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    After 9-10 months of fighting, my Dad lost his battle with cancer over the weekend and passed away at about 7:30am on Saturday morning, surrounded by myself, my three brothers, our wives and my mother. He was 62.

    He was a much loved father, father-in-law and grandfather and his death has impacted me and the rest of my family greatly as we come to terms with the loss of him.

    Thanks everyone for their support over the last couple of weeks. It's going to be a tough period of time coming up for the family.

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      I'm so sorry for your loss. You'll never be the same again. :( *hugasaurus*

      I am so sorry to hear this, my friend. You and yours will be in my thoughts today. *hugs*

      Some would say that this would be a depressing way to start off TAY, but I think it of it as just sombre, you know? As in we should dedicate this TAY to everyone's lost loved ones. I mean, it's a odd way to honor someone's death, just posting about video games and the like, but I think it's mostly about just living, you know? living in honor for 'em.

      That might be hard to understand, but, yeah. I'll gladly pour one out for your father.

      I'm really sorry to hear this, but I'm glad you were able to be with him until the end. Focus on the best parts, and try to celebrate rather than mourn. All the best xoxo

      What a crappy weekend, sorry to hear that man. Try to remember the good times you had.

      I've been through exactly that with my dad. Sorry to hear about your loss. I'd like to say it gets easier over time but the fact is, 10 years later I still miss him every day. I like to remember all the good times we had though and that makes me smile as I'm sure your memories will do the same for you. Be strong for your family when they need it and they'll be there for you as well. All the best

      That's really rough man. My condolences.

      Losing a family member always hurts, but does get better.

      Sorry to hear this WP. Sounds like you have a close family which I hope can help each other in this sad time. :( X

      Im sorry for your loss my friend, atleast passed surrounded by family which is in my opinion the best way to go. If theres anything we can do we are here

      Sorry to hear that buddy. Stay strong for your family.

      First of all. Condolences. Cancer is a bastard of a disease and put people through a lot. You may have lost him, but at least he isn't in pain any more.

      Sorry to hear mate, we only lost our grandfather not quite a year ago, it's definitely not easy to cope with, but as long as you've got family around, you'll push through, I'm sure.

      My condolences, here's hoping that you have many happy family memories together.

    So picked up my PS4 in the weekend, not quite sure what to think so far as I didn't get any games with it was relying purely on PS+ games and F2P/demos which were all a bit meh, not into Indie. I was only getting 1mbps via wifi on my 130mbps connection, I wired it eventually and got 80mbps which was better but still not great. After an hour or so I muted my Home Theatre and the ps4 sounded like a vacuum and was getting pretty hot, is this normal?

    Controller is nice, leagues ahead of the DS3, will pick up some games this week and hopefully put it through its paces.

      Looking at your video, it doesn't look like there's a whole lot of ventilation for the PS4. Mine hasn't gotten quite as loud as yours, but mine has a whole lot more space around it.

        How much does it need? my xbone has similar space right next to it and is whisper quiet and never gets above warm. I'm not too worried about the heat so much as the noise is a bit distracting. I'm gonna buy some rubber strips to raise it above my home theatre, if that doesn't work I may have to remove it from the cabinet all together.

          There's your problem. Run your home theatre for a while and then put your hand on the top. Warm? Almost burning.

          You're then putting a PS4 which is engineered to quite thin thermal profile due to size (unlike the MASSIVE MOTHERFUCKER XBOOOOOOOOOONE) and you're gonna have a bad time. Don't put anything on the HT.

          As for wifi, it's probably your router. PS4 has wireless N I believe and it's fine for me with a good-quality router.

          As for noise - if you mute stuff you're gonna hear it while gaming. You're gonna hear it while gaming and hearing idle sounds (birds, forest, etc) only, too.

            No, the Home Theatre runs pretty cool, cooler than my xbone, but I am going to raise it anyway.

            The Router is brand new from vodafone they upgraded it this year when I changed to 130mpbs warpspeed, I get 128mbps on my xbone wired, 60mbps wirelessly to laptop and 40mbps wireless to the ipad so the 1mbps to ps4 is a bit weird, I have removed my smart TV wired connection and the ps4 is now wired also.

            As for noise when I mute everything I cannot even tell my xbox is on its that silent even with hours of gaming. I can handle a little bit of noise but a hairdryer/vacuum noise seemed a bit excessive.

              HT - mmk, hard to tell what you have from the video. It could be a slimline unit which runs decently cool these days. Full-size units not so much. I still say you shouldn't put anything closer than 5cm on top of it.

              Wifi - router, modem, sometimes they are one box sometiems they are not. I assume Voda upgraded your modem-router combo to take advantage of >100Mbps connection. That doesn't mean that the wifi component of it is high quality. Try moving PS4 out of the cabinet (wood etc will block signal) and see if it improves.

