The Oculus Thrift Better Not Be The Future Of Gaming

Or maybe it should be. This is pretty cool after all.

This video is way better than it has any right to be. It's well made, funny and has surprisingly high production values. It totally deserves more page views.

And it raises an interesting question for me: will big budget Oculus Rift games, when they eventually come, be burdened with the same mechanics and aesthetics as the games we're currently playing now? Or will they forge their own path. I sincerely hope it's the latter, and I think it has to go that way. Personally I'm looking forward to more games with basic exploration of glorious environments as a focus. Make it happen.


    Goldeneye 64 gun sounds?

      There was a fair bit of stock noise in that game, IIRC.

      the Metal Gear alert tone stood out the most

    I think someone was playing too much Blood Dragon when designing the look of that

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