More Incredible Faces Of Skyrim

Last month we alerted you all to the Faces of Skyrim, an online exhibition that focused on displaying the absolute best of video game portraiture in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This month the project released a second batch of portraits taken in-game. Prepare for amazement.

I just can't believe how this game has evolved. Not that Skyrim ever looked bad, but wow. These are spectacular. I could toss hyperbole at you all day, but you really should just click here and check out all of these pics. I've posted a selection below but all 18 of these portraits are spectacular in their own unique way. Some really inventive ones here — super interesting composition.


    Since Im a scummy console gamer, seeing this makes me wish for a Ps4 port with the improved everything.

      Even if Bethesda released Skyrim Legendary Ed on PS4 and/or XB1, it wouldn't look like this. This is all mods & ENB's.

      Technically, you could say that this version of Skyrim is a PC exclusive =P

        This comment made my day!
        [quote]Technically, you could say that this version of Skyrim is a PC exclusive =P[/quote]

      You can wait for Elder Scrolls 6: Parseltongue.

      Join the brotherhood of Serpent and defeat the legendary Basilisk.

        Your first companion is Sir Neville Longbottom.

    The girl with blue paint on her face looks like the one from guardians of the galaxy. Just sayin'.

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