              Noise - PS4 is gonna get noise, even if you cool room to 10C. It's tiny, more powerful than Xbone, and has a power supply inside. Xbone has MASSIVE amounts of room for heat dissapation and a big-ass heatsink/fan. That thing isn't overheating any time soon. It's also gonna run a hell of a lot quieter. That's just how it is.

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                Here is the HT so yea pretty slim, I bought it a year ago I think it was their latest at the time.


                I have a seperate modem and Router, I cant remember the brands or model numbers off the top of my head, I think I'll keep it wired from now, I wired up my whole house with cat cables so its not a major the TV will have to be wifi from now on though.

                Yea I am willing to accept some noise, will try a few different scenarios.

              My PS4's not super noisy but it's also not quiet either, I'd put it about the same noise profile as my fatty PS3. I sit far enough away that it's a non-issue though.

              As for wifi, it's not a big unit so the antenna's probably not great. Other things around it might also be interfering with the signal.

              If you've got a 128mbps connection (I assume you're in NZ based off your username, where they actually rolled out fibre correctly and didn't fuck it all up like here in AU) then you should get way more than 80mbps to it on wired unless your router is really struggling. A lot of routers have crap memory management and slowly overwhelm themselves with fragmentation etc. so sometimes a power cycle will flush all the tables and that and make a huge difference. You might want to try that.

              It's also possible that your router has some kind of dumb QoS shaping or similar going on that causes it to cut bandwidth to the PS4 for some reason. The PS4 also runs its own wifi hotspot (for remote play to Vita / Vita TV) so it's entirely possible the router doesn't deal well with that. Check they're not competing for the same WiFi channel!

                How do I flush the tables, sorry bit of a newbie with that sort of thing.

                  Power-cycle the router.

                  I.e. turn it off / unplug from wall, wait 20-30 seconds and turn it back on.

                Power cycled the router and modem, didnt seem to make any difference, I wonder if the recent Sony attacks had anything to do with it?

                  You probably picked a bad time for PSN-related stuff, yeah.

            I raised the ps4 above the HT about 20mm last night and it seems to have solved the noise and heat issues.


      Mine gets pretty loud but nowhere near that. It's sitting in its own section of cabinet by itself though. Played it non stop from 9am to 1am yesterday and it didn't get to that level.

        Its only gotten that loud once I was downloading about 5 demos and playing at the time, I turned it off after making the clip, still louder than I would have liked I thought perhaps it might have been running itself in? Like a new vehicle.

      Based on the others' comments I'd say it definitely seems like a ventilation issue. I haven't heard a peep out of mine and it's sitting up by itself on a little portable metal shelf that's full of little holes.
      Here's a pic:

      Hate to sound like a broken record, but yeah as the others have said mine barely makes a peep itself. It currently sits behind my computer monitors and I can't here it sitting an arms length in front of it.

      Like @strange said, I suspect ventilation. The less ventilation is working, the hotter it gets, the hotter it gets, the faster it detects it has to spin that fan, the noisier it gets. Mine's quiet as a mouse and it's sitting out on the open on the coffee table.

      Also, I bought games with mine, but if I hadn't, yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd be playing a lot of the PS+ games I grabbed in advance as soon as they allowed me to get PS4 ones while I was using the PS3, and demos. Apparently the P.T. demo is rad, haven't tried it yet though.

        Yea sounds as though if you have it in a cabinet expect a little bit of noise otherwise have it out in the open air, not ideal for my unit would have to have it on a vertical stand outside of it.

        I got P.T. demo, scary as F! I'm not really into scary games and that was bit too much for me haha, I got pretty much every demo off the store, Blacklight was like a poormans CS/COD mix, War Thunder was pretty crap, the 2 indie titles did nothing for me, I think the pick of the bunch was WarFrame, definatly could see potential with friends but looks like most of the gear is locked behind a paywall, hopefully there is some better stuff coming with PS+ in next few months.

          I play the shit out of Warframe on PC with my brother and it's pretty great. I'd play on PS4 if you could log in with your PC account, but that's not possible yet.

          It's actually pretty generous on the F2P aspect. The starter frames and weapons are legitimately good, not just 'newbie models'. That bought the game a lot of respect from me.

          Buying stuff is basically a short-cut, everything can be found/crafted/bought using in-game resources. Most of the blueprints come from being online at the right time and catching the special 'alerts' that pop up periodically.

          Also, since there's not really a lot of PVP (it's primarily a co-op game), having a paid advantage is pretty much a non-issue. You don't ever really compete with your squad for anything, everyone gets the same drops.

          It's just a shame that walled-garden console bullshit is keeping the patch/updates behind and making it very difficult to merge accounts.

