The Majora's Mask Fan Remake Is Still Moving Forward

Everybody wants Nintendo to remake or remaster classic Zelda-er Majora's Mask, and maybe that is going to happen someday. In the meantime, some fans have been taking this matter into their own hands for a couple years now, as you can see above.

That video update for what appears to be a Majora's Mask remake project went up today, and there are some visually appealing things to look at in there. Not that you'd probably ever get to play this even if they manage to finish. They're building it for 3DS, after all, and it's, uh, unlikely Nintendo is going to be cool with that. They haven't been in the past, anyway.

And while the video description asserts that "this interactive project is intended to be neither a commercial product or a remake of the game," the title card at the end is the same as what was on the old N64 box art. Without, you know, any additional subtitle like "cool original fan riff thing or whatever." So...

I'm just sayin'. Not trying to rain on anybody's parade, just sayin'. The original video, which you can watch below, had a bit of a different description, referring to the project as a "proposal" for Nintendo. So maybe it's still that, but two years is a long time.

That said, it looks very nice.

via Game Informer


    I thought that second video was confirmed for fake.

      Fake as in not Nintendo, but this is a real indie project.

      Both videos are "fake", as in not produced by Nintendo. They're both part of a remake project that is separate from Nintendo as the article states.

        Ah, I thought it was "fake" as in "Nothing will ever come of this. This is just a one off video".

    A few 3d props and environments is hardly a remake
    Some nice stuff though. Nintendo could learn a lot from looking at fan art.

    Last edited 04/08/14 11:00 pm

      "This interactive project is intended to be neither a commercial product or a remake of the game."

      Interesting tidbit from the description on youtube. No idea what this is supposed to be, seems its still to try convince Nintendo to do it?

    i need this in my life. those assets are looking bananas.

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