends

    God damn last posts when you actually want an answer :/

    Last edited 18/08/14 10:41 am

      As in when you're trying to find info on a problem?

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