            All of my PS4 mates have either never heard of it, played it on release and said it was crap or watched a trailer and have no interest. Its coming to Xbone next week and all my xbox mates are hanging out to play it, so I sorta don't want to put heaps of time into it and then start again on xbox. I went with the Bow and Staff, is there any way to get a rifle/katana without buying them now? What is the best way to get Platinum I don't think I have unlocked any in my 2 hours of playing.

              Nah, platinum is cash shop only.

              Credits are what you find in-mission, and you use them to buy blueprints for weapons off the market. You collect crafting mats in-game to fulfill blueprint requirements then set the foundry to craft it, and get your weapon a day later. Some weapons can be bought outright with credits.

              Fitting a 'reactor' into an item doubles its mod capacity (which is where the real power comes from), and reactors are bought with plat or crafted with alert-dropped blueprints. Pretty much anything you can buy with plat is craftable or dropped in random alerts, but it's so random that if you actually care about it, you'll save a LOT of idling time by just paying. I think there's a phone app which monitors alerts, if you're especially dedicated to 'truly free' without buying anything ever.

              One of the daily log-in rewards (I think for 5 days consecutive) is 50% off plat purchases, so if you want to drop some cash on the game but want best value, you may wanna wait for that bonus.

              ...or at least, that's how it works on the PC. I don't THINK they'd make huge changes to that model on the PS4 but I wouldn't rule it out entirely.

          War Thunder is pretty reasonable on PC, but the controller just doesn't have sensitive enough input. It's also pretty Pay-to-Win in its monetization, sadly.

      I've been using a stand for my PS4 and don't really hear a peep from it as that gives it loads of breathing space and minimal contact with my tv unit

      I wired it eventually and got 80mbps which was better but still not great

      I get, like, 900 kbps, on a good day, maybe?

      But soon... Soon I'm getting that sweet FTTP NBN all over my apartment. Just, so much innernette. IT'LL BE COMING OUT THE WALLS!!!

        Yea I hear Aussie internet isn't that great, I get 128mbps on my xbone, $115 a month for 130mpbs unlimited here in New Zealand and thats not even Fibre.

          Lol our 'NBN' plans start at like $50 a month, capped at 200GB downloads (peak too!) and capped at 20Mbps download and 2-5 up.


            F that, my street just got fibre installed, think that is 200mpbs down and 50mpbs up but the price difference vs speed difference from what I have wasn't worth upgrading.....yet. My usage shows 75gb used the day I got my ps4, dam those updates!!

              Heh yeah I remember looking at my usage graph the day after I got my PS4 and thinking "Well, looks like I'm on rationing for the rest of the month"

              As usual, New Zealand takes good ideas and actually implements them correctly and completely while looking at the shambolic mess going on in Australia and shrugging in bemusement.

                I read article the other day on how NZ is on track to a nice surplus in 2015. When GFC hit, they just restrained spending and weathered the storm, unlike AU who gave out money to increase sales etc.

                  AU's response was appropriate because we actually had the reserves to do it. NZ didn't so their approach was valid, though it hurt them with a recession. Also the fact they're going back to surplus is because of Joe Hockey-style bullshit, they just did it earlier, so I'm not sure it's a good idea to hold that up as a comparison.

          Roughly what it costs me for High-frequency cable here, though that's limited to 500gb transfer. I barely use half of that though.

      This makes me want to wait for the next edition of PS4. I remember they tinkered with heat and sound during PS3/X360 releases.

        X360 slim actually has a new chip in it that had disabled features and/or was downclocked. That's how they got a reduction in heat/noise.

        PS4's APU isn't getting reduced until late 2015 at best. Also the engineering is impressive, and there really isn't much to play with. There may be a slightly improved internals to aid heat transfer, but there's no way to improve that AND make it smaller (unless they are wizards. Which they probably are).

        From a tech perspective, the PS4 is perfectly normal.

          I shall make some firm decisions when Witcher 3 comes out. By that stage it will be less likely that the latest generation of consoles start imploding on themselves.

          The real way they'll make it smaller will be the same way they do with CPUs, a shift to a more compacted construction process. Instead of 28nm they might get down to 20 & manage to reduce the size of various other components along with it. Heat is still going to be an issue unless they get some magic going there.

            Yah that's what I meant with "APU isnt being reduced until late 2015". Agreed on the magix. I saw the tardown, it's pretty awesome.

    Canberra in 2 days.
    Excited. :) :)




            Cheapest flights, also we have dinner with the lady friends cousins on friday and she wanted to have a look around because she hasnt been before.

      Don't you mean you get to leave Canberra in 4 days, excite?

        Canberra is like townsville except more cold and has more friends there. I like Canberra

          SOS reckons Townsville's dope.

          But she wants to live on a houseboat so, you know, take that with a grain of salt.

            Hey, houseboats are frickin awesome and if it weren't for their absurdly disproportionate cost and intensity/frequency/URGENCY of maintenance, I would be all over that shit. Houseboats rule!

