The Ending Credits Are My Favourite Part Of Hyrule Warriors

The Ending Credits Are My Favourite Part of Hyrule Warriors

That's right: not the gameplay nor the cutscenes nor the story. My favourite part of Hyrule Warriors is the ending credits.

[\Warning: If you don't want spoilers about the credits of Hyrule Warriors, then read no further.]\

At first glance, the credits of Hyrule Warriors seem like nothing special. After all, it's just scrolling credits with random scenes from the game in the background.

But it's not the visuals that make the ending credits worth mentioning, it's the Zelda series' theme song re-imagined as an awesome rock anthem. Don't take my word for it, have a listen for yourself.

Oh, and please note again that the credits video does have spoilers, so feel free to minimize the window while you listen.

Hyrule Warriors was released on August 14, 2014, in Japan for the Nintendo Wii U. It will be released in Australia on September 20, 2014, and in North America on September 26, 2014.


    I don't think it works well as a credits theme. Maybe a song that plays in the background of the trailers or during combat. It pumps me up instead of calming me down.

    I'm no drum expert but is that the snare making the obnoxious sound every 2 seconds that sticks out like a sore thumb? Who chose that drum? Also needs better drumming in general. Guitar is alright though.

    3d world and mk8 have amazing credits music, by those standards this is merely passable.

    Hyrule Warriors came out I didn't even know until now!?

    Last edited 20/08/14 12:13 pm

      I have it on preorder so bwah...?

      It isn't out yet. Kotaku just have review copies. It's out on Sep 19 in Europe and Sep 26 in the US.

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