The Greatest Dad Ever Puts His Kid Into Video Games

This is the kind of video that makes me realise what a terrible father I am. When was the last time I used special effects to place my actual son into video games? Seriously.

Daniel Hashimoto is an animator at Dreamworks. In his spare time he likes to augment videos of his son James. He doesn't add a little filter or whatever. He doesn't change photos to Sepia and post them on Facebook, oh no. He places his child in goddamn video games and super hero situations. Pretty hard to top that to be honest.

You might remember Action Movie Kid part one, but this is the sequel. In this video James manages to get his hands on a Portal gun and he somehow manages to throw a green shell and destroy and actual car. This is awesome.

Via Gizmodo


    But does he spend time playing with his kid, or most of his time at the computer, rendering and creating effects while his kid is ignored?

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