              I should add, she's enamored with anything that you can live in that's not a house.

              Caravan, tent, shed etc.

                Whether igloo, hut or lean-to, or a geodesic dome...

          hey so you should move there next year because I don't know anyone else who is moving there...

      for the purchasing of those great man made vertical launching multi coloured flashbangs? or maybe naked women on DVD's? :P lol

    Leaving my 2DS in my car in sleep mode is paying off.

      .. You post on TAY?

      Because dude I see your posts all the time in regular kotaku posts but never on TAY

      I feel weird now

        I share your feeling of weirdness. Does that make it less weird or more weird?!

        Only when I catch it. If I miss the first hour there's too many response to bother creating one.

          I wouldn't worry about keeping up with the thread. Literally every other post at least is a new subject, a new conversation, and if you think one's worth digging into in more depth, most folks get notifications of replies.

    Played some Crisis Core, played some P4G. Twas a good weekend.

    Have you guys been watching Going Deep with David Rees? Holy moly, new favourite show! This guy is so funny, and the show is really clever - it's on NatGeo (ahemtheinternetahem), and is basically just going deep into questions like, "How to tie your shoelaces".

      I wore velcro shoes until 11 because i couldnt tie shoes.
      Its unfortunate for me that steel cap velcro shoes dont exist.

      Upvote because I just noticed you said "holy moly".

        Haha, yeah, I'm trying to cuss less these days. I call people "dingus" a lot, and everyone at work thinks I'm like, quaint or something.

          I believe the word they're looking for is "radical" :P

          I kinda miss my whole not-swearing thing. Uni was a bad influence. My ex, even moreso >_>

            "I say radical! That's my thing that I say!"

            I called someone a "dumb idiot" a little while ago, and I think it was more cutting than a swear would have been.

    I made a sniper elite video a bit ago, be keen to get some thoughts if that sort of thing is allowed here.

      I haven't played the game, but it was a pretty cool video... though, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the 2nd guy fall the wrong way?

      That's well done. I think the football was the best

    Hey guys, had a pretty boring weekend, mostly worked (again), but I did get to watch Taken 2, and play a bit of Lego Marvel and Risen 3.

    That Risen 3 is a pretty cool guy, haven't had a lot of time with it, but am enjoying it so far, the graphics aren't top notch, and the voice acting is pretty bad, but I'm enjoying it. About to plug into the HDMI out port so I can play on the big TV \o/

      I find Risen 3 to be one of those games where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Taken separately, some parts of the game are pretty terrible compared to other stuff on the market but I find it enjoyable and fits a style of RPGs that I really like.

      I admit though, the voice acting ventures into the "it's so bad it's good" territory for me. :D

      Edit: I'll remember to start tagging you for any Risen 3 discussions in the future.

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    Aww just read that Richard Attenborough passed away :( He was 90 though, so a good innings. Farewell, Mr Hammond.

      The Great Escape at Christmas will be that bit more sadder now :(

      Yeah, I was sad for a moment then I had to double check to make sure this wasn't old news. dude was ooold.

      Sad to see him go but he had a good run, and he's pretty much immortal.

      Last edited 25/08/14 9:37 am

      That's like a double whammy for Mara Wilson. First Robin Williams (Mrs Dobutfire) and now Richard Attenborough (Miracle on 34th Street)... So, I guess watch your back Danny DeVito?

        Oh great now look what you've done.

        Need to bookmark this for future reference.

        it happens in 3's......robin williams, next day lauren bacall and now Lord Attenborough...

      I misread it, and thought that it was David and not Richard. I was like "who is going to narrate all the nature documentaries now?" because I can't imagine anyone doing that better than David.

      Richard passing is a huge shame, though. He'll be missed. At least he lived a pretty full and long life though.

        i woke up and thought the same thing. but, if the world goes to crap and everything ends, i wouldnt want anyone else to narrate it but sir david

    Weekend consisted of MarioKart 8, Supreme commander on friday night with some mates.

    Saturday night was BOARD GAMES Managed to convince people to play Betrayal at house on the hill. It was a great experience. Though I probably wont be able to get one of the players to play it again (he doesnt like superstitious/pagan/satanic stuff) but everyone enjoyed that one.

    Sunday was hangover resting day and convince the brother to play more WoW. and dinner with one of anton's mates. I made Apple & Rhubarb Crumble and we made a roast.

    All in all a good weekend :)


    So I made a magic/enhanced weapon in Risen 3 over the weekend. The crafting recipe required goddamn forks. I knew hording those were going to be useful at some point. I still have 23 spare forks but I'm keeping them just in case. :P

    Currently on Thunder Isle and I'm having a blast. There are some really nifty quests although the expectation that the player just steals everything is a tad annoying for completing certain quests.

