The Human Being Who Sounds Exactly Like Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II is so ubiquitous in our culture that the very sounds made in the game have become part of the modern lexicon. Like if I said HADOUKEN in the street, everyone under the age of 40 would know what that means.

It is only in a world like this that a goddamn genius like Marcelo Carvalho can flourish.

This video is technically quite old, but I saw it for the first time today. It features one man (Carvalho) with a ridiculous gift for mimicking the different sounds in Street Fighter II live commentating an actual Street Fighter II match. It's one of those things that's pretty difficult to explain, so I'll just invite you to watch.

It's hilarious. It's so accurate. It's too accurate. And it only works because everyone in the world knows exactly what Street Fighter II sounds like. Seriously — what other game could justify a man going onto a television show and doing this? What other game would a broad enough audience instantly recognise like this? Street Fighter II is amazing, and so is Marcelo Carvalho.


    Nothing to go WHOA really... He did some of it better than what most people would but yeah... nothing to go bonkers about

    It was pretty lame to be honest.

    if his timing was synced then i guess it would be interesting.. but sadly.. meh

    Awww it's ok Mark, the haters don't like your video.
    Remember Guile's theme goes with anything!

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