The Return Of The Theme Park Simulator

The Return Of The Theme Park Simulator

Whether they be of Theme Park or Rollercoaster Tycoon, loads of people have fond memories of old-school theme park management games. It's a genre that's been... mistreated of late, so it's nice to see a (SURPRISE) Kickstarter popping up to cater to fans.

It's called Parkitect. Let's type that out again.


While only a "vertical slice" of the game is done, it's promising to be everything fans of older management games are after, with direct control over everything from staff to the angel of individual rollercoaster bends.

Parkitect is asking for $US50,000 on Kickstarter, and man, I just wish I could type Parkitect all day long it's such a great name.

Parkitect [Kickstarter]


    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand insta-Kickstarted! :)

    This looks awesome. Can't wait to play it!

    Since it looks like the PC version of RCT4 won't even have paths I think that spending money on this would be a better bet

    Pledged! This looks awesome!

    I hope they allow things like staff only paths (for efficient ride / stall maintenance).. Would be cool to have to deal with the staff element also, like provide lunch rooms, etc.. Manage the whole park rather than just the guest side of things.

    And if this game gets popular, cue EA freemium reboot of Theme Park in 3... 2...

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