      There is usually a way you can get things without having to steal them. (Except for the odd quest with some of the Gnoo, where the quest is actually to steal)
      As for the hoarding, I too have been hoarding a lot of stuff, though I'm starting to figure out what will be best to hang on to and what to sell. How many forks did you need for the weapon? I was just thinking of getting smithing to make a new weapon for myself. I've hoarded glory up until last night too. Still haven't spent all of what I have as I dunno where I want to use it yet, but I looked last night, and i had 45000 Glory, so I figured I might as well use some of it at least ;)
      I got all my hunting skills at last (was missing the big game hunter and pull trophies) and I finally got monkey trainer last night! (Mostly thanks to a recipe I found for a potion that permanently boosts your dex! Only found one other recipe like that so far, and it's a toughness one. Still a hell of a long way to go though I think.

        Really, after all your play time, you've only got 45,000 Glory? I've only been playing for an hour or two, and I had about 3-4,000 (can't remember exactly).

        I'm hoarding stuff too, correct me if I'm wrong, but you can't get over-encumbered in this game, right?

          that's correct. You have no limits on what you can carry. And as for my 45000, that's not me hoarding right from the word go. I have spent points in bringing stats up already, I just always forget to check when I level up, as the way it notifies you is very... easy to miss. I went to buy some skills last night and needed a few more points in one of my stats, so I checked how much glory I had so I could boost it, and found that much waiting for me! :)

        I think I needed about 5 forks for the sword. When I looked at some of the other potential crafting stuff I saw some really odd requirements like a silver goblet. That's why I'm hoarding absolutely everything, even the really pricey stuff that sells for a lot. I've also been hoarding the glory too because I'm yet to throw anything into improving my magic and I want to buff that up once I join a facion.

        I too grabbed monkey trainer and had some fun with that. Still need to get big game hunter but I think I have everything else. Regarding the stealing, it was only really in regard to a few quests in particular.

        Spoiler for Tacarigua (the quest we spoke about before):

        Specifically the governor Di Fuego quest. I went back and looted everything there was and I found the other half of the Commandant's sword in a random chest just outside of the guard sleeping quarters. I didn't loot it before because I didn't have sneaking but that would have helped with that questline. Oh well.

          hahah yeah I found that one right away. A little tip... if a chest/item is outdoors 99% of the time, you can steal it without any consequences, even if you're standing right next to someone when you do it. They only really bitch if you steal things inside buildings. I always quick save just before I open one in any area where I'm not 100% sure, but general rule, if it's outside, it's yours for the taking, even if you have to pick a lock.

    I was really disappointed to see a backlash against the Assassin's Creed franchise in old TAY, since I so recently loved playing ACIII and am really, really enjoying the first few hours of Black Flag that I've played.

    Is it just AC-fatigue or does Black Flag get terrible later on? Are these games actually just bad and I don't see it? Because I'm super pumped for Unity and I'll even pick up Rogue once they announce the inevitable current-gen port. I know they're far from perfect but the fact that a new title comes out each year doesn't seem to actually make the games bad, I just feel swamped by them between the general bloat of the games and the fact I don't have a lot of time to play them.

    Admittedly I didn't finish Revelations but again, that's probably more on me than the game (apart from their stupid tower defence minigame that thankfully didn't make it any further than that one game).

    I like the visiting of historical eras but more and more I'm swept up in the intrigues of the "present day" content too, which is interesting and has a fun tongue-in-cheek self-awareness.

    I really feel like the dev team knew what they were doing when they set out and aside from a few missteps are still on the right track, consistent with their overall vision. Granted, they probably didn't expect to have made this many games but I'm not going to criticise them for continuing to make games in franchise that has proved so extremely popular.

    Last edited 25/08/14 9:34 am

      Fairly certain, correct me if I'm wrong here, that you are allowed to Luke or dislike whatever you happen to do so. They just don't offer any sort of gameplay that appeals to me.

        Yeah you can Plunkett in either pile. Just depends on what floats your boat.

        Me, I got fatigue of it all after one game.

        I never meant to indicate otherwise, I still like the games. I just can't figure out why I'm the anomaly. I mean, I liked ACIII. ALL of ACIII. The story and the sidequests.

      I've always loved the games which is why it's a big deal for me to say I'm done with the series. It's a huge problem when the only part of your games people enjoy are the parts that are optional. You've even said yourself that you like the extras better than the story missions.

      I'm not criticising them for continuing to make games, I'm criticising them for making games that are only fun when you're not actually playing the main part of the game that pushes the story along.

      And does it really matter what other people think about stuff that you like? If you enjoy something, what other people say about it shouldn't hamper that in any way.

        I have no intention of not liking things because other people say so nor did I mean for this post to come across as critical of the discussion - I just wondered what I'm not seeing that other people are. After the hugely positive respose to Black Flag I was a bit stunned to see people saying they're done with the series and wondered why!

