The Ridiculous Things You Can Do With GTA Online's New Plane

The Ridiculous Things You Can Do With GTA Online's New Plane

"Use the eject button to look like a fabulous dolphin."

This all comes from Grand Theft Auto Online's new Flight School update, which just dropped yesterday. It brought with it the popular new Besra jet (with shenanigan-friendly cockpit karate chop action), new planes, new modes, new missions, and a whole host of smaller tweaks and fixes.

Some people have figured out how to use the new planes to create beautiful schools of air dolphins, but others have managed stuff that's just plain/plane cool. For example:

And this "holy shit" moment:

Now can somebody reenact Top Gun in its entirety already? I'm getting tired of waiting. It's been a whole day. Jeez.


    I refuse to play this game again until its out on PS4.

    Please, oh please happen soon.

      I haven't played for ages. It got boring with South Americans choosing the same mission over and over. Still no heists.

        Rockstar are doing their best to get people to play other missions by consistently decreasing the payout on those missions and making them more difficult and longer to complete with each update while boosting the payout on other missions. It doesn't seem to stop people constantly playing Rooftop Rumble and Coveted though.

    Have they fixed the half dozen glitches and exploits yet? I mean the unlimited xp, duplicating cars etc?

    Looks about as deep as Zoe Quinn's uterus. Which, as we all know, Nathan learnt about the hard way.

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