The Internet Reacts To The New Silent Hill

The Internet Reacts To The New Silent Hill

Nobody was expecting a new Silent Hill game — much less one that stars Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, and is being made by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. But that’s exactly what a little demo released on the PS4 store yesterday surprisingly teased for some players who beat it: a new horror game called Silent Hills.

The demo is called “P.T.“, as we all now know, and it stands for “Playable Teaser” — as in, playable teaser for Silent Hills. The reaction to this news on social media has been pretty fantastic.

It seems safe to say that many people are hyped on the project. There’s definitely some concern over how certain things will be handled in the game too, but nobody can deny that the interactive manner in which Silent Hills was revealed was novel and so very Kojima-like. After all, right up until the end of the demo, nobody actually knew what P.T. actually was:

The Internet Reacts To The New Silent Hill

Here’s some more of what people have to say about Silent Hills:

The Internet Reacts To The New Silent Hill

And obviously, there are some video reactions to P.T., too — it is a game, after all. Here are a couple of people playing through the game, in case you’re too scared to play through it yourself…or, if you just want to be amused at how the game managed to scare people really well:

The Internet Reacts To The New Silent Hill

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What about you, how did you react to the new Silent Hill?


    • I was wondering the same thing. I played it (or at least wandered around in it) last night. Got to the bit where you wake up again in the room where you first start, but then what? I keep walking around but all the doors are locked except the bathroom door which is slightly ajar but won’t open… got no idea what I’m supposed to do next.

      Anybody know how you’re supposed to actually finish it?

      • Here’s what I know, though (I think) I’m stuck just before the ending.

        For where you are (I think):
        You use R3 to look at things. So where you are, you need to “look” in the bathroom door.

        Later on:
        There’s a bit on the wall (near the cabinet thing with the teddy bear on the floor under it) that says “Hello” you need to look at, look away, and back until only the “o” is left. This makes a message near the door say something about hell.

        In the Eyeball corridor (you’ll know it when you get there), you have to look for a hole in the wall next to the bathroom, and you have to look through it for a good little while as voice stuff happens, then you can advance.

        Finally, there are scraps of a picture laying around, that if you R3 at, you will collect them, and they go in a picture just above the clock/radio thingy in the first corridor. There’s one behind the plant, one in the cans underneath the clock/radio, one at the teddy bear, one you get by R3ing in the options menu (Max Kojima troll right there), and one or two others that I haven’t found. Once you have them, there’s some sequence of events you need to go through relating to the colour of your torch, and letting the phone ring, and stuff.

        Additional note:
        Probably worth noting that the game will “fake out” an ending at least once.

    • I’ve heard over at IGN that in order to trigger the last thing required to get the ending you need to have a microphone plugged in and need to basically scream into it for it to register. People noticed that the one thing videos that beat the teaser had in common was that the player was using a microphone.

      If true, it proves Hideo is a cruel, sadistic man.

  • Let us remind ourselves that kojima gave us both psycho mantis (1 of thee scariest bosses in ps1 & ps3) & a ghost who scarily helps you in mgs 3 & 4, let us remind ourselves of that fact

  • My wife said if this is a PS4 exclusive then this right here is what’s going to force our hand as a multi-platform household again.

    • I really can’t see this being exclusive. Pretty much all of Konami’s other stuff is multiplatform, don’t see why this would be any different. Especially given how much it probably costs to get somebody like del Toro on board – they’ll be wanting all the revenue they can get.

    • Well she could be wrong or you could be $500 poorer. Either way you get to play Silent Hill so there is that. *assuming it is good*.

    • Love it lol
      I wasn’t allowed a WiiU till I mentioned Bayonetta 2 and then she spent the weekend trying to find a WiiU lol

      • We actually only bought a PS3 because Silent Hill: Homecoming was originally refused classification in Australia and we didn’t realise back then that UK imports would work on 360 as well.

  • I’m going to be burned at the stake for this…..but I’ve never played a Silent Hill game, don’t really know why, but THIS has peaked my interest.
    What a team-up, Kojima and Del Toro……this will be something special!

    • Silent Hill 2 if you don’t focus on just scares. If you pay attention to all the little story clues and how and why other NPCs say and do what they do, then it is brilliant. Really hits the psychological note.

    • Silent Hill 2 is legitimately one of the best games ever made.

      You don’t need to have played the first one, either. It’s on several systems. You really owe it to yourself to play it.

      PS. Yes the controls suck a fuck. Stick with it. The game is amazing.

  • Is anyone else disappointed in del Toro’s latest project, the TV adaption of The Strain?

    • I’ve only watched the first 3 eps so far, but I like it. Haven’t read the books though.

    • Nope. Having read the books, it’s following them almost to the letter, which is actually pretty great. I love knowing what’s going to happen when my girlfriend has no idea. It’s basically the reverse situation of GoT.

  • PT demo was initially super creepy. Then after a billion years I got bored and annoyed at its deliberately obtuse design and the scary atmosphere totally collapsed. Hope they don’t ruin a Silent Hill game with that.

  • I’m hesitant. Will this Silent Hill with Norman Reedus do the same thing to a much loved game I have been playing since the 90’s that The Walking Dead did for Zombies and horror (a genre I have also watch since I was very young)? Now George Romero refuses to make another cult zombie classic because zombies have become too popular and everyone has hopped on the band wagon. I hope this is a good game…

  • fuck that fucking game. I squealed like a little bitch when that first zombie chick showed up

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