The Game That’s Kept Me Sane Waiting For The New Doctor Who

The Game That’s Kept Me Sane Waiting For The New Doctor Who

Late last year when we were first introduced to Peter Capaldi as the next regeneration of the Doctor we were also introduced to Doctor Who: Legacy, a companion collecting puzzle game from Tiny Rebel Games. It’s come quite a long way since then.

Like the popular Puzzle and Dragons, Doctor Who: Legacy is a game about collecting colour-coded creatures and using them participate in match-puzzle battles. Unlike Puzzle and Dragons, Doctor Who: Legacy isn’t all about paying for rare monsters. There are no ads in the game, just a simple, understated store, politely clearing its throat when you wander over and mentioning that, should you be interested, there are things for sale. It’s one of the very best examples of free-to-play.

It’s a lovely little game, but last year it had problems. It was a bit too plain and simple. The difficulty spikes were horrendous, and it felt difficult to obtain the items needed to upgrade your Doctors (yes, they’re all in here) and companions.

I reloaded the game onto my iPhone the other day, during a fit of desperately wishing I could go to sleep and wake up just in time for Peter Capaldi’s August 23 debut. I was pleasantly suprise to see that Tiny Rebel Games had been very busy since the game originally launched.

The difficulty gently slopes upwards as you play. Level with rare drop characters as rewards aren’t quite as stingy. Upgrade materials flow relatively freely. They have even implemented a perk system, with which players can further customise their team as they level up.

And Tiny Rebel Games isn’t done, not by a long shot. Starting this Sunday, they will be introducing new content into the game after every new episode of the show. There’ll be new missions, new outfits for characters, new enemies to battle — it will be a true companion game to the 8th season of new Doctor Who.

Well done, Tiny Rebel. You’ve taken a rough experience and polished it until it gleams, and only a small percentage of that is my excitement for a brand new Doctor.

Doctor Who: Legacy

Genre: Collectible Companion Puzzle Game

Developer: Tiny Rebel Games, Seed Studio

Price: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS, Kindle, Facebook

Get Doctor Who: Legacy on Google PlayGet Doctor Who: Legacy on iTunes


    • its offical bbc sanctioned, but as with all these games you can only get so far before you got to start paying, as the difficulty curve ramps up something shocking after a while

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