          Its just that you said you were disappointed to see the backlash.

            I mean that I was disappointed to see that there was cause backlash, it seemed to come out of left field. I'm not critical of you and Freeze etc for having opinions that differn from mine, I'm just puzzled about why our experiences are all so different.

              I feel like this is a good thing for you, though. I wish I was like you! I loved the first game so much I bought a sewing machine just so I could make my AC t-shirt into something I could actually wear!
              I hope this all makes you even more determined to love Black Flag all the way through. :D

                I'm nothing if not a rebel. I'LL SHOW YOU. I'LL SHOW ALL OF YOU.

        Oh and yeah, Black Flag does get kind of terrible later on. You can actually finish of all the extras and collecting a long time before the actual game is done so it's main mission after main mission of the worst kind and no more pirate fun. And don't even get me started on some of the real world stuff!
        That's why I get mad. I had so much fun at the start of the game. The games have the potential to be incredibly good so it makes it even worse when almost all the main story missions are incredibly bad and deliberately designed for maximum frustration.

          That's interesting. I've got a feeling i'm going to wind up liking Black Flag more than my wife in that case - she obsessively finished every single side activity on Havana before starting the story missions whereas I was like "meh, I'll come back later, right?" and moved on. I have a feeling she's going to get worn down by the grind of story mission after story mission or possibly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of side content, whereas I'm going to just sort of go with the flow.

          Also having just done the first batch of "real world" stuff after finishing sequence 3, I was enthralled by the possibilities. I'll be interested to see how it goes downhill (or if I wind up being the anomaly again).

            I liked the first couple of real world things. It was really cool just wandering around and grabbing post-its. There's one later thing that keeps popping up that makes me mad. I get even madder when things start out fun and then trick me into doing unfun stuff. :P

              The thing that keeps annoying me about the real world stuff is the silent protagonist, give them a bloody voice! It's not cool or clever to keep them silent, it makes no sense and breaks immersion

                I think it's supposed to be you/the player, though.

                  and noone responds when I ask a question so it kind of breaks immersion again.

        ^ This. The most fun I've had in AC games has been outside the story, especially in Black Flag 2. I think AC Brotherhood was the best game in the series for me story wise and open word wise with Black Flag taking up second place. I remember placing the Brotherhood disc in my PS3 and then losing 2 days without realizing it 0,0

      I think it's more AC fatigue than anything else. Also the general feeling about Black Flag seems to be that it is a great game but the traditional AC elements bring it down, rather than enhancing the experience.

        When are we getting an RPG pirate game that uses the AssPirates naval combat system?

      For one of the major franchises around the controls are still way off. Black Flag is the first AC I've liked and I think that's down to the setting more than anything. Being a pirate suits the gameplay more than being an assassin imo.

      Tbh though, I'm not a fan of the modern day stuff. It just makes you aware you're playing a game and while that might've been what they were going for, it doesn't work for me

        Frankly since the end of AC2 (I never finished the first one) I've always kind of felt like I've been the person "playing" Desmond who is "playing" as his ancestors. I figured that's what they were always going for.

        Black Flag has played into that perfectly for me so far.

        Oh, yeah, that's another major point. It's a massive franchise with a buttload of games already, and it still can't get basic shit right.

      I've always loved the series myself, I played I, II, and Brotherhood back to back, tried to go straight on to Revelations, and found I was burnt out on the series, then I took a break from it until IV came out, and I really enjoyed it, the break must've done me good. Still got Revelations and III sitting here, I must get to them one day.

      Edit: Really looking forward to Unity.

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      I really liked Black Flag! I'm sure the trick was: I took twenty months off between AC 3 and AC 4.

        My sequence of events:

        1) Start AC at release, get stuck on an annoying assassination mission and fruistrated by some of the clunkier gameplay elements but love the general style.
        2) Start AC2 at release, get blown away by the improvements.
        3) Start Brotherhood at release, love it even more, but feel AC-fatigue and get sidetracked by other games.
        4) Revelations comes out. I rush to finish Brotherhood. Have a blast. Start Revelations, suffer AC-fatigue again.
        5) ACIII comes out. Try to find motivation to care.
        6) Buy ACIII on sale, try to play Revelations again. Annoyed by tower defence, quit.
        7) Black Flag launches. Promise myself I'll finish Revelations soon. since I've heard ACIII is dogshit, decide to skip it.
        8) Finally get around to trying to finish Revelations. play for an hour and make no progress. Quit. Try ACIII "just to see what it's like".
        9) Finish the BALLS off of ACIII, thoroughly enjoy the entire 35 hours I sank into it.
        10) Start Black Flag. Super hype for Unity.
        11) 11th hour old TAY discussion says series is terribad now and no one likes it anymore. Scratch head in confusion.

