The First WWE 2K15 Screenshot Is Looking Mean

The First WWE 2K15 Screenshot Is Looking Mean
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I mean it is literally looking mean. John Cena is mean mugging. Hardcore.

And the game looks pretty cool as well.

But at the same time, it’s hard not to be cynical about the current state of wrestling games. To be perfectly honest it’s been a good, long while since I’ve played a good one. I’d argue that ‘good one’ was WWE All Stars, which was more of an aberration than anything, not a ‘proper’ wrestling game or simulation — if you could call it that — more of an experiment. An experiment that was sadly abandoned.

No, WWE 2k15 is the ‘actual’ wrestling game, in the same way that FIFA 15 is the ‘actual’ soccer game. It’s the one we’re supposed to take seriously.

The above screenshot reaffirms that. Pretty photo-realistic, features John Cena, the face of WWE. He is serious. He means business. Serious business.

I wonder if we’ll ever get a wrestling video game that truly pushes the boundaries again. A wrestling game that actually transcends the WWE itself. No Mercy did it. WWF Wrestlefest did it. It usually comes as part of a perfect storm: wrestling is in fashion, a good game gets made. People go mental for it.

There’s a possibility for it to happen, I’d argue. And in the near future. Wrestling does seem to be increasingly in vogue, and the WWE 2k series seems to be heading in a positive direction. I’d love to wholeheartedly play a wrestling game and for that game to be relevant again. I’d absolutely love it. Here’s hoping.


  • He kinda looks like he’s derping.

    Excited for this, though!

    Also excited coz I’m going to WWE Live on Thursday night!!! 😀

  • I was pretty hype when I saw this shot. I really enjoyed 2k14 after not playing one for about 10 years. Count me in. Just want dat Daniel Bryan next gen beard.

  • Is there anyone who played 2K14 who’s been keeping up with the series? I was hoping 2K would make some major changes to the poorly aging series, but after they freely admitted that 2K14 was just some basic building upon 2K13 before they make major changes with 2K15 back at last year’s E3, I didn’t bother playing it. I’m also extremely against their policy of withholding popular characters as preorder DLC, so I’ll probably avoid 2K15 as well unless it happens to be amazing.

    • I’m hoping the pre-order exclusive will only be timed, like Ultimate Warrior.

      Being able to play as a Sting I didn’t have to make myself is gonna be awesome!

      • Ah, I didn’t realise that they made Ultimate Warrior timed DLC. That’s a bit easier to swallow.

    • 2K14 was actually a decent game. I bought it shortly after release and was definitely worth it in my opinion. Although that could be because I skipped 13 (first one I did give a miss).

  • What about the ridiculously proportioned custom characters? They were hilarious in the old games.

  • I’m still waiting on a complete overhaul.. The first WWE game that hit the PS3 still had animations that went all the way back to the first Smackdown games on PSone! And it sure made me feel like nothing much had changed since then.

    Also the fact that i’ve never seen moves performed according to weight classes.. Brock Lesnar doesn’t toss around heavyweights as easily as he does a cruiserweight dammit!

  • In traditional fashion John Cena has overcome the odd’s, the odd’s of looking like a bizzarre semi human monster like he has in previous Yukes releases.

  • Can we have a mode that focuses on the original ECW a la the Attitude Era mode in WWE 13?

  • Does anyone remember “Big Head Mode”, and how it was like in every n64 game? They need to bring that back…

  • Oh my God!!!!
    I thought the picture was a snapshot of real life! WWE 2K15 character model looks SICK!!!!!!!

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