The Friendliest Dark Souls II Hack

The Friendliest Dark Souls II Hack

What happens when you fuse the twisted magical art of pyromancy with positive thinking and technical know-how? Why, a Dark Souls II hack made in heaven.

It appears as though Benzoin-Gum found a way to combine the Fire Whip pyromancy and the Very Good! Carving , forging a spell that's as dangerous as it is friendly. Very Good! I wish all hackers were as upbeat and cheerful as you.

Benzoin-Gum via r/DarkSouls2


    I dont play dark souls II, can someone explain whats happening?

      You can't talk or chat in game so the only way you can communicate with others when you go PVP is using these carvings. There are limited type of them for a few different words but you can only use one at a time. What the video show is the person combined the spell Fire Whip that spam throws the carving for voice spam.

        You actually can chat in game, but both players must have voice chat turned on. Then you can talk Through your microphones.

      I hate posts like this.
      Take the extra minute or two and write something that everyone can understand, not just those that are very familiar with the source material.


        Agreed - seems that internet journalism is something you do in a hurry, assuming everyone is in on the joke
        Letricos explanantion is longer the than the original article!

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