          You basically had a two year break between AssBros and AC3. That's why you're not sick of it.

      I'm pretty sure people are just sick of the bullshit Abstergo stuff. After the first game it's been said they have no idea what they are doing, so they keep making up random stories. They are also pretty redundant.

      People would be happy to just play as an assassin person, with some variations. Mass-market doesn't care about Paris vs London, as much as pirate vs assassin vs ninja or something something.

      Also they can't get basic stuff like controls and gameplay down after how many games? It gets tedious to see the same problems as from AC1.

      I played a couple hours of 1, a chunk of 2 (got boring eventually because of fetch quests) and finished story on 4. Was fun.

      Last edited 25/08/14 10:13 am

        Mass-market doesn't care about Paris vs London, as much as pirate vs assassin vs ninja or something something.
        I'm not so sure about that, the setting is a huge selling point of the game. I play them with my wife and one of the major things is she loves looking at all the buildings and experiencing the city.

          Yeah. One of the best parts about AC2 was the fact it did Venice really well. All the major landmarks are there and in their correct places (even if not historically rigorous).

          Also something they lost from AC2 onward was those hidden puzzles. That was so cool, finding those things in the world on major moments and then getting fairly difficult puzzles to solve and having that count toward unlocking a tantalizing video clip. WHAT DID IT MEAN?!

          Turned out it meant fuck all and they've never done that sort of thing again. Just have dumb collectibles scattered around for the explorer types and think that covers it. It doesn't!

      I played the first AC and loved it. Then I played AC2. I really enjoyed it at first, but the enjoyment waned pretty quickly. It had shifted away from, you know, assassinating, and was far too easy. Somehow, Altair seemed to have more character to me than Ezio did. At least Altair had a character arc.

        Ezio does, but it's across three games. And I checked out of the last chapter there.

        I don't know if they always intended to have AC2 split across multiple titles instead of just one or if they brought Ezio back due to popular demand.

        If I did have one criticism of the series (and I have several, just none that have killed my interest) is that in the 11th/12th century being part of the Assassins is this huge deal, like a full on secret society with a rich history and a rigid structure. Then later on everyone just kind of bumblefucks into it. Ezio only found out his father was an Assassin after he died and then it was up to him, some uppity youngster, to rebuild the order from scratch. Connor was the son of a Templar and joined forces with the only living Assassin in the American colonies because the Templars (working alongside the Redcoats) were being slightly more douchey to the natives than the "Patriots". Then you find out Haytham Kenway's father was just some pirate who posed as an Assassin/Templar turncoat for all of a week before being discovered which begs the question of how he's linked back to Ezio and Altair (assuming he is at all).

        I guess it helps to drive home the fact that the Assassins have been oppressed/suppressed for generations and their order has been in ruins most of that time, but jeez.

          Haytham would have been a vastly more interesting protagonist than Connor was. :(

      I enjoyed the first few hours of AC:IV, but by about halfway through got absolutely bored out of my mind doing the same few side-quests ad nauseum, and lacked any drive to continue cos the main character seemed determined to be an apathetic prat for the game's entirety. I soldiered on under the assumption that it must get better, as so many people were raving about it, but eventually stopped playing for... it'd be about 8 or 9 months, I guess. Anyway, I picked it up again yesterday, started the last quarter of the game's story and vowed to completely ignore optional side-quests. Enjoying it much more because of it, too.

      So, your mileage will most definitely vary, depending on what you like about AC games, and whether you enjoy the naval sections of AC:IV or not.

      One of the main reasons I'm excited for Unity and couldn't really give a toss for Rogue is Unity doesn't seem to have the naval gameplay that ruined AC:IV for me, and seems to be going back to its AC roots.

      Black Flag is fairly consistently good throughout. They got the sandbox:mission structure fairly spot-on. The sandbox is way more fun than a lot of the missions though, because there's a lot of insta-fail forced stealth and those terrible eavesdropping missions in there.

      AC is at its best when it's like "go to this location and stab this motherfucker in the face. I don't care how you do it." I.e. when the game lets you fuck up, get spotted but recover. AC4 has a lot more of that. AC3 was the low water mark, where you almost never got that at all. AssBros was the last time where the balance was as good as 4 is.

      The problem with Unity is just straight up franchise fatigue. It's hard to get excited about it, because it doesn't seem to be doing anything new. In fact, it feels like these games take a couple of iterations before they respond to feedback, which is because of how pipelined the development is - Unity likely started planning back when AC3 was mid-cycle. :\

      The other issue is they have two games at the same time, and you can't play both, but the old-gen one seems far more interesting in concept than the new-gen one!

