The Big Question: DualShock 4 Or Xbox One Controller?

Have we done this question before? I suspect we have, but maybe it's time for a recount. Last generation I think that the Xbox 360 controller was pretty much the undisputed champion but this time round? I think the contest is a little tighter.

On the side of the Xbox One — sheer form factor, the weight, the addition of the extra rumble sensors. The Xbox One controller is an evolution of one of the best controllers ever designed, so it can't go wrong really.

The DualShock 4 has in its favour the shock of the new. It's such a dramatic improvement over its predecessor that it's hard not to fall in love with it. I love the new analogue sticks, I love the new shoulder buttons. I think the 'share' button is ingenious and I've been using it frequently. Compared to the Xbox One where the replacement to the 'Start/Back' buttons sort of don't really make sense.

But overall? It's a difficult contest to call. I think that, if I could choose I'd probably still prefer to play shooters on the Xbox One controller, by a hair. However, I might be inclined to say that I prefer the DualShock 4 overall.

Oh, I dunno. It's too tough. What do you think?


    To me, the xbox controller seems a bit flimsy, the shoulder buttons especially, whereas the dualshock 4 feels weighty and sturdy. A stark contrast to the last gen.

      I'm the complete opposite...

      I like the weight and heft of the One controller, and find the DS4 to be fairly flimsy.
      That said, I'd kind of like the Xbox controller to have a dedicated share button like the Playstation controller does.

        How could anyone even say the dualc0ck4... it's probably the worst controller I have ever used in my life...

        had to play destiny with it for 3 days and I was severely dissapointed

        why can't Sony make a decent controller anymore? Last groundbreaking one from them would be the DS2 personally...
        otherwise I would be happy with a clone of the Xb1's amazing controller

    I haven't even touched an Xbox One controller but being an internet commentator I feel like I have the right to say PS4's better in every way and any one who disagrees with me is a nazi. *folds arms*

      I hold that the xBone controller is better but the Duel Shock 4 controller made the bigger improvements. That said PS4 will be my console of choice this gen should I ever find work and money and a place to put it.

    I'm yet to try the xbox one contoller, so I abstain. I've never been a fan of the asymmetrical sticks, but i suppose its only because i'm so used to the playstation dual shock contollers.

      I never got the asymmetrical setup either when hands are symmetrical.

      You mean I am not some weirdo who prefers the sticks to be symmetrical. You mean there is a whole club of us? *tears of joy*

    I like the DS4.
    The thumbsticks wearing down is a negative but the touch pad and pointer functions work really well when a game takes advantage of them.
    I can't see the lights reflected in the TV so I don't really pay them much attention.

    I've tried both and I find each has its strengths and weaknesses depending on the games you're playing. But I like the fact that the PS4 controller doubles as a VR tracker, a bit of forward planning shown by Sony there.

    Gamecube forever man. The Dualshock 4 is a great improvement though. I stand by my statement that the first 2 were like weet-bix.

      Gcn controller is amazing :) probably my favourite of all time :)

    I hate what I've felt of the Bone controller. Just seems cheap and horrible, like something you'd expect from a third party offering.

    And while I've always hated the PlayStation controllers, I *love* what they've done with the DS4. Improved pretty much everything about it, almost makes me want to pick one up despite not having a PS4.

    That said, GCN still holds the number one spot for me :P

    Have both, love both.
    I still prefer the asymmetric sticks on the Xbox controllers, and the rumble triggers are awesome.
    However, the DS4 is still an amazing controller. Feels so much more comfortable and responsive than the DS3.
    So, Xbox controller by a smidgen.

    Dual Shock 4 feels nicer in my hands and I prefer the triggers to the Xbone controller.

    But really I like them both.

    Well I've always been a firm believer in the Dualshock range and the 4 just improves it in almost every way

    After a motorcycle accident this year resulted in my left thumb unable to go past 35 degrees, Xbox for life :p.

    I think Xbone as I a prefer the thumbstick placement and shape. However, I think that the DS4 is a much greater improvement to the DS3 than the Xbone controller is to the 360.

      Agreed on both counts. The DS4 is a huge improvement in that it doesn't give me hand cramps after a few hours, whereas the Xbone controller I got for my PC is just a 360 controller with slightly better ergonomics and more grippy thumbsticks. I will say that the R1/L1/bumpers on the DS4 feel more responsive than the ones on the Xbone controller, which occasionally don't register a press if you hit the outer half of the button.
      Overall, they're pretty much on par with each other, though the Xbone controller will get more use purely because I'm still waiting for the PS4 to get some more games.