      But really, it's just that Unity looks really fucking bland. Boring historical period that a lot of people will associate with high school history classes. No competitive multiplayer. Unnecessary co-op tacked on. Blandy McBlanderson lead character. Just... there's nothing remotely worth getting excited about. It feels incredibly by-the-numbers. And this is the fourth game in a row that's felt that way. This year will be the seventh and eighth AC games in six years! At least Black Flag had some elements that people could get interested in. Pirates! Pirates are pretty rad. Plus it was heavily Naval-oriented and quite sandboxy due to the involvement of the Far Cry 3 team. But even then, the fact that Black Flag is good came as a surprise to most people. We'd largely written it off before the positive buzz grew, because AC is done. It needs a rest or a radical shake-up.

      They need to retire AC for a year IMO. Bring back Prince of Persia. If you have to annualize franchises, do PoP and AC on alternating years. Or come up with a new franchise. Rotate them. Ubi should be easily capable of it. Hell, I'd probably go for a game that took the naval combat from AC and expanded on just that.

    I still have 23 spare forks but I'm keeping them just in case.

    Sounds like a forking good idea :p

    I'll show myself out.

    Edit: CRAAAAAAAAP!!! replyfail to @popdart5, I need more Coffee, stat!

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    Hi. Weekend was pretty alright.

    Saturday was Sugar City Con, the first comic-con-esque expo in our little city. It was much better than I expected. Massive turnout, huge amounts of cosplay, and generally a great day.

    Sunday I went on a bike ride and somehow (physics, that's how) fell on a bend on a footpath (even though I go 45kmph+ down mtb track hills at night....... go figure) and I grazed my ribs/hand/knee. Stings a bit, but no real damage to bike so it's aaight.

    Played some Star Munchkin with friends Sun night. I had the whole party in on a fight, and I messed up a card and they would have had to pull a "make monsters flee" card to save themselves. They won and one guy got 6 levels out of it (needed 3) and won.

    Now I'm at work a little sore and with patches on me. :(

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    Hola Tay

    Hope you all had a good weekend. On Friday went to a mate's place (he's a doctor, back from his rotation in NSW). got dragged into MP Magic the Gathering shenanigans, where my cobbled together standard decks stood little chance against some of the multi-hundreds of dollars decks that some of his other friends were running, but I held my own long enough to wipe out a couple other players and enable a boardwipe from the other end of the table, fighting to 4th place. Second game switched decks and pretty much controlled the game, until the last two players teamed up on me and knocked me out

    Took a day off from job hunting Saturday, played a bunch of Transistor and finished Fez. Neat little game, shame that Phil Fish has been subject to what he has. Sunday, went and saw the new Doctor Who in the Cinema, thoughts in spoiler tags:

    I enjoyed it. Thought it was a bit slow to get started, and the ep spent too much time at the beginning on slapstick until the scene with the homeless guy, after which it snapped into focus. I think Capaldi is gonna rock, and I think they're starting to write Clara better. I thought the villain was pretty creepy too.

    Then I went and shortlisted a couple of jobs to work on during the week.

    A Monday Morning Question: If you were a Doctor Who villain, what would be your evil plan?

      i would just dress up as batman and graffiti the tardis

      I'd confront him and tell him I am his father and he'd be all NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO then Scotty will beam him up where Dave Lister and Jack O'Neill will cheer him up with a Companion.

      I may not have watched Doctor Who before.

      Didn't even know Doctor Who had villains, my knowledge of Doctor Who consists of knowing the names Tardis, Dalek, the word exterminate, and, this.

        What, you think it's just a dude wandering around?

          Nah, I remember something about that he travels through time, I thought the Daleks were the bad guys, didn't know there were actual villains.

            If you haven't heard of The Master, you're doing it wrong.

        Same here, didn't know Doctor Who had actual villains. From the episodes I've seen the enemies are often some faceless alien race. Granted, the only episodes I've seen are the Tennant bus portal thing, the water zombies on Mars thing, the Roman rock monsters thing, the Full Circle episodes from the scarf doctor, and the Smith pilot. I suppose you could consider the invisible prisoner thing from the Smith pilot a villain.

    I had a pretty great weekend. Friday night I walked into town and met up with some friends for tea. It was really good seeing friends I hadn't seen for ages. Uni friends, two of whom have moved to Korea (husband and wife).

    Saturday I walked into town again and had a coffee at a new place called Shots on Wax. Combination cafe/music shop. Coffee was really nice and I had a piece of salted caramel slice, which tasted amazing.

    Saturday night I watched the Bledisloe Cup :( and then the Hawks come from behind to beat Geelong :D. Also watched the UFC from Macao, which meant I didn't get to bed until 1, so I stayed asleep and missed the simulcast of Doctor Who.

    Yesterday I had church. After church I watched 28 Days Later, which I enjoyed, and will have to watch it again. Also watched Doctor Who which was a very enjoyable episode, not perfect but still pretty damn great.

    And that's my weekend.