        The bumper buttons on the Xbone controller continue to be its biggest weakness IMO. For that reason alone, I feel like it was a slight step backwards from the 360.

    Xb1. Only because of the stick configuration, i have NEVER liked sonys placement of them and this controller certainly hasnt fixed that, thats why i purchased two afterglow controllers for the Ps3.
    However if it wasnt for that, DS4 would win, funny that.

    They're both good, but the DS4 controller sits nicer in my hands. XB1 overall feels like a very small step backward from the 360 controller, which was previously by far my favourite.

    The DS4 is a major improvement on the DS3 however I still go with the xbox one controller.

    Both are great, personally I feel the the DS4 offers a little more, and is more 'revolutionary' in that sense BUT the sticks rip... still, just like the DS, DS2 and DS3. Bummer.

    Each to their own, both work REALLY well on PC as well, the DS4's touch pad even works as a Track Pad.

    I think which ever you get you'll be happy, assuming you aren't a massive fan-tard. Just put rechargeable batteries in the X1 pad, and be prepared to buy $5 replacement X1/ Hardened analogs on eBay for the DS4 when you need too. (Although, if you have seen a DS4 with the rubber ripped completely off, an alternative could be to just rip them completely off... if you aren't prepared to replace them. The sticks are still well shaped, just slippery. Still usable and comfy, but not excusable on a $80 pad)

    BTW both pads are on sale in Target for $63 (DS4) and $67 (X1)

    Forgot to say anything bad about the X1 pad, I only downplayed the DS4 lol.
    My only gripes are personal preference: I preferred the 360 pad... The X1 pad's triggers are now too big, as opposed to too narrow on the 360, and the analogs feel too small and tall. Personal preference though. The D-Pad is FAR better than the 360 one.

    Last edited 06/08/14 12:02 pm

    Used both extensively and I give it to the Dual Shock 4.
    For me, the bumpers on the X1 were too stiff, requiring too much force to use effectively, The analogue sticks were a touch too tall/long and I personally was never a huge fan of the mismatched symmetry on the controller, the triggers were nice though.
    The PS4 I can only fault the location off the start button or at least its design, if it were raised from the controllers form a bit then it would be less annoying but it is still bothersome to reach at a strange angle to press it. Also there is a little too much give in the triggers, it could be reduced to maybe 60-70% of the range they currently have and I think it would feel more natural.

    DS4 for sure. I've got both (the Xbox One controller being hooked up to my PC's) and the DS4 is by far a better experience. I'm still of the opinion that the 360 controller was better in a number of ways than the Xbox One controller (the flattened back and dpad changes are welcome, but everything else just feels a bit worse).

    well imo xbox always had the better controller and still does after 3 consoles. The thumb sticks just sit in the most conformable position for gaming, period. While I do think the thumb sticks on the PS4 are a huge improvement and feel great, I still feel they are in the wrong position. Then again who really cares about the controller when you are playing Uncharted or Last of Us, right?

    DS4 is a MASSIVE improvement and the only one I own, however, I still prefer the xbone controller. If you made the DS4 weigh twice as much and made it a touch chunkier i'd switch but for now... i'm fine with being a bit of a size king.

    I like the DS4 more than the XB1 controller, my left and right hands are pretty much symmetrical, so I find the thumbstick placement better on the PS4. It is lighter too, but feels better made/more rugged and the control feels more precise.

    I really enjoy the DS4 but I have one gripe, that is the grip on the analog sticks has peeled off.

    I was disappointed because this is something that should never happen within only 9 months of on and off gameplay. Also i was playing Destiny at the time, my thumb slipped and it cost me my (virtual) life!

    Last edited 06/08/14 12:42 pm

      Damn you bastards, your negligence killed him. Why Sony WHY!!!!

      This! My grip is coming off as well sad face

        Just googled the issue for images.... that is utterly unacceptable!! Anyone suffering this issue should put in warranty claim after warranty claim after warranty claim until they provide a controller that isn't prone to this issue!

    GCN, bitches.

    Dual Shock 4 is my honest 2nd favourite controller ever. Second only to the Game Cube. I am even thinking of buying a 2nd DS4 for PC use to replace my USB Xbox360 controller.

    How they get the Xbone controller to be so meh though? The triggers are a terrible shape and using said 4 shoulder buttons is arkward and bleh. Not smaller hand friendly at all. Much prefer the 